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 “Would you give big doses of these drugs to your loved ones?”

I reckon Sherry Lenox has a point; and should be given an answer. Would she like to hear from Senator Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) who trashed a witness who dared to question the levels of a drug which he had been lobbied to support? Would she like to read any of the dozens of unpublished reports on the efficacy and dangers of the drugs which was pumped in to her husband, at great profit to the doctors, hospitals and of course, to the manufacturing company? Would she be content with the safety report done by Amgen in 1993? Well, of course she would, if the FDA ever finds it!

Yes, Sherry’s husband was a sick man. Yes, he had cancer, but the statistics state that he might have gotten’ a better chance of survival if he hadn’t been pumped full of drugs which were probably more dangerous than his original illness!

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17 thoughts on “The Empty Chair asks….

  1. “Arlen Specter was, is, and always shall be, a total ass”
    thanks for clearing that one up Troll.

    How’s ya doing btw?

  2. yeah her reconstruction surgery work is almost complete, she has to get one more surgery. but she is doing good. but no signs of cancer. Thank God. I’ll let her know you were asking.

    Things have been very tough financially, but hell I don’t think I’m alone in that boat

  3. my posting is sporadic because of, the stuff with her and I’ve had to just pick up work around that as much as I can.

    I do appreciate the kind nods guys.

    Off to do a small job now. Keep the arrows flying. see ya tonight

  4. Good news for Monica, really am sorry about the financial situation. Been there, done that.
    Monica’s a good woman. You’re a good, if slightly OTT man. 😉
    Sorry it’s a public website, but I will remember you all in my prayers. I worked with quite a few American Christians in my time, and I know how supportive and generous they can be.
    It’ll work out.

  5. Hey People!!
    Where ARE you???
    Man down here!!
    Troll won’t ask for it, but I’M saying he could do with some practical support!
    ATW is more than a cyber wastepaper basket. It is a community of people sharing their faults, failings and opinions.
    Forget the “this is what I know/What YOU must believe” stuff.
    Troll and Monica are people we care about!
    Get posting your support and $£help..

  6. ps.
    I have no problem with relapsed Catholics or angry Protestants who wish to contact David anonymously.
    Just DO it, and show your heart is bigger than your religious/poliical philosophy, and that you realise you share the same ultimate destiniy…. 🙂

  7. Ps
    That means burial or cremation.
    I can’t vouch for your ultimate destination…

  8. Troll

    Glad to hear that Monica is doing well. When I saw the thread entitled Monica Monica a few days ago, I went in expecting news of her. Wrong sort of Monica though!

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