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Yep, those wacky chaps Messrs Griffin and Collett are at it again – there is yet another major split within the BNP ranks and unlike the last derisory attempt by the small remnant of the ‘Old Guard’ to turn the party back towards old-style hardline policies, this one looks fairly serious. BNP officials have resigned en masse, Councillors have resigned the Whip to sit as Independents and my sources (oooh, I had a tingly MSM feeling there – I have actual sources now!) tell me that it appears that BNP Scotland have now pretty much broken away to sit on their hands until such time as Griffin agrees to their demands after the sacking of their Regional Organiser and replacement by a ‘Griffin man’.

The internal politics of any small Party are always full of faction fighting – as a former UKIP man I can confirm that as an absolute truism. But of course being the BNP, things have to go that little bit too far over the line as a timely reminder of where its leadership (though not, I take pains to point out, necessarily its rank and file) come from.

This is from the newly launched ‘Enough is Enough‘ Blog published by the ‘anti-Griffin’ movement:

"Nick Griffin sent under ‘chairman’s orders’, five members of my own Security Department, men I have stood by through thick and thin and helped to train, to steal belongings from Sadie and I while we were away. Her computer has been accessed and Sadie’s private personal account read by dishonourable people paid by Griffin to dig around to publish information in order to hurt her. This level of betrayal by Griffin cannot be understated."

Not only is what Griffin authorised – and is shockingly it seems not even denying informing the victims of the act of it by text message! – but it is surely trespass and theft to boot. ‘Sadie’, is Sadie Graham, one of the BNP’s top speakers and officials – if Griffin feels he can go after her and his own Security boss then he must feel that his grip on the Party is absolute, and just like any other petty dictator he is trying to tighten that grip even further and make sure that those who remain are dependent on his own patronage.

Which brings us to the subject of those who have tied themselves to the Griffin mast so tightly that they have alienated the rest of their own Party – namely, it seems, Party Treasurer David Hannam and the infamous Mark Collett, who it seems has continued on his original role of Party Motormouth exposed in the ‘Young, Nazi And Proud’ Documentary which caught him on camera making detailed anti-semitic and racist statements and showed his basic monumental arrogance in the face of pretty much any obstacle. That documentary was of course a forerunner of the rather more dishonest one which saw Collett and Griffin acquitted on bogus ‘Incitement’ charges.

It has certainly seemed to me that allowing Collett to have such a hugely prominent role in the Party hierarchy after his numerous alleged indiscretions (some of which are detailed in the Enough is Enough Blog and others here) was foolish at best, and downright stubborn and idiotic at worst. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that the man is an enormous liability to any serious political party, and the clamour calling for his expulsion is it seems the main contributory factor to this internal battle. It does seem mystifying that a normally astute operator as Griffin would keep such a person on, and close to him at that.

So is this just a flash in the pan, magnified by the Internet into something more than a miniature purge which will be quickly forgotten by the Party’s rank-and-file? I suspect not, not this time. UKIP has just undergone something similar with its dissenting members forming the ‘Grassroots Democracy’ movement, but in their case the breakaway ‘Party’ numbers in the single figures. As a commenter in this thread wryly points out, its all very People’s Front of Judea.

This is different. Before for the BNP the issues have been with the holdouts from the Tyndall era attempting to change party policy – but as any political veteran will tell you, it is always clashes of personality and internal organisation which end up with the most blood on the floor. With BNP Scotland pretty much unable to function whilst the situation continues and so many officials elsewhere in the country also withholding their efforts or resigning outright, is it too dramatic to say that this could be the beginning of the end of the BNP?

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59 thoughts on “The End Of The BNP?

  1. ”is it too dramatic to say that this could be the beginning of the end of the BNP?”

    It’s certainly very nasty. The security department? Thats a new one to me. I didn’t know political parties had security departments. Searching the young couples house, removing her computer, publishing an e mail that was on that computer certainly is highly dodgy stuff. They have definitely broken the law, unless the young couple themselves have signed something to allow them to do it. The friend of the young couple cannot be said to have given permission, if she was conned into giving ‘the south african security department’ the keys to Sadie’s home. All very bizzare.

    Personal friction is not only a root cause for the destruction of political parties, but anything where people are together working supposedly in harmony. We had it here in NI for example in one of our care homes for children who were dying of cancer. So that sort of thing is everywhere, and terribly hard to expunge once it gets hold.

