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Sinn Fein propaganda always amuses me! This gave me a chuckle!

“Failure by republicans and unionists to build on the peace process risks “normalising sectarianism” until the end of the century, Sinn Fein has said. National chairman Declan Kearney told his mainly republican audience at Londonderry’s Gasyard Wall Feile that now that violence had ended, there was “more heavy lifting to do”. But he said onus for change lay with “sections of unionism” he blamed for “slowing down the peace process”.

I love the cliched inanity of it. “Heavy lifting”.. lol …too much Olympics?

Wonder who the “sections of unionism” are that are slowing down “the peace process”? I though people like me were the “rejectionists” (of depravity) so I am intrigued who are the new bad boys of unionism? Which mild mannered proles have they in mind? It can’t be the DUP since we all know they are hand in glove with the Shinners; it can’t be the LAMBS in the UUP! So, who is it? I await someone telling me!!!

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2 thoughts on “BAD BOYS!

  1. David,

    “Until the end of the century”? I admire his optimism. I’d give it another millennium at least.

    Sectarianism doesn’t go that easily. Look at the Jews. Harassed and murdered throughout Europe for a thousand years, still enemy numero uno in the Middle East.

    That’s the tragedy of racial hatred and sectarianism: each generation learns and re-applies the intolerance of the preceding one 🙁

  2. Richard Clinton,

    As you say sectarianism has been around for a very long time. There must a reason for such persistence. Could it be that strangers, interlopers, invaders, even colonisers, call them what you like, are generally distrusted if not outright disliked.

    Could it be that culture is the basic criteria that seperates ‘them and us’, whether it be religion based or not, even coutries with the same religion have cultural differences. Culture certainly seems to persist for many generations and also seems to travel quite well.

    Could a change of the culture of a country be seen as the ultimate victory over that country, and thus be seen, even subconciously, as a threat.

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