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We live at a time when Mum and Dad, Mother and Father, Husband and Wife, are slowly but surely being erased from the vocabulary and the structure of our society. For decades now, the liberal Left have portrayed Single Parents as heroic – almost role models. And guess what? Yes, when you do that you get more of them, so many more of them…

Single-parent families are now so common that couples living with their children are the minority in some parts of the country. Data shows there are seven Parliamentary constituencies where single-parent families make up the majority of households. There are close to 2million single-parent families in the UK and we have the highest proportion of children brought up in one-parent families of any major European country.

Now then, I KNOW there can be many reasons for a single parent family. Obviously the early death of a partner can cause this. An abusive relationship can be another. However..

Jill Kirby, a social policy expert and former director of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: ‘Children need input from both parents in order to thrive. Research shows children growing up in fatherless homes are much less likely to do well at school and are at twice the risk of getting into problems with drink or drugs, or involved in crime. The UK welfare system has been partly to blame, by providing a substitute breadwinner rather than encouraging parents to stick together.

That sums it up. Daddy is more often than not absent.  The decline of marriage has accompanied this rise in one parent families. The ease of separation has also facilitated this decay. In certain communities, such as the Black community, there is a particular problem with almost 50% of babies born to single parents.

Is there a political angle to this?

“In 1996 – the year before Labour came to power with tax and benefit policies based on the doctrine that all kinds of families are equally acceptable – 38.7 per cent of babies of British-born mothers were born outside marriage. By 2006, that had gone up to 49.4 per cent, some 266,000.”

The all powerful State likes to see family breakdown since it can then step in and fill the void.  But the consequences for our society down the line are horrendous. Still, whistle while you work…

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4 thoughts on “DADDY’S (NOT) HOME

  1. All of the facts and figures, albeit now ten years out of date, are in the Civitas report Experiments in Living: the Fatherless Family. The data are clear, and the impact that these amoral people have on the rest of society is striking.

    To summarise,

    —-Lone mothers—-
    Are poorer
    Are more likely to suffer from stress, depression, and other emotional and psychological problems
    Have more health problems
    May have more problems interacting with their children
    —-Non-resident biological fathers—-
    Are at risk of losing contact with their children
    Are more likely to have health problems and engage in high-risk behaviour
    —-Children living without their biological fathers—-
    Are more likely to live in poverty and deprivation
    Have more trouble in school
    Tend to have more trouble getting along with others
    Have higher risk of health problems
    Are at greater risk of suffering physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
    Are more likely to run away from home
    —-Teenagers living without their biological fathers—-
    Are more likely to experience problems with sexual health
    Are more likely to become teenage parents
    Are more likely to offend
    Are more likely to smoke
    Are more likely to drink alcohol
    Are more likely to take drugs
    Are more likely to play truant from school
    Are more likely to be excluded from school
    Are more likely to leave school at 16
    Are more likely to have adjustment problems
    —-Young adults who grew up not living with their biological fathers—-
    Are less likely to attain qualifications
    Are more likely to experience unemployment
    Are more likely to have low incomes
    Are more likely be on income support
    Are more likely to experience homelessness
    Are more likely to be caught offending and go to jail
    Are more likely to suffer from long term emotional and psychological problems
    Are more likely to develop health problems
    Tend to enter partnerships earlier and more often as a cohabitation
    Are more likely to divorce or dissolve their cohabiting unions
    Are more likely to have children outside marriage or outside any partnership

  2. It’s good to know that inadvertent single-parenthood, through death of a parent, doesn’t affect a child’s life-chances.

    So it just seems to be those who choose to be single parents who are harming their children, and imposing burdens on the rest of us.

    Doesn’t that just prove the point, and make their immorality more culpable?

  3. ” the death of a father before the age of 10 has no significant impact upon education, IQ or earnings.”

    What about the contribution of the life of a father before the age of 10, Frank?
    Are you seriously saying that not having a Dad is immaterial to the security and life chances of a child, or is this some sort of personal testimony?

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