    If the party splinters, and it certainly looks like it could, then where will that leave the ’cause’?

    Griffin was a fool to protect Collet as he has against so many good people, but hes gone too far down that road now to turn back. Not even the reds could have done that sort of damage internally.

    Do keep us posted DSD, it’s very interesting, and I would like to know how things turn out in the new year.

  2. I am still waiting for a multi-racial british nationalist party to emerge. I have met plenty of 1st/2nd/3rd generation immigrants that would support them. People who have lived here for any period of time, be they black brown or white (espcially in the cities) will be affected by mass immigration. Especially since it’s the poorer ones who have to put up with the liberal elite’s multicultural utopias, Guess I could be waiting a long time… 🙂

    Morrisey was right!! 🙂

  3. It’s strange how smaller parties with single issue agendas are so much more prone to infighting than large ones. You’d have thought that they would be more united if anything.

  4. Immigration is what what I was thinking of. I’m aware that they no doubt have other policies, but immigration is the central plank of their platform.

  5. It’s a pity that Griffin defends an idiot like Collett. Griffin is capable, and because of this, is seen as a danger to the treasonous ‘mainstream’. But his judgement here is awry. Collett should have been jailed for being himself.

  6. News of the demise of the BNP is slightly premature. Much misinformation has been flying around this least week or so. Much of it helpfully provided by those who wish the party harm. The BNP have a security department because they come under attack like no other party. They seem aware that infiltration and attempted subversion is a racing certainty. Indeed Nick Griffin predicted something like this would happen just as they seem poised for a possible breakthrough in the London GLA elections.

    A meeting of the Leicestershire branch in Melton was attended by ‘Nick [Griffin and] included Sadie Graham, Matt Single, Mark Collett, Dave Hannam, John Walker, Nina Brown’.

    ‘The Motion was for Sadie to retain her membership and the ‘Enough is Enough’ blog to be taken down within a week.
    Nick and Sadie agreed to these; Sadie and Mark shook hands and there was applause for all. The meeting was taped.

    ‘..the general feeling was that there was wrong on both sides but that there was a malicious element at the back of all this’.


    Perusing the comments much celebration has broken out in BNP ranks. Like it or not there seems to be only one organisation resolutely determined to halt further immigration and withdraw from the EU and that’s the BNP.

  7. "The BNP have a security department because they come under attack like no other party."

    Gosh, one wonders why that is.

  8. I don’t know, why do you think the BNP is singled out for infiltration by either the Searchlight/Communist/UAF far left or the security services?

  9. Marvin, I once agreed with you but we have gone way beyond reasonable levels of immigration. The native English are to become a minority in my home city in around 10 years or so. That’s about the same time as London, Bradford, Leicester and Birmingham. My experiences of immigration (I’ve lived the dream) tell me that the ‘good’ immigration is a price too high for the ‘bad’ that accompanies it.

  10. Guardian Apostate,

    "I don’t know, why do you think the BNP is singled out for infiltration by either the Searchlight/Communist/UAF far left or the security services?"

    Because they’re an unsavoury bunch of racist creeps?

  11. Dawkins,

    There are literally hundreds of racially-oriented organisations out there – Ligali (who say that Asians are ‘more prone to rape’ than Black people), MPACUK, RESPECT, to name but a few. If the BNP are racist creeps in your eyes are you prepared to say the same about those other organisations?

  12. SO GA we should deny entry to from the Anglosphere we created? Americans, Australians? Come on! That would be very bad for our economy. No americans allowed to live in the UK.. Come on think about it.

  13. Marvin,

    We need a moratorium on immigration beyond temporary work permits. UKIP say five years minimum – I have to agree. Britain is full.

  14. DSD,

    "If the BNP are racist creeps in your eyes are you prepared to say the same about those other organisations?"

    Read my virtual lips: They’re all racist creeps.

  15. Dawkins, so why are the BNP candidates for infiltration whilst many of those organisations representing ethnic groups, such as Blink.org, are funded by the Government? That’s not to say I agree with your assessment of the BNP as ‘racist creeps’. I’m more than a little bored with the accusations of ‘racism’. The whole subject is riddled with hypocrisy and double standards. The BNP and others have powerful arguments regarding immigration without ‘racism’ being a factor.

    Marvin, I agree that immigration of our cousins from the Anglosphere is fine. However if a complete halt to all immigration is necessary to prevent Dawkins et al from screaming ‘racist’ very loudly then so be it. Enough’s enough.

