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The truly high cost of ‘Democracy’

By Mike Cunningham On July 12th, 2012

As some ATW readers may remember, I was so annoyed by the publication of the Parliamentary Expenses Theft Scandal, for theft it truly was, I considered standing for Parliament myself; but decided not to run, for reasons both public and private. However, I noticed a small newsclip stating that the Home Secretary was considering more advertising to allow the Police Commissioner Elections to become more well-known, as well as to gain more candidates.

I will honestly state that I did consider asking my fellow Durham voters to nominate me, but hastily placed that thought into cold storage after discovering that the Deposit amounts to £5,000.00.

Five thousand pounds! Stroll on, they must be having a laugh!

2 Responses to “The truly high cost of ‘Democracy’”

  1. Mike,

    what would be your manifesto?

    serious question…

  2. Log.Uni.,

    I would be asking for the removal of all targets, diversity co-ordination statistics, an immediate return to two-officer crews for any response car or team, the absolute removal of ‘performance management’ teams, along with the senior officers who have made that little practice their own slice of heaven; an immediate request to the Crown Prosecution Service to get a sturdy response built into the sentencing strategies for all types of crime, the abolition of any ‘monitoring team, and the removal of all luxury cars provided for so-called senior staff. If they really deserve a vehicle, let them drive a Smart Car!

    That would be for starters.

    I would then be concentrating upon the known drug dealers, and getting them either all banged-up as soon as practical. or relocated to somewhere they can do no harm, like in Scotland.

    I would then be pressing the senior members of the Constabulary, as I don’t recognise the title Service, to commence a clean-up of the late-night drinking and hooliganism which disfigures the High Streets of our County. I would get the Magistrates to suspend or withdraw all liquor licenses from any pub or club who served booze to those who already had too much to drink, and arrest all who so much as disturbed a sleeping cat after closing time, never mind the neighbours.