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Almost twenty per cent of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year are immigrants:

Last year 91 were accused of murder while 406 were charged with rape in England and Wales

174 out of 547 suspected rapists in London in 2011 were foreign as were 40 out of 197 murder suspects

Almost a fifth of all people charged with rape or murder last year were immigrants and some were deported only to return and commit more crime, it was revealed today.

I know what some say: “But Britons also commit rape and murder”. To which the answer is: “So what?” Because we have plenty of serious crime anyway is no reason to allow hundreds more rapists and killers in. Overwhelmingly,  victims are the least wealthy and the furthest from politics, so they don’t matter to the centres of power. Hundreds of these Britons being raped and murdered each year by immigrants and colonisers is the price they must pay for the ruling elite’s destruction of British society.
So let’s hope that future victims include politicians, because that’s the only way that the rest of us will find any protection.
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  1. Marxist Tractor stats, at best ..

    I bet your bottom Dollar, the real stats are far, far worse?

    Socialist righteous tractor stats at worst 😉

  2. Unfortunately for the leftist dreamers, there are clear distinctions in propensity to violent criminality as determined by race. Orientals have lower criminal violence rates than indigenous whites whereas blacks, wherever they are found in predominantly white countries, have far higher rates. That is probably why the Hong Kong Chinese were denied (the possibility of) entry to the UK post-1997 and Afro-Carribs are allowed in en masse – because it is deliberate.

  3. Nearly a fifth of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year were immigrants

    And que …. righteous fainting 😉

  4. Colm,

    And think how much lower it might be without them, and that goes for our uneployment figures, our overcrowding problem, and even racism might not be quite such a problem.

  5. Ernest

    Just trying to put a bit of sunshine through the dark clouds that usually constitute ATW news postings

  6. Since many don’t look at the links, what Colm sent includes this

    The number of murders and killings in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest level in nearly 30 years, Office for National Statistics figures show.

    Police recorded 550 homicides in 2011-12, 88 fewer than the previous year and the lowest number since 1983.

    And that’s a lower rate than in plenty of other countries, the US included.

  7. deported from the UK for a third time – he smuggled himself straight back into the country in a lorry.

    UKIP MEP and the party’s spokesman on home affairs, Gerard Batten, told The Sun: ‘It bears out the public perception that our open door immigration policy

    So he’s deported repeatedly and has to smuggle himself in on a lorry to get back in and that indicates that the doors are open to him? Is the UKIP spokesman speaking a private language?

    Almost twenty per cent of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year are immigrants:

    And how many of them were here illegally?

    Hundreds of these Britons being raped and murdered each year by immigrants

    Apparently it doesn’t count if the victims were also immigrants – well those stats say nothing about what proportion of them were.

    Still, medical professionals in the UK are certainly disproportionately from abroad (though I’m sure the usual suspects will find a way to complain about that too). So let’s hope the doctor that saves their lives (or cures whatever it is many of them are afflicted with) is an immigrant – it’s maybe the only way the rest of us will get any peace.

  8. Frank,

    You see comments on immgration here that you disagree with, and immediately drag out the racism card. How convenient that you have ready made, bigoted and erroneous conceptions that the concerns expressed are not about individual immigrants, but rather are about the overly large numbers that find their way here.

    We have never in the past been racist in the UK, there was hardly a community that didn’t have a small percentage of immigrants, our maritime history ensured that it would be so, and we rarely had any trouble of a ‘racist’ nature.

    The fifties and the active recruitment of transport staff from the West Indies changed all that. At first a trickle, but then a deluge, the history of Brixton tells the rest. A rise in crime of the sort rarely heard of here, such as mugging and the raping of elderly women. We didn’t just import people, we also imported their culture, and I doubt that the excercise can be seen, even in hindsight, as one of the best decisions our government has ever made.

    The various agreements made with the EU has added to the problem, with even more varied culture groups arriving, all bringing something with them and not always of the most pleasant kind.

    Most people here are concerned about the excessive numbers of immigrants, in such large numbers that they have no need to even attempt to integrate. They are changing our culture, in a most negative fashion, rather than them coming here to improve their, usually medieval style cultures.

    They are certainly improving their standards of living, not a hard thing to do when their backgrounds are examined, anything has to be better than a village in Africa or a suburb of Mumbai.

    So to put you and likeminded individuals straight, it isn’t the individual we have problems with, it’s the very large numbers that have arrived in a relatively short space of time that is the problem. It is they, and their special needs, such as having everything translated, that is putting too much strain on our already stretched resources and infrastructure.

    In addition, far from the UK being a ‘group of four’ countries with generally cohesive aims and culture, we are now a fragmnented microcosm of the United Nations, divided and ghettoised by so many varied cultures and histories.

    And to think it is the likes of your good self, also of immigrant background I believe that are complaining about us indigenes complaining that ‘enough is enough’. The irony may be wasted on you, but not on us…

  9. Ernest,

    “You see comments on immgration here that you disagree with, and immediately drag out the racism card.”

    I didn’t say a word about racism or race.

  10. Frank,

    Yes I did notice your studied avoidence of the word, which tells me you are well used to debate on this topic.

  11. It would be vewy vewy wong to mention race or racism on a post that is proudly, rabidly racist.

  12. //Yes I did notice your studied avoidence of the word, which tells me you are well used to debate on this topic.//

    Christ, talk of damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

  13. Noel,

    Especially in your case. Debating with so-called liberals is like trying to nail a jelly to a fencepost, – utterly pointless, and a total waste of time.

    You seem to forget that as much is revealed about a persons ideas by the way they write, as by the content. I have you to thank for that, as you so ably demonstrated by your insistence on making ridiculous assumptions on any and every comment made by others.

  14. Back to the thread, and a few ‘whys and wherefores’ – strange that we hear very little of crime by Chinese immigrants, – but then, they do seem to be a tad more civilised than the general run don’t they? despite coming from equally deprived backgrounds.

    One can hardly think of Afro-Caribbeans without bringing to mind the vicious gang culture they brought with them, and which seems now to have a foothold among the white chav set, in what were formerly working class neighbourhoods.

    I mention these characteristics as possible reasons, among many, why there is a tendency among the general population to regard and to generalise about certain immigrant groups as being generally dangerous, and consequently, be regarded with suspicion.

    I’m sure each ethnic group from any part of the globe have similar patterns which highlights their differences from us and each other. Rather as we expect Russians to be communists, Rumanians to be pickpockets, and as such, both highly suspect.

    Just trying to say that there are many different reasons why we have opinions of strangers, and all likely to affect our reactions to them, denial of the realities of life is surely not an option.

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