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nativitystory.jpgI’d just like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Saviour of Mankind.

Whatever you’re doing, I wish everyone all the best. I think we can all be thankful that we’re not bedding down at Heathrow after a bit of fog the other night.

Being a traditionalist, I’m having a Great British Christmas – feet up, let the women do all the work and eat and drink constantly until I nod off in front of the tv. I hope yours will be as joyful.

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56 thoughts on “Happy Christmas To All

  1. Bah humbug 🙁

    No, of course not. Hope you have a great Christmas Pete – and even be a bit ‘new man’ and do the washing up after dinner !

    I hope everyone else here at ATW has an enjoyable Christmas too.

  2. Merry Christmas, Pete! Beautiful image.

    Now, get your feet off the couch and go take out the trash! 😉

  3. Have a Merry Christmas Pete and a prosperous and peaceful new year…and to all at ATW.

    "I think we can all be thankful that we’re not bedding down at Heathrow after a bit of fog the other night."

    …I flew via Heathrow earlier today and missed all that by a whisker…and our bags were even first out 🙂

  4. Frank

    That’s probably because they couldn’t wait to get you off the premises you argumentative old git !

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. Happy Winter holiday to all…[joking].

    A lovely Christmas and a peaceful & prosperous New Year to everyone.

    "I think we can all be thankful that we’re not bedding down at Heathrow after a bit of fog the other night."

    We should be thankful that we have a bed to sleep in at all. Y’know, goodwill to human kind and all that. There are people in the wprld and, for sure, in all of the cities and towns which we all inhabit who don’t have the luxury of a bed to sleep in never mind sit in front of a computer screen this Christmas Eve.

    Let us always remember the true message of Christmas.

    Peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

  6. Frank: The real question is what time are Monica and Troll expecting you? It takes a while for Troll to drive the family tank from the compound to the Philly airport to pick you up.

  7. Frank , daytripper and our resident ecofanatic Peter, 3 wise men turning up to make Monica and Troll’s Christmas perfect 🙂

  8. That works well Colm. And judging by Pete Moore’s view of women, he could complete the ATW Manger as the virgin.

  9. Aileen

    The new twins are taking it in turn to be the baby in Mahons fantasy nativity scene.

    Pete Moore as a virgin Mary ? – mahons you must be well onto the Christmas booze by now !

  10. Happy Christmas to all my subjects at home and abroad

    Martin Rex Hibernia

    going on the p~~,Sorry going socialising

    Aileen your in charge

  11. Aileen

    You wicked woman. You expect me to answer that. On a day when eweryone has been posting such joyful wishes to each other.

    It’s Christmas Day so I want to be the first to wish everyone on ATW


  12. Sorry Martin , you posted at 11.57pm. I was the first to post a Chritsmas greeting on Christmas day itself.

    I’m nothing if not competitive 🙂

  13. Colm–By Grenwitch time–your 3 mins ahead—my post of 11.57 was available for viewing by you at 12.01—whereas yours would only have been available to the public at 12.02—i win by a minute

  14. No sorry Martin I can’t allow that. The time displayed is the time correctly noted according to the International Blogging comments Commitee. I am the winner You will not be snatching my gold medal off me… but I hope it doesn’t ruin your Christmas 🙂

    Ps – Where in the world is 3 minutes behind Greenwich Mean Time ? ( and don’t answer , a council estate in Hackney )

  15. -title of thread is HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL—you said Merry–your comment should be discounted for lack of relevancy to the topic under discussion

  16. Lord bless us not an hour into Christmas Day and the bloody men are getting arguing over nothing already *rolls eyes*


    Martim My Leige where have you been hiding.?

    I can’t be in charge, I’m off to bed before I bump into Santa 😉

  17. Martin

    The word happy is a politically correct attempt to downplay the use of the word merry, which is only ever used at Christmas. I refuse to bow down to such indoctrination, so I say to one and all , don’t you dare be happy, be MERRY MERRY MERRY !

  18. merry–is incitment to displays of public drunkeness and debautchery and corrupton of the young—Happy is in

  19. Aileen: I trust you are asleep now, no such luck here on the twin diaper and feeding patrol front. In fact my son reminded me in a profound way this evening that removal of the diaper must be quickly compensated with another, or one risks being struck by the powerful stream of one’s offspring.

    For a lad of ten days he managed to piss with the vigor of a coal miner on a Saturday night at the Pub on the day his horse finally won.

    Needless to say, I will be quicker on the draw next changing (in two minutes time I am sure).

    A Merry Christmas to all (still Christmas Eve here) and to all a good night!

  20. It will soon be the New Year of 2008. In 2007, a watershed was reached in Britain’s general economic situation and it’s not a good one. I saw a report in The Times last Friday that the UK’s quarterly balance of trade deficit exceeded £20 billion. The reason why it was so was not simply that we imported more goods and services than we exported but is much more worrying.
    Under Gordon Brown, the UK has been running huge and systemic deficits in trade which means that the banks of foreign countries are loaded with sterling, if they accept sterling. The companies and people overseas are not using these sterling accounts to buy British products: they are using them to buy Britain. When an investment is made by foreigners into this country, the profits made in this country are re-patriated to the foreigner’s country in exactly the same manner as Britsh investments overseas earn income and foreign exchange for Britain. What has now happened is that the money earned in Britain by foreign investments which is re-patriated to foreign countries now exceeds the amount which British foreign investments earn the country.
    Such a situation shall cause a rapid decline in the value of sterling and normally it would self-correct because products from this country’s industry would become cheaper to foreign markets and exports would increase more or less correspondingly to the decline in sterling. Today, there will be no increase in production because the UK doesn’t have the industry to take advantage of lower exchange rates. It is a dreadful situation for our economy and the man responsible is now in No. 10.

  21. Allan, Merry Christmas to you! Have a glass of something nice and let the world go for a day.

    Get out of the stock market, buy gold, kiss your wife and hug your children. Life is good.

  22. Allan: we want you to have a wine, not a whine! It is Christmas for Christ’s sake. Find one of those Scandanavian Women there in Oslo with the wreath of candles on her head and enjoy. Just don’t get burned.

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