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In order to honour Neil Armstrong, I see that Obama has posted a picture of himself.

Then this…

“Obama is a literary construct. It’s as if Zelig jumped off the movie screen and took up residence in the Oval Office. He puts himself in the frame of historical events, even if he has only the smallest cameo. He let Democrats in Congress construct the stimulus package, as well as his signature legislation, Obamacare. He comes on the scene just in time for the photo-op, after others have done the heavy lifting.  Neil Armstrong did the heavy lifting. Even a tribute to his death is just another photo-op for Obama. “

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32 thoughts on “PRESIDENT NARCISSUS..

  1. Well considering Neil Armstrong’s family asked everyone to think of Neil winking down when they look up at the smiling moon, I think it’s quite an appropriate way of reflecting the achievement and memory of the man. A nice tribute from the President.

  2. In terms of personal dignity, Armstrong is everything that Obama is not.

    With Armstrong, it was all about the mission. With Obama, its all about him. Really and truly ” all about him “. It’s quite amazing to watch.

  3. Nonsense Phantom – It is one single and perfectly appropriate image. Obama is not claiming anything for himself with it. You are engaging in as ludicrous and paranoid a reaction as the Breitbart website crowd. There may well be lots of politically important things to criticise Obama for, but to call him out on this is petty and stupid. In fact it’s the Breitbart brigade who are demeaning the dignity of Armstrong by using this harmless image to further their anti-Obama message and you should not be jumping on that bandwagon.

  4. This isn’t one image.

    It is the entire idolatry of Obama that has existed since he started his campaign for president. The Greek columns, all of it. You don’t see it because you don’t want to see it.

    Even Clinton and Reagan, who did not lack for self esteem, didn’t do this stuff to this extent.

  5. The ‘ears’ certainly have it!

    I have heard that when he plays golf, all the rabbits bow in respect, and the caddies nudge each other and mutter, ‘ear he comes!’

  6. Phantom

    It is not true that I ‘don’t want to see it’. I am no particular fan of Obama – I am in all honesty neither impressed or appalled by his Presidency and have no reason to defend him. I neither think he is a monster or a messiah, but I recognise the difference between a proper critique of him and this sort of pettiness.

  7. Can anyone imagine the reaction if any European leader posted such a self worshipful image? They’d run him / her out of town on a rail.

  8. Colm

    I’ve tried to be fair to Obama, and don’t follow the lockstep criticism that half the people here employ. I’ve praised him for TARP, the OBL hit, etc.

    But this is personal aggrandizement is a bit much. It is part of a trend that started four or five years ago.

    A truly great leader – an FDR, Lincoln, Washington, a Churchill – would never do this, and would be angry if someone else tried to do it. And this guy is not fit to shine their shoes.

  9. How is it self worshiping ? He is looking up at the moon. The moon is not looking up at him 😉

  10. But in all seriousness Phantom, I don’t get how this is a narcissistic image. He is showing himself as an ordinary person looking up at the moon – a way of demonstrating the great achievement that a human being walked on that place. In fact I think if millions of people posted images of themselves looking up at the location where Neil Armstrong stood on behalf of the whole planet, it would be a simply but easily arranged way of individuals around the world paying tribute.

    For pity’s sake it’s not as if Obama is posing in a spacesuit or has photoshopped himself stepping onto a moon crater !

  11. It is a campaign website. Anyone who thinks Obama personally posted that image is naive.

    And why did the Breitbart people feel the need to edit the image?

  12. No one said that he created it or that he posted it.

    But he is responsible for his own campaign.

    Ever hear of ” the buck stops here “?

  13. I believe that this one time, Barry Oblimey, has got this one right … for he sure lives on another planet 😉

  14. A fair criticism of Obama. While I doubt he himself posts photos on tumblr, he certainly is responsible for what goes up.

  15. Breitbart didn’t edit the image, and the image was first used by the Obama Campaign 4 months ago.

    The thing was just a construct by his campaign people. Pure pap.

