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Wonder what you make of this one?

A student facing attempted murder charges over an alleged machete attack can get rid of his “embarrassing” electronic tag for returning to university, a High Court judge has ruled.

Lord Justice Coghlin granted Connor Maskey’s request to have the monitoring device removed from his ankle, but stressed that police must accept responsibility for any consequences.

The 20-year-old, of Bingnian Drive, Belfast, made the application to vary his bail terms as he was embarrassed by wearing the tag, a prosecution barrister said. He is charged with two counts of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in connection with an alleged attack on a father and son in the city. Prosecution counsel Conor Maguire told the court yesterday that police accepted removal of the device would help the accused at university.

I would have thought that attempted murder charges would have inured the gentleman concerned of residual embarrassment but clearly the Judge knows better!

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  1. It is a slightly misleading news article in that the defendant in question did not actually use a machete. It was his accomplice that did so. The general point of the post is valid in that even if hadn’t used a machete he was still a person charged with the attempted murder of two people and so shouldn’t have his bail conditions changed simply because he feels embarrassed by them.

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