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I have commenced a diet. I started, not because I was obese, or that my BMI (Body Mass Index) was indicating that my statistics were well above healthy levels, nor did I commence because I had a ‘image problem’; I wanted to lose weight because I was too fat! My heart was being stressed because of the increased bulk I was asking it to carry around, and I was in the danger zone for signs of diabetes and other illnesses. Which diet I am observing is perhaps my own business, as I do not wish to advertise anyone else’s products, books or websites; but I can confirm that I have so far lost 1 ½ Stones, or 21-odd pounds in ‘old money’ of course; in 39 days, which is not too bad. I try and stick to my diet, but had a small hiccup when I went out for a family dinner to welcome my late brother’s long-time lady-friend to the North-East, as she had brought his ashes back to us. I put weight back on, and lost around four days progress because of one meal of ‘forbidden fruits’!

I am telling the ATW readership about small details of my life because, alongside the diet, I have also commenced a daily visit to a gym for exercise, as I need to get active again, even in a limited way. The gym is privately-owned and operated, and besides the normal items which it advertises, such as weight exercise classes, and functions, there also appears a large signboard for dance and community tutoring for children. Now the whole idea, to me seems beneficial and to be totally worthy and innocuous, but I think it a sign of the times in which we live that a prominent statement upon that same advertising signboard is the statement ‘All Instructors and Staff are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked’.

It is not only a sign of the times, but also a reflection of the Society in which we live, that we live in a world which seems to reassure parents that all has been done for their children’s protection, but is in fact a legal veil behind which the organisers and operators hide behind in the event of some monstrous individual gaining access to small children under the pretence of being ‘Security Checked’.

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7 thoughts on “Breathe deeply, and relax!

  1. Certainly a good indicator of the level of degeneracy, and fragmenation in our society, when the very core of any community, i.e. the family, and particularly the youngest members of a family have to be especially protected from the perverts and perversions of our ‘wonderfully liberalised society’.

    Coupled with a castrated and lobotomised judical system and its devotion to the fallacious ‘human rights’ religion and we have nothing that can in any sensible way be described as a viable and cohesive ‘community’. We just have a burgeoning collection of misanthropes and ne’er-do-wells, preying on the innocents, and in spite of attempts by the media and others, our children are still truly ‘innocents’.

    The thoughtless ‘liberati’ must be feeling quite proud of themselves having opened the Pandora’s box of filth and perversion, without considering the consequences and still calling it ‘freedom’.

  2. ” but I can confirm that I have so far lost 1 ½ Stones, or 21-odd pounds in ‘old money’ of course; in 39 days, which is not too bad.”

    That is ridiculous! (he said enviously).
    I/We have been reducing our food intake (no ice cream, no chocolate, no biscuits or cake, hardly any beer ) for weeks, months even; and I have only lost 6lbs, with another stone to go… The wife has done slightly better, but it’s never a wise move to enquire too deeply into exact amounts. The barriers come up and the defenses bristle..

    Like you, just one good meal can set me back weeks and into near despair..
    I have 4 pairs of new jeans 32″ waist, and I am determined that they should fit… comfortably!
    Good luck with your personal crusade. May the Force be with you.

    CRB checks are all the rage now. Doesn’t stop the weirdos, but on the other hand it keeps the bureaucrats busy. 🙂

  3. Three comments and not a mention or condemnation of the various ‘freedom lovers’ who make it necessary to have such accreditation before any non-family adult has any sort of contact with children.

    It would seem that the State is as much a cancer on our society, with its reliance on ‘red tape’ rather than on proper legislation with real and meaningful punishments to control the worst elements of society, as those who perpetrate such acts.

    If this is the result of ‘liberalised freedom’ being spread across the land, then I think some serious thought should be given to the meaning of the words, when applied to members of a, supposedly civilised community.

    It certainly doesn’t give or imply a licence to ‘do what you like, when you like, to whom you like’. It does assume a degree of intelligence and at least a small knowldge of what is accepted as ‘right or wrong’.

    I thought the point of the post was a comment on the general depravity of the times, it seems I was wrong, – it’s all about waistlines, oh silly me!

  4. Q: Do, Politicians, Judges and our ‘Peers’ have to take CRB checks?

    I guess not, otherwise, Parliament would be empty, the Court system would collaspe overnight, and we would have no ‘Peers’ left to look up to 😉

  5. Then again .. ” If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear ” .. do you ?

    Look, if the State gets the arsehole with you, and takes your laptop, or your computor away, if it did not have any ‘Non state approved’ material on it when they took it .. it sure will have when they return it 😉

    Now, don’t scream too loud .. will you.

    We are all, more ‘equal’ than you might think .. we are all, about as ‘guilty untill proven innocent’ untill the State, says otherwise.

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