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More mopery.

Relatives of four IRA men shot dead in Co Tyrone 20 years ago will today ask the Government to apologise for what they believe was a shoot-to-kill operation by security forces. The families were set to attend a press conference in Belfast this morning — launching a new report into the deaths of the four men. The men were killed when members of a specialist undercover military unit opened fire on them in a church car park in Clonoe in February, 1992. Their deaths followed an IRA attack on an RUC base in nearby Coalisland. They were killed as they dumped a lorry used in the machine-gun attack on the station.

Surreal, eh? They attack an RUC Station with machine guns, with the intention of killing as many officers as possible, then are lawfully killed as a direct consequence. Shoot to kill is the ONLY appropriate strategy when dealing with such vicious criminals – so well done to the Security Forces and no apology required. The pity is that more IRA,UVF and UDA terrorists did not meet their end in the same way.

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2 thoughts on “NO APOLOGY REQUIRED…

  1. This is how it works. Get maudlin now, do a few tv news interviews. Demand and receive apology then later on wack in demand for compensation. Sleazy lawyers, soft headed judges. Ker ching everybody is a winner. Easy money.

  2. Twenty years on and there is still no inquest

    In the report the families call for “full disclosure of all material evidence” and that inquests into the killings begin, and include evidence from all security personnel involved

    They sound like perfectly reasonable requests.

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