  16. Guardian Apostate,

    No one’s "screaming ‘racist’ very loudly." I’m simply pointing out that the BNP were, are and always will be unsavoury little racists. Nothing new there at all.

  17. Since GA & DSD have been the only ones to pose questions worth looking at, I’d like to make a social observation in all this. (The Yanks won’t understand this as it is an entirely Brit thing).
    The BNP exists on two levels, those who belong and those who support. With other parties this is not the case because no stigma is attached to belonging to THEIR parties, but belonging to the BNP could cost you your job/promotion, if found out.
    Nobody knows what the figures are, but I would suggest that far more than 50% of membership in the BNP are self-employed. It therefor has a very narrow field of rank and file to draw on. This leaves a considerable ‘rump’ of the old guard, like Collett and his Cronies, in places of high profile and influence; they are die-hard "up the workers" types, with views to match.
    The BNP are desperate to get away from this image and are trying to appeal to middle England and the middle-classes. This is why dancer Simone Clarke is such a worthy catch. They want more people like her, and the hierarchy in the party want it too, are are taking sides.
    There is no Policy split, but a Class split, and this is at the root of it.
    Griffin is only showing loyalty to Collett (and a few others) because they stuck together and went through a long arduous trial together. That’s all there is to it.
    The BNP knows that Griffin is the only ace card they have, and without him the party would disintegrate; so, DSD, "The end of the BNP" is some ways off yet I think.

  18. Dawkins, democracy is a wonderful thing. I’ll vote BNP (in the absence of any alternative) in order to try and prevent any further, damaging, immigration and to extricate the UK from the undemocratic, unaccountable and malfunctioning EU and you won’t.

  19. Guardian Apostate,

    No, I certainly won’t vote BNP. Few are happy with England becoming unrecognizable within a year or two, but that doesn’t mean I’d help racists and fascists into power.

    If you think the BNP are democrats then I sincerely hope you’ll never have to put that theory to the test.

  20. Interesting. I had no idea about this spate before reading this. It seems that many within the BNP Party view its leadership as corrupt.
    "Same old, same old", I’m tempted to sigh…Political power seems to be such an aphrodisiac to some…
    The BNP is a socialist, hard-left party, in terms of economic policy. And I don’t particularly want to vote for such policies.

  21. Tom

    I agree with much you say.
    I too am undecided if i’d vote for the BNP or not? That’s if they ever get off thier backsides and actually put up some candidates in Northern Ireland (as they have often promised!).
    Some of the policies they put forward are spot on others are not so good.
    Is it not the same however, for all political parties?
    I’m sure even supporters of the mainstream parties don’t agree 100% with every policy the party they support put forward?
    Has it got to the point when an individual votes for a party they agree with most of the time?

  22. Tom, the BNP’s economic policies are a slight concern for me as well. That said on a BNP related site I saw their policies described as being modelled on Japan’s. I suspect they’re a bit more pragmatic than ideologically strictly ‘hard left’.

    As for the rest:

    v. If you believe that the races are different then you are racists.

    Not at all. The definition of a racist is someone who hates people of other races. We do not hate anybody. Anyone who says the BNP is racist is either misinformed or a liar.

    xi. Why do you object to immigration and the change in Britain’s population? You are just being racist, aren’t you?

    Not at all. People are the product of their genes, and a country is the product of its people. That’s why every country is different – that’s the beauty of the world and why travel is so interesting. That’s why Bath is different to Baghdad, Canterbury different to Calcutta and Manchester different to Mogadishu. If Britain’s population changes then the very nature of our towns and cities will change. You may be happy about that but we like Britain the way it has traditionally been. That makes us traditionalists, or small-c conservatives, or better still nationalists, but certainly not racists.

    xiii. The BNP is a fascist and undemocratic party.

    This is utter nonsense – the BNP is, in fact, the most democratic party in Britain. Only the BNP believes in citizen-initiated referenda which will genuinely give power back to the people. The other parties are determined to ignore the wishes of the British people – only the BNP trusts the British people and wants to give them back control over their country.

  23. GA

    It will be very very difficult for the BNP to lose the ‘Racist’ tag.
    They don’t help themselves very much to try and rid themselves of this ‘misconception’?
    Mechandise for sale on the official website includes t shirts with the slogans – ‘Its a white thing’ and ‘It’s cool to be white’.
    If that’s not racist perhaps i don’t understand the term correctly.

