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The Ulster Unionist Party is the gift that keeps on giving! Get this nonsense;

ULSTER Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt is to meet one of his councillors who compared homosexuality to “a disease”. Magherafelt UUP councillor Jackie Crawford made the comment after a council meeting on Tuesday night where two DUP councillors strongly condemned homosexuality, describing it as “an abomination”. The meeting was discussing a Sinn Fein motion calling for gay marriage, which was passed by 10 votes to five. It was supported by nationalists but opposed by unionists. Cllr Crawford told the Irish News after the event: “I’m not against gays, it’s a pity for them. “It’s a pity they have that disease and they can’t help it. It’s the same as you being born with a disability. They can’t help what they are. “I know gay people and they are nice people and not bad people but they should not be getting married.”

Right, let’s sort it out, shall we?

First off, is gay marriage the pressing issue for this Council? Really? I would have though lack of jobs, a run down town centre and high rates would have registered before “gay marriage”. The utter banality of local Government.

Second, homosexuality is patently NOT a disease. The Councillor concerned chose his words badly but then again he is a Councillor so perhaps that explains it!

Third, what about the DUP Councillors who reckon gayness “an abomination”? No media focus on them.  Oh my, our Pravda media playing up to Peter and Marty, again?

Lastly, I notice this was a Sinn Fein motion. Once again we witness THEIR total detachment from reality and their self serving selection of topics to pursue even as the country goes down the drain!

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  1. “The Councillor concerned chose his words badly”

    David – this isn’t some slip of the tongue. The councillor said exactly what they meant to say. Cllr Crawford said it’s a disease and compared being gay to having a disability. This isn’t someone mis-speaking. It’s someone being an uninformed moron.

    I do note however that in your post you find time to take a kick at the Council in general for even discussing gay marriage and the DUP and Sinn Fein in particular and yet completely fail to offer any criticism of Cllr Crawford over an above ‘he Councillor concerned chose his words badly but then again he is a Councillor’.

    Your criticisms of those who advocate and campaign for gay rights would perhaps hold a little more water if when – in posts like this – you didn’t betray your own prejudices and focused on the substance of the story.

  2. Way to engage with the substance of what I said there David. Of course the Cllr should be free to say it. And all sane right thinking people everywhere should be free to respond by saying that the Cllr is a bit of a space cadet. A moron.

    However, my point wasn’t actually on the case for/against gay marriage but rather on how on a story where an elected official from the UPP comes out with some bronze age garbage you utter fail to offer any admonishment whatsoever – yet find time to criticise both the DUP and Sinn Fein in the post. I’m saying I find this odd and think it undermines your position when you come to criticise those who are strong advocates for gay rights.

  3. Calling someone “a moron” is engaging on substance? Really?

    I am not here to “admonish” but I believe I made several points.

    1. The UUP is a farce

    2. Why were DUP Councillor comments not given the same treatment?

    3. I am bored senseless with gay rights fetishists. My right to say so.

  4. David,

    “I am bored senseless with gay rights fetishists.”

    You’re bored with yourself? 😉

    I get that way myself betimes. Do what I do. Take a walk in nature and/or read an improving book.

  5. two DUP councillors strongly condemned homosexuality, describing it as “an abomination”

    The same phrase was used by Iris Robinson on her interview on the Nolan show a few years ago. At the same time that she was having a fling with her toy-boy.

  6. Colm

    Someone will no doubt be digging arround.

    Iris never claimed that adultery was an abomination. I can understand the glee that many homosexuals experienced when her scandal broke but the better scandal with relevance to her pronouncements would have been if she had had a toy girl rather than toy boy and even then, that she didn’t want to undergo the therapy she advocates to turn gays straight.

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