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Less than the awful truth; unfortunately!

By Mike Cunningham On August 19th, 2012

The scene is the London home of Tony Blair, guarded of course by armed police officers, with a full ‘security’ team monitoring all visitors.

A man then approaches the front door, dressed in a T-shirt bearin g the words ‘Foundation for the Glorification of Tony Blair’, saying he has come to do the initial measurements for the new ‘Stained Glass Window’ which the Foundation is presenting to the ex-Prime Minister, After a few words with the copper on the front door, he is allowed in, and proceeds to measure for the afore-mentioned window (pictured below). He also mentions to one of the police guards that the ‘Foundation’ is actually in touch with the Vatican to have the Blessed Tony made into a saint, presumably before he dies.

The actual programme is called ‘The Revolution will be Televised’ and features similar stunts with George Osborne, Philip Green (TopShop) and Boris Johnson.

Apart from finding the whole idea quite funny, I have however one query, and one comment:

Why are Metropolitan Police Offcers delegated to the protection of a multi-millionaire ex-politician?; and:-

Tony’s hands are not spread out in a blessing, but are in fact begging for lots more cash so Cherie can add to her shoe collection.



Courtesy of the PayWalled Sunday Times


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