    The truth is Obama had no public comment About Armstrong, why would he? I’m sure at the news of his passing someone had to remind him who Armstrong was. This is the man that Literally cut all funding of NASA and told them they are now a Muslim outreach program.

  16. Troll,

    Obama did make a public statement about Armstrong.

    This picture has nothing to do with Armstrong. It’s a shot of Obama looking at the conjunction of Venus and the Moon last April. Venus was cropped out of the picture so it would better support the lie.

    I wonder is anyone keeping track of the brazen lies about Obama peddled on the Internet.

  17. yes the brazen lies about Obama, who paid for his prep school the most prestigious in Hawaii, who paid for him to go to Occidental? Who paid for Oxford and Harvard?

    When did he stop using cocaine and marijuana ? Why has he refused to release his medical and college records.

    The list of things that have not been discussed about Obama could fill volumes on this site. From his childhood communist mentors to the good Reverend Wright.

    Playing this poor poor me card with Obama might fly with your little circle in your little corner but it has long been lost over here.

    Gas is $4 a gallon, there are over 20 million people collecting unemployment, another 20 million that had been on unemployment so long they can’t collect anymore and are ether on welfare or working for minimum wage. There are 79 Million people on food stamps. We have to hitch a ride from the Russians to get to the space station.

    Oh poor Barry Satora we just don’t see his vision and the true gift he has been to the US.

    Barack Obama was one of the best things to happen, the true culmination of the leftist communist dream. and the largest failure of a presidency in history.

    The backlash is going to be joyous.

  18. Troll, your writing has improved very much in my absence. What happened?

    //Gas is $4 a gallon //..

    .. you complain, and still you call for the one action in the Middle East that, whatever about its outcome, will at least definitely lead to a sharp rise in fuel prices everywhere in the world.

    By the way, the minute when the stopped clock is finally right may be nigh. Israel might well attack Iran before the US Pres. election.

  19. Troll – your post at 12.31 is a bit dissenting for one of the pillars of the Establishment’s narrative. Next thing you’ll be questioning is the birth certificate:

  20. no only an american born idiot could fail so vastly.

    Phantom yes the price of gas is the cheapest it’s been in a 100yrs, production has never been higher. Employment is at 100% and the Jets will win the Superbowl this year….. At times I wonder how you function in life, but then I remember where you live and were raised.

    We don’t need a single drop of oil from the Middle East keep that in mind when you discuss war in that area.

  21. yes yes there are statements, my point is Armstrong was not a hero of Obama’s

    I guarantee no tears were shed, no feeling of loss passed through our fearless leader at his passing. To him it was just another famous death that the machine had an obligation to comment on.

  22. Troll

    I give you objective data from a completely apolitical source

    What you do with it is up to you

  23. The left wing of the Democrat Party has always been opposed to the space program

    They think that all those research money should be redistributed into welfare checks.

  24. quote Walter Mondale on the space program

    Phantom you quote the numbers any way you want, you believe what ever you want. I know I’m not going to change your view. I don’t need to.

    The question is how is the situation viewed by the majority of Americans. On a lot of points of view you are very akin to Alan, Pete, and any other Paulbot….

    These things are true, the numbers say this, etc etc. Yet where is Paul? a 30 year career politician that has achieved 2 bills in his entire career. Thank god he is finally retiring.

    You can’t spout all the figures you want, then the reality of the suffering that you don’t feel, and for the most part don’t even acknowledge is what the election turnout will hinge on.

    Just like the Paulbots can’t accept that he is not accepted neither is your view.

    Gas is too high, and too many people are out of work. Those are the reasons that Obama will lose.

    It never mattered who won the nomination, the country has witnessed the fruition of the marxist lefts dream… and no one wants to go there

  25. The price of gas during Obama’s administration has been roughly the same as it has been during the last four years of the GW Bush regime

    You and Sean Hannitty and the rest of the Foxbots need to realize that.

    That’s all I’m saying.

    ( btw US gas is dirt cheap still by world standards. Stop complaining )

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