  24. "If that’s not racist perhaps i don’t understand the term correctly."

    Not unless you accept that the T-Shirts which those ones are taking the p**s out of, ‘Its a Black Thing’ and ‘Its cool to be black’ are also racist, then with all due respect no you don’t. I used to work with a bunch of mostly black mechanics who regularly wore T-Shirts to work with Black Power signs and the flags of various African nations arrayed round them in a circle – was that racist? You can be sure if I’d worn a similar one with the White Fist on it and European Flags arrayed around it I’d have been out of a job before you could say ‘incitement’.

    "Only the BNP believes in citizen-initiated referenda which will genuinely give power back to the people. "

    Erm GA, there’s these guys called UKIP who’ve been promoting citizen referenda on the ‘10% or more’ rule for about 10 years now. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

  25. The simple fact is that the BNP is the only party which will ensure that Britain remains predominantly and recognisably British for as long as there is a United Kingdom. As this means predominantly white, then I don’t have a problem with that and neither do my Indian colleagues. The BNP would have remained a tiny, race-driven sect if it had not been for the left’s policy of population replacement i.e. replacement of my people with others. Can anyone argue that this is not happening?
    There are evidently many whites who wish to see whites become a racial minority in the UK, the US and Europe. That would be a catastrophy and what would it achieve?
    Until the CONservatives get back to sanity, I’ll be voting BNP. I have reviewed their website and their economic policies are very much right-wing.

  26. There are evidently many whites who wish to see whites become a racial minority in the UK, the US and Europe.

    Really? Can you produce evidence for this assertion?

  27. Yes, Peter. The policies of Nulab (white mainly) will lead directly to this situation in my lifetime. It is considered by demographers that whites will become a minority in the UK as a whole and not just the major cities, by 2050 – and that is at current rates without taking into account any acceleration in immigration that Gordon Brown is extolling.

    In the US, Bill Clinton stated that he wishes to see whites become a racial minority, and that is on course led by George W Bush.

  28. Allan

    Your link does not support your assertion, apart from an unsubstantiated claim that Bill Clinton wanted to see a hispanic majority in the USA.

  29. Peter, I saw the video a few years ago when Clinton, speaking to group of students, said that he will be delighted to see an America with no racial majority. My assertion is supported by the policies being implemented. Do you dispute that there is a population replacement programme?
    How about you, Peter? Do you wish to see a white minority or the prospect of a white minority in this country and Europe? The US is unstoppable on that path.

  30. Allan

    Like most people I’m concerned at the rate of immigration, legal and illegal, into the UK. But I don’t accept that there is a population replacement programme masterminded by politicians.

  31. The fact is that the RESULT of the immigration policy is replacement of the indigenous population which is rendered a minority in its (my) own country. The NuLab politicians can no longer claim to be unaware of this result because it is now widely known. Because they maintain the policy and even wish to accelerate it (as Gordon Brown himself said a few days ago), then the result is what is intended. Therefore it can only be deduced that population replacement is the intent: it IS the policy!

  32. ‘Not unless you accept that the T-Shirts which those ones are taking the p**s out of, ‘Its a Black Thing’ and ‘Its cool to be black’ are also racist, then with all due respect no you don’t.’


    I do accept that. Only recently Bernard Hiopkins decribed Joe Calzaghe as ‘White Boy’. Can you imagine the fuss if it had been the other way around!
    Two wrongs, however, don’t make it right?
    This is what frustrates me so much about the BNP. In so many ways thier policies are spot on in other ways they get it completely wrong.

  33. If Calzaghe had described Hopkins as "black boy" immediately after being called ‘white boy’, the MSM would have reported the former and omitted the latter. And we all know it!

  34. It’s a long and complicated article, Allan.
    What is your point, other than this is yet another example of lefties screwing the taxpayer again.

  35. Allan,

    In other words you have no evidence for a population replacement program. Your "argument" is akin to saying that US/UK policy in the middle east since 9/11 has resulted in thousands of casualties among the soldiers of both countries. Both governments are aware of these casualties. Consequently, it must be their policy to reduce the size of the military.

  36. Neal,

    Of course the current policy of mass immigration must by definition be population replacement – only it is a cultural replacement not a racial one, which is how Allan and others see it. I don’t conflate race with culture – others do.

