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The RNC just threw out all the delegates of Main and half the delegates from Texas. In a voice yay or nay vote it was obvious that this position of the RNC was NOT accepted by the delegates. The NAYs held the floor yet The Committee Chairman on the dais declared them passed.

The establishment inside the Beltway Republicans just started a grassroots war that they will lose. The party will unite only to vote against Obama in November, but the RNC just started a funding and candidate war in the majority of the states.

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113 thoughts on “The RNC starts an an internal war

  1. “The establishment inside the Beltway Republicans just started a grassroots war that they will lose.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Yeah, Ron Paul supporters and delegates have seen how completely corrupt the GOP is, day after day, for the last 12 months. Rigged polls, dumped ballots, ghost votes, ignored rules, cheated delegates – the GOP does it all.


  2. I believe that you refer to ouster of Paulie delegates from Maine. So you here are making a Paulie argument.

    Paul got fewer votes from the public but the Paul guys gamed the system to get a plurality of delegates there.

    One more reason why caucuses or stupid – they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the public, or even those stupid enough to show up for the caucus itself.

  3. Colm

    Its all inside baseball. Not interesting and not relevant.Any subject is more interesting than this.

  4. the party establishment just threw the paulbots out of the convention. If Pete the idiot would open his eyes he would realize that at least half the convention members stood up against this. In support not of just of the Paulbots but of each state to pick it’s own delegates.

    The rule changes say that if the party don’t like your states delegate selection they reserve the right to change them.

    What they did was just declare war on all grassroots candidates that aren’t backed by the Beltway insiders. Over a third of the candidates that took seats last election were NOT party endorsed.

  5. Or maybe they took the stand of letting the voters decide.

    The Paulbots hijacked the Maine vote against the wishes of most of those who voted.

    The wishes of the Maine voters were just respected – the hijackers have been thrown out. It’s a good thing.

  6. There is the reason in a nutshell why Phantom is “BUBBLE BOY” First thing he does is dismiss an entire state “oh it’s just maine” Fuck those people right Phantom? Their not from NY, DC, LA. or some other liberal wacko mass population center. Those people don’t count.

    Yeah it’s not interesting that a persons vote doesn’t count if the party decides otherwise.

    You disgust me, I can’t stand the paulbots but they have their rights, not according to you though.

    Fing commie

  7. Hey moron

    The majority of Maine voters voted against Ron Paul.

    It is you who disrespect their wishes and who stand with the hijackers.

    The Paulies did not honestly win those votes.

  8. Don’t try to cover your tracks, you said Maine don’t even count as a state.

    They followed the state rules what they did was not representative but they followed the rules. It’s a state problem not the place of some DC insider or NYr to decide.

  9. Don’t try to cover your tracks, you said Maine don’t even count as a state.

    When did I say this? How many Oxycontins did you take today?

  10. get off your bar stool ya drunk

    Phantom, on August 28th, 2012 at 8:44 pm Said: Edit Comment
    ” Maine ”
    C’mon. It’s a goddamned state!

  11. You misspelled the word ” Maine ”

    Remember the Maine. It’s a really easy word to spell, Troll.

  12. M – A – I – N – E

    That’s all. Just five little letters.

    Three vowels and two consonants.

    You can do it!!

  13. Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820.

    Now, Massachusetts, that’s one hard word to spell. I’d never criticize you for getting that one wrong.

    Cheers, gotta go.

  14. Calm down you two. Surely this is just a minor conference spat. It’s hardly the ‘Maine’ event 😉

  15. Phantom –

    Maine is a caucus. The rules say the votes the don’t count, it’s who gets the delegates that counts.

    Ron Paul used the GOP’s own rules in Maine, which were written to disadvantage Ron Paul specifically, against the party itself, and he and fairly won the delegates.

    All in all it’s a good thing that many GOP drones are now seeing just how corrupt the GOP is.

  16. oh excuse me I forgot the great NY bubble boy who voted for Obama who could care less about state rights or rules Does however care that even though those rights mean nothing they better be spelled correctly.

    Phantom face it you don’t even understand what they did.

  17. The RNC has dispatched the hijackers with extreme disdain, which is a most hopeful sign.

    Justice reigns and the will of the Maine voters has prevailed.

    What’s not to like?

  18. Pete your an ass with icing on it first off your not an American so your opinion and support of paul means the same thing “nothing”

    You want to call drones those of us that work for the process of how our politicians are elected, well go screw yourself you little limey.

    When was the last campaign that you went out and rang doorbells for? Have you even gone out in support of our host?

    I work the polls, I ring bells both on foot and on the phone. We work to keep these things honest. What do you do?

    Call people drones while sit at home and play with yourself?

