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Interesting take here from the Ecuador President and defender of Saint Julia of Assange on the topic of rape.

The president of Ecuador has dismissed the allegations against Julian Assange by claiming that a man who shares a bed with a woman cannot be accused of rape.  Rafael Correa said the accusations would not be considered crimes in ’90 to 95 per cent of the planet’ and questioned the behaviour and motives of the alleged victims. The WikiLeaks founder was granted asylum by Ecuador 11 days ago after fleeing to its embassy in West London.

Really?  It’s interesting to follow the outlandish witterings of Assange’s supporters.  George Galloway reckons it was no more than “bad sexual etiquette” and now Correa reckons “90 to 95%” of the planet is OK with forced sex.

To be fair to Assange he has done us ALL  a favour by exposing how some on the Left view the crime of RAPE.

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5 thoughts on “ECUADORIAN VALUES

  1. It is embarrassing to see these supporters of Assange who think that just because they may approve of his wikileaks political work they must also then defend his controversial private sexual behaviour. Whether he behaved criminally towards the women he was involved with is for the courts to decide and should be treated seperately from any political sympathies individuals may have towards him.

  2. “To be fair to Assange he has done us ALL a favour by exposing how some on the Left view the crime of RAPE.”

    Give your high horse’s legs a rest, David. You know just as much as ‘the left’ about the veracity of the allegations – not much.

  3. EB,

    Well this guy is claiming that even if the allegations are true they’re not crimes.

  4. Mrs C and I toured Ecuador a couple of years back. It’s a truly messed-up society.

    The people are paranoid about crime, burglary especially. Every home, even the humblest of peasant dwelling, has fortifications—barred doors and windows—that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-security facility here. We saw young guys in uniform and armed with sub-machine guns standing guard outside corner shops and ice-cream parlours. I’m not making that up 🙁

    Their government is endemically corrupt. Anything Correa says should be taken with a pinch of chili pepper.

  5. RC

    Hey that aounds like an ideal society for some here!

    If everyone in Ecuador has guns, there must be zero crime there, according to the NRA arguments!

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