    If you really think this is all just a big coincidence, or that its OK for it to happen as long as it wasnt ‘planned’, or that it is a desirable thing in the first place, then good luck to you. But if you deny that its happening at all then you are simply blind.

  37. Bernard: Lee Jaspers is no ordainary leftist. He is a black nationalist who believes that "racism cannot end until whites are a minority in this country" paraphrased. He is an incompetent (he is a lefty) kleptomaniac and when found wanting, screams ‘racist’ at anyone who ‘outs’ him, as he has done here. Jaspers typifies the anti-white clique which is at the top of London’s municipal authorities, and they wish to impose this on the rest of the country.

    Neal: Obviously I disagree with you and your analogy, because it certainly is not analogous. This population replacement program is on-going and relentless. the evidence of my own eyes backed up by current events tells me that it is so. Are you saying that the indigenous population is not projected to reach a minority status sometime mid-century?

  38. DSD

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence in the sense that it’s some random event – obviously there are any number of things leading to minorities being a larger proportion of the population in the UK and the US. And clearly one of those things is government policy. But the idea that the government put that policy in place as a means of replacing its population with immigrants – ie, eliminating the previous population – is laughable. There are clearly arguments to be made against the current immigration policy but essentially accusing the government of ethnic cleansing isn’t one of them (and for the sake of clarity, I’m not saying that you made that claim).

    Allan, perhaps you could explain why the analogy doesn’t work? Your ‘evidence’ is basically that if the consequences of a policy are known, and the policy continues, those consequences have to be the original intention. That’s plain ridiculous.

  39. And Allan, I’m not saying anything at all about any projections for the ethnic composition of the UK in the future, or whether it’s good or bad for that to change. The one and only thing that I’m saying is that it’s raving paranoia to claim that the government’s policy is to get rid of the white people, which is really what you mean.

  40. I don’t think they’re trying to "get rid of" us (ie, kill us off) but Labour is most definitely and deliberately seeking to hold onto indefinite political power, and one of the major (and quite clever) ways they seek to achieve this is by irreversibly changing the shape of the electorate. We think we vote for them, but in fact it is they who are effectively voting us out, at the moment. It is absolutely deliberate and intentional.
    Labour can never stay in power for too long, as the indigenous electorate soon sees that they bugger up the country every time we let them in. So instead, they seek an electorate (and race is not so much the question, it doesn’t matter what colour their skin is) made up from cultures where there is an inherent "victim" mentality, and the people see the state as their saviour. Hence the huge expansion of the public sector, deliberately filled with illegal immigrants.

    In the meantime, the other side of the subtle plan is to gradually downgrade essential services such as education and health (see today’s Telegraph headline…it’s all part of the plan, all deliberate) and to generally make life as bleak as possible for the indigenous population, in order to encourage us to give up and emigrate elsewhere.

    Perhaps five years ago, one could look at all Labour’s so-called "disasterous policies" and call it mere incompetence, but we are well past that stage now. How anyone with a brain can possibly look at what is happening re immigration, combined with public sector expansion, the destruction of education, the state of NHS hospitals, prisons full to bursting and dangerous prisoners being freed left right and centre, ludicrously lenient sentencing, petty bans on age-old freedoms, etc, etc,…and still label all this as mere "incompetence" is beyond me. No, this is quite deliberate.

  41. Neal, the policies which lead to population replacement are deliberate because, if they were not, such policies would be changed.

  42. Laban Tall at UK Commentators persuading argues that it would be more accurate to say that our Neo-Labour Government are replacing it’s voters.

    ‘when middle-class university lefties, appalled at the Thatcherite hegemony, gave up on the British working class (too many of them were voting for her) and looked around for some other "other" to bring about radical social change’.


    I think he may have missed one other important component, the EU. The dilution of the British and in particular the English will make the end goal of a United States of Europe that much easier.

    Referring to the Lee Jasper/Ken Livingstone that Allan links to, one bit stood out for me.

    Emails seen by the Standard suggest that Ms Stern’s colour was also a problem for some of her fellow staff. "It is beginning to look like Brenda, a white South African, is calling the shots in this programme," says one of Mr Jasper’s allies.

