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The problem with the Church of England is that it is inherently degenerate;

A suggsested sermon produced by the Church of England for clerics attempting to tackle the stigma of mental health pulls no punches. Written by the Rev Eva McIntyre on behalf of the Church’s Archbishops’ Council and the Time to Change mental health campaign, it suggests John the Baptist, St Paul, St Francis and other figures from the Bible may all have been mentally ill. It even asks followers to consider accusations made in the New Testament that Jesus “had lost his mind”.

Unbelievable.  It is the COE which has not just lost its mind but also its soul.  To suggest Jesus Christ was mentally disturbed is a shocker even by Anglican standards in 2012.

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  1. Considering that every single individual has a unique mental/psychological identity, could it not be said that in some respects every human being that has existed is mentally ‘disturbed’ in some way.

  2. The C.o.E., tainted by the cancer of politics and celebrity, they have finally lost their sense of purpose, or their reason for being, – they have lost the plot.

  3. Oh dear. Diagnosing mental illness on the basis of ancient texts of dubious provenance is akin to predicting a tsunami using astrological charts.

  4. As we currently attend our village CofE church I can confirm that bureaucracy is alive and flourishing within this dying institution, and even doing nothing has to be officially sanctioned!
    I now wind up the clock, spray the weeds and attend periodic deanery diocesan meetings.
    Do not ask me to explain that last one, I don’t understand it myself, except that it is some sort of area talking shop.
    However, our vicar is what I define as a Christian, and the congregation is a mixture of Churchians and Christians. I accept all the flouncy stuff and the liturgy, I question and confront, but as long as the hearts are in the right place and God is in the centre, it doesn’t matter too much.
    Unfortunately, in its efforts to be “trendy and inclusive” the CofE has adopted what might be called the “Colm School of Theology”.
    Relentlessly up to date. Constantly changing its values to reflect current trends, forgiving to the point of grovelling, and totally non judgemental.
    This lady’s pronouncement is one of the fruits of this new thinking. 🙂

  5. “forgiving to the point of grovelling, and totally non judgemental.”

    You meaning turning the other cheek and judging not lest ye be judged and all that kind of thing?

    Wonder where they got that idea!

  6. Frank,
    Nice try, but as even you might agree, a set of values (or in your case a set of convolutionary hypotheses) can only be bent so far before they become utterly meaningless.. 😉

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