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Hey, good news, the population is booming in Northern Ireland.

The population of Northern Ireland is higher than at any point in history. New results from the 2011 census returns have shown that there are 1.81 million people in Northern Ireland — an increase of 125,600 people (7%) in the last decade. Robert Beatty, the head of census at the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, believes our numbers will pass the 2m mark within 30 years. He said: “We will be drawing up detailed projections in the next few months.

And the reason for this big spike in population? Well, I just love the way the media state, with a straight face, that it is “migration and higher life expectancy”.  Mmmm..not quite the full story, is i? Where are this immigrants coming from? Yes, that’s right – Eastern Europe. The implications of this are quite interesting- visit Rushmere Shopping Centre in Craigavon if you want to get that Gdansk experience without ever leaving home. With 63,000 here without a job, how is it possible that immigrants can come here and get employment? Is it greedy employers? Possibly. Is it lazy locals? Perhaps? Is it economically sustainable? No. I firmly that demography is the future and the consequences of the current unprecedented immigration are going to affect us all.

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  1. David,

    Emigration is one of the great traditions of our species. Had it not been for this tradition, you and I would be passing the gourd pipe under a blazing sun and bitching about the price of buffalo.

  2. Richard

    We are living through a level of immigration without precedent. Not sure that those who seek to turn the UK into Islamistan really constitute an asset to the Nation.

  3. ‘Where are this immigrants coming from? Yes, that’s right – Eastern Europe.’

    ‘Not sure that those who seek to turn the UK into Islamistan really constitute an asset to the Nation.’

    Are you saying, David, that Eastern European Muslims are taking over NI?

  4. David,

    “We are living through a level of immigration without precedent.”

    Doubtless the Bengalis would have muttered something similar a few centuries back.

    “Not sure that those who seek to turn the UK into Islamistan really constitute an asset to the Nation.”

    You went rather quickly from East Europeans in NI to Muslims in the UK! The first are largely Christians and (dare I say it) white.

    Only the other day somebody pointed out that, sans immigration, America would be uninhabited.

  5. Im surprised any immigrant would stay in NI, sure a quick hop across the border and they would get a real socialist treat, more handouts then know what to do with them, just ask nigeria.

  6. All this talk of ‘lazy locals’ and Polish refugees.

    A factor in the attraction of the UK for them is that they can claim family benefits for their families who are still living in Poland. With that in mind, it is little wonder that they are prepared to work for a lower wage than ‘locals’, because, in fact, overall they are doing very nicely – thank you!. That why we have so many here, – it’s not because the like the smell of your after shave…

    The same applies to other EU residents, and I am sure they all take full advantage of it. You see, we pay such generous benefits, better than anyone else. All of which makes our politicians so very proud!

    It is suggested that payments just to Poland amount to more than £1 million a month, just for this purpose alone, and yet we begrudge less than that to keep some twenty six Remploy disabled facilties open!!!

    I wonder if all those ‘low paid’ Polish workers have to pay UK income taxes?

    Of course with their dependents being in Poland or wherever, it is so much easier to claim for a fictitious family – or perhaps they are also more honest than ‘locals’ and wouldn’t do any such thing!(splutter!). That’s if our public sector folk can even be bothered to check such details.

    A quick link for you that explains it better than myself. http://bit.ly/KJ4m3k

  7. Compared to Bangladesh, London is dangerously underpopulated. They are merely seeking to address the ‘UK immigrant shortage’.

    Believe that and I have bridge to sell you….

  8. The birthrate in NI is approx 24000 each year. Death Rate 14000 which means the natural increase over ten years has been 100,000. immigration figure therefore is around 26000. So the increased Catholic Birthrate added to immigration is causing the population to spike maybe.

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