    Part of the funding being questioned is that given to The 1990 Trust which in turn funds the website Blink.org. I remember the first article I ever read on there was by someone literally counting down the days, with eager anticipation, until ‘whites’ become a minority in Leicester. Par for the course really. It’s shocking that such a website should be publically funded. They also led relentless charges of racism against Boris Johnson when he announced his candidacy.

    I wonder, if the scandals involved Boris Johnstone rather than Ken Livingstone, there’d be such a lack of coverage in the MSM?

  43. Allan, that is simply hopeless logic. I do note that you are unwilling to explain why the analogy to the Iraq war is a bad one.

  44. Quite simple, Neal. The intended end results of the Iraq war (overthrow of dictator, democracy in Iraq) make the policy worth pursuing and, if achievable, beneficial to all. The intended results of NuLab’s population replacement program are not beneficial to the indigenous peoples of these islands.

    Your failure to understand the simple rationale behind NuLab’s population replacement program reflects badly on our schools and/or you, Neal.

    I will give you another simple NuLab policy. Gordon Brown removed tax credits from private pension funds in 1997 and this measure was greatly contributable to their collapse: that policy continues and its effect is clear. Gordon Brown could reverse that policy and restore the tax credits which would allow private pensions to recover. Gordon Brown chooses not to do so. It can be reasonably concluded that a statist like Gordon Brown wishes to keep private pensions in their recent impoverished condition. The policy reveals the intent: if that were not the intent, the policy would be different. Likewise with mass immigration.

  45. GA. You mention Laban Tall. He writes a consistently thoughtful & intelligent blog. Interesting bloke too, by all accounts. He in turn likes Harry’s Place, who, rather mischievously implies that CAIR are in fact a far right organisation, much on the lines of the BNP, but does’nt say this outright. Interesting juxtaposition though.

    Allan. Well put. Also worth remembering that Brown sold off a huge slew of the UK’s gold reserves when the price was at rock bottom, at the behest of the EU.
    Few people seem to appreciate just what a horrendous EU/socialist agenda this govt has for this country.
    I actually feel sorry for those in their 30s and 40s because they most likely will make it to mid century, but will also remember the 1970s and 80s as a lost land & culture; a pretty awful prospect!
    Of course those born in the latest quarter of the 20th century won’t feel so dis-possessed as the Balkanizing effect will be all they have experienced.
    It’s a racing certainty the govt understands this process very well, which is why they are ploughing ahead regardless; listening to no-one.

  46. Bernard, Laban describes himself as a ‘recovering lefty’. As I understand it his blog, UK Commentators, is aimed at others on the left having doubts similar to those he experienced. The reason I love his site is that I too am a recovering lefty as my ‘name’ suggests. Harry’s Place is the home of the more sensible left and I suspect Laban uses it for research as much as anything else.

    Not too sure about the CAIR reference. I’ve always viewed CAIR as being Islamic advocates in a similar vein to our very own MCB. I wouldn’t like to say where they fit on the left/right spectrum though.

  47. Your failure to understand the simple rationale behind NuLab’s population replacement program reflects badly on our schools and/or you, Neal.


    I would say the same of your delusions. Your argument is that if a policy isn’t changed once its consequences are known, then those consequences MUST be what was intended. That is an obviously nonsensical argument. Sometimes it will be true but sometimes not. Here’s another analogy. After the wildfires in Southern California in October, it was reported that the San Diego area has insufficient firefighting resources in many areas to handle such a situation. There were fires of similar extent in 2003, so the consequences of insufficient resources were known. Consequently, the only conclusion is that the local government wanted all of those people to lose their homes. Otherwise their policy would be to have more resources. That’s your "logic".

  48. Neal, with respect, I think you underestimate the depths to which both our Labour controlled local government in Westminster and the Commissars in our Government in Brussels will stoop. They know exactly what they’re doing. I suspect population replacement is a little too strong but dilution of the national character is self evidently what’s intended. Inevitably that will lead to population replacement in large parts of the country. How can you argue otherwise? The ethnic English are to be minorities in many of our cities before too much longer. At the present rate we’ll be a minority in the whole of the country. The powers that be are fully aware of this and yet they continue regardless. There are powerful forces at work who, in my opinion, do not have our best interests at heart.

  49. Neral, once more your would-be analogy fails. Resources (funds) are not infinite and so fire-fighting equipment can only be bought with what’s available. Besides, it’s not policy to start fires.
    The consequences of open-door immigration are now known and the ‘benefits’ are non-existent: yet the policy continues and is accelerated.

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