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Sinn Fein’s neanderthalism always impresses;

An MLA wants ‘Welcome to Northern Ireland’ signs along the border with the Irish Republic taken down. Phil Flanagan, Sinn Fein MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, says the signs are a waste of money that could be spent on road repairs He said the signs also go against the advice of the tourist board. “These signs have angered many living in border communities who suffer the negative impact of partition on a daily basis,” he added.

Poor Phil, living in a little narrow world of his own. Of COURSE there should be signs welcoming people to Northern Ireland, a proud part of the UK. These signs should be in red white and blue and should bedeck the border. They would add to such a colourless place.

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  1. Narrow view or a pragmatic one?

    I hope those potholes don’t interrupt your constant whining too much.

    You are just advocating the same old triumphalism, surely you prefer your territorial pissing marking expressed in union and UVF flags?

    Sadly typical dissident reluctance to move into the 21st century, the sort of attitude constantly rejected at the polls.

  2. Although it’s pretty obvious what SF’s agenda is on this one it’s surely pretty obvious and only common sense that there is signage when one moves from one jurisdiction to another.
    Pathetic attempt to stir up contention when none actually exists.

  3. No more an attempt to stir up contention than Unionist attempts to block the erecting of signs in Irish in nationalist areas?

  4. How are they not remotely similar? The erecting of signs. A question over whether they are financially necessary. Accusations from political opponents that they are politically and sectarianaly motivated. Sounds pretty similar to me.

  5. What about if the signs were bilingual? Or even trilingual? Would you accept that, David?

    Welcome to Northern Ireland
    Fáilte go Tuaisceart na hÉireann
    Fair fae ye tae Norn Iron


  6. I don’t get his argument. They may well have been a waste of money but the money has already been spent. Taking the signs down would cost extra money which could not then be spent on road repairs. Perhaps a compromise could be agreed under which the signs would not be replaced should any harm come to them from storms or what not.

    In any case it should be a matter for the local authority to decide what signs are appropriate in their area. In the republic we have welcome signs to the individual counties. That is better in my view as there is cross-community agreement on the counties. Derry might still be tricky of course. The council may have to vote on that one.

  7. Henry, some of the road signs haven’t gone up yet. There are plans to put more up. Additionally, because these signs have been put in place where the local people don’t want them (which is why the increasingly sectarian Danny Kennedy has done it) people have taken them down. The Road Service have announced that they have been instructed to replace those signs. So there will be additional costs.

    Most local authorities have their own signs informing people they are entering into that area.

  8. Seamus

    I get you. Thanks for the clarification. It is absolutely pointless putting up unpopular signs anywhere. They never last.

    There were Ulster-Scots road signs put up a few years ago but they were torn down by Loyalists who mistook them for Irish.

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