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I’m not sure if anyone with a credence of wit ever took Obama’s claims seriously to kick out the Lobbyists from the White House but comes the news that the  White House  has been accused of breaking its own transparency rules after it emerged that senior officials went to elaborate lengths to conceal back-channel discussions with lobbyists.

“Aides to President Barack Obama used personal email accounts to contact pharmaceutical companies and deliberately scheduled meetings in coffee shops away from the White House in order to skirt disclosure rules, according to a Congressional report on Wednesday. Among the most damaging findings are emails from Jim Messina – the former White House deputy chief of staff who now manages the president’s re-election campaign – to a drugs lobbyist in the days before Mr Obama’s health care reforms passed Congress in 2010. In an email from his personal account, Mr Messina promised “I will roll [Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi] for the 4 billion” needed to fund expansion of health care coverage. Mr Messina also promised the lobbyist he would deal with a reporter who had been questioning the White House’s links with the pharmaceutical industry.”

Hah! Way to go Team Obama.

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  1. I read elsewhere (and saw the video of the event) that a 65-year-old woman who owns a jewellery store put 5 robbers to flight with her gun. The NRA should be lobbying the Administration for arming of shop-owners to be compulsory but, unfortunately, only money talks to power.

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