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It is a certain truth that, in order to guarantee failure to a project, an idea or even a belief; one must import the voices of politicians who wish to place their ownership of aforementioned idea firmly before the public (and of course, voters) gaze.

If anyone believes that they can jump higher, run faster, row more vigorously than their fellow athletes, they will have had that belief for a long time. Some might even state that the impetus to do better is in their genetic make-up. Speaking purely personally, I don’t believe I have a competitive molecule in my entire D.N.A system, and whilst many might try to compete in a multitude of endeavours, without the basic genetic make-up which pushes them further than mere mortals; I just don’t comprehend that drive at all. In short, Sport, and sporting endeavours, and more exactly watching sports, bores me stiff. But I can understand that I am in a miniscule minority, especially when it comes to major sporting activities such as the Olympics.

My late brother, who was himself the sports fanatic in our household, said as much one day after he asked me if I had watched some (to him) very important World Cup match. When I replied that I had in fact been watching a documentary on the African Fish Eagle, his reply was to the effect that ‘I had no soul’!  But that’s just me!

However, I commenced this small diatribe with regard to politicians trying to muscle in on anything which they believe will give them leverage, or votes, or both. So it is with all the tiny-minded so-called  leaders, or would-be leaders, of our various political parties. We watch as Mr. Slippery himself, our unlamented Prime Minister, welcomes the victorious Mohammed Farah into his ‘hunger summit’ in Downing Street. As I have never met M. Farah, nor am I likely to, all I could give him are these words of warning when he listens to David Cameron; ‘Always get everything down in writing; every promise, every theory, every extravagant guarantee; whether it be about sport in general, or the supposed hunger in the Sahel region of Africa’. Then, when disappointment arises, as surely it will, because all politicians use people, and then discard them if they are inconvenient, he can point to the words he wrote down when those extravagant promises were made; and be able to call our slippery Prime Minister a liar to his face. Next we watch Ed Miliband as he makes a complete fool of himself next to two students as he prepared to lie to several thousand voters in Corby. Someone should have reminded our Ed that that type of gesture is frowned upon by the Party he professes to lead. And of course there is Nick Clegg, who has won new praise for winning the title, against strong opposition; of Britain’s most Untrustworthy Political Leader.

As with athletics, or rowing, or any other of the multitude of sports highlit in the past fortnight, I hope to remind you, dear ATW reader, that they are only in politicians’ eyes, because of the hope that some of the glory, or the soundness of the individual athlete’s campaigns, rubs off onto the shoulders of the politician in question. Having watched with a cynical eye for many years the antics of our political class as they once more prove that, as a class, they are amongst the most untrustworthy in the Universe, I trust that all of our athletes come away from the brief encounters with politicians whilst using the same gesture; which of course is wiping their hands to get rid of the slime!

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7 thoughts on “..Because their lips are moving!

  1. I look at it in a different way Mike.

    Most guys I know can tell you the stats of some team whether it’s British or American Football, cricket Rugby, Basketball, Hockey something, but some sport hell over here there are people who can tell you stats and call it sport driving 500 miles in a circle at 200mph.

    To me they have all been just a minor distraction. Politics is the only REAL sport.

    It’s the oldest most enduring sport, it effects all of our lives and can be played by anyone. Yet most people don’t even keep score let alone a list of players. Thats how we wind up with such pathetic teams.

    Now I may watch a football game, and this winter I won’t miss a luge race. But those are just distractions from the real game.

  2. The US’s corporate warfare sector is nmessing around with genetics so that soldiers “could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful. According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even regrow limbs blown apart by bombs.”


    Now I’m sure that this will meet with the approval of the meat-heads here BUT will these soldiers be able to think? Obviously, that is something the Pentagon doesn’t want – soldiers who can question why they are doing what they are doing and in whose country? Spotty-faced drone operators will do for just now.

  3. Actually Allan it’s the civillian possibilites that are exciting. Growing a new limb? Repairing a broken spine? Fantatstic.
    Curing asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis? Whats not to love about curing those!
    Gene therapy.

    Won’t be in the US though as don’t you lot ban stem cell research?

    Will you ban the small hope these poor people have Allan?

  4. Dog – do you think that such medical advances would be allowed anywhere near ordinary people?

  5. Dog – if the treatment for CF makes net profit for the pharmaeuticals then it will be pursued. But if it doesn’t, it will be left without finance and possibly suppressed.

  6. look up Kahn Noonian Singh

    it’s an old story line.

    The dream of genetic engineering is replacement parts from our own cells the nightmare is Kahn

    Then of course we can always discuss the borg

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