  19. no Phantom Like it or not the Paulbots played by the rules of that state. They earned those delegates by THE LAWS of that STATE.

    Did I like what they did NO I even did a post against it on here when they did it, but that being said they were the legal delegates, DC insiders just violated state LAW

    That is what’s important

  20. I have supreme disrespect for the process of caucuses.

    These are weird, arcane processes that working people have no time for.

    They are ripe for the type of abuse that happened here – before the RNC imposed law and order.

    It’s good.

  21. who the hell are you to dictate how a state should run it’s process?

    who the hell is the RNC to make that dictation?

    Whether you like it, John Sununu Like it or I like it don’t mean shit.

    Those are the laws of that state, and “Maine” did nothing to change those laws

  22. the Republican Establishment just made the party take two steps backward from reestablishing a constitutional government.

    The past 100 years has pushed us away from the basic tenants of the Constitution. In the past 3 years there has been a push to reestablish constitutional rules. The National committee just seized control of the state apparatus. It is the states that elect delegates, NOT ANYMORE

    You really don’t understand what they did.

  23. Doesn’t matter if you have supreme disrespect for the caucus system, Phantom. Individual states are allowed to decide how their delegates are selected and the RNC decided they didn’t care for the lawful, rule-abiding results of several states who didn’t fall into the Romney fold.

    Dislike Ron Paul all you want, but if you can pull off your blinders for a moment, try to see the bigger picture around these rule changes and how they will affect nominee selection in the future.

    It is insider political baseball, but it’s also vitally important important because this is one of our two national parties, the party who loudly stresses State’s Rights and here they are disenfranchising their own party’s electors.

    The RNC/GOP is seeking to dictate who the nominee will be from now on – not the voters or their duly selected state delegates.

    The NYT has a solid piece on the far-reaching rule changes (Troll left out much) and what they mean. Michelle Malkin has also done a decent job of giving a fair picture (I know, amazing) of the issue. I leave you to google up the links.

    Excuse any typos/elipses -my nails are too long for decent typing.

  24. Colm: here’s a good description of what’s going down:

    “Essentially, the establishment Republicans, the RNC, the GOP, the Romney campaign, want to change the rules of delegate selection. They want the presidential nominee in future years to be able to choose the actual delegates to the convention so that he owns them, so they do what he wants. And what it really is is an effort to eliminate grassroots people from the Republican convention. That’s really what this is all about. What that means is that the party has decided it doesn’t want to have to put up with a bunch of conservatives showing up, affecting the platform and all the other things that happen at the convention, including influencing the party. ”

    ..the beltway elite took a unified convention and they are tearing the unity apart because they value personal power more than they value victory in 2012 – they think waiting 4 more years to the next cycle is worth booting out the libertarians and the grassroot conservatives….

    (quote from Rush Limbaugh site)

  25. This is not a new fight, btw.

    Phantom: laughable that you characterize the Ron Paul Maine group with the word “hijack” – if anyone is “hijacking,” it’s the Washington inside the beltway crowd

  26. To the extent that it thwarts hijackers, such as what did happen here, it’s good.

    The Ron Paul campaign has one of the most bizarre strategies in the history of US politics. They’ve achieved nearly zero traction in the larger public, and they have sought to use and abuse the caucus process for reasons known best to their psychiatrists.

    The RNC / DNC should never be in a position to dictate the nominee, but neither should determined minorities be in a position to abuse a process, and to thwart the will of the people.

    Today’s action may feed into Paul’s sense of victimhood. So sad.

  27. Good job highlighting this story, Troll.

    It has major consequences. So….are you ready to join my disenchantment with the Republican party?

    If you’re interested, the rainmaker behind these manipulative rule changes is Benjamin Ginsberg. No surprise that he’s closely allied with the Romney campaign.

  28. Phantom, garnering 11% of the vote is a game changer in presidential elections.

    If Paul had run as an independent, we’d be looking at another rerun of the Perot/Clinton/ Bush election.

    P, I find your attitude towards Paul supporters obnoxious and disrespectful. He ran his race, his supporters played by the rules to gather delegates and now people like you are disenfranchising their fellow citizens and party members a legitimate voice at the party convention.

    As a Paul supporter, I don’t feel at all victimized.

    I’m mad as hell that men like you can’t stand a bit of legitimate dissent within your circle jerk of an ossified, hypocritical, corrupt political party.

  29. Ok thanks y’all – I am entertained and a little bit informed by what I have read, but what I don’t understand is that if Phantom is correct in that most of the Maine electors rejected Ron Paul why has he ended up with most of the delegates from that state, if I understand what has happened correctly ?

  30. Suprised at you, Phantom.

    Don’t know about Maine, but the way the convention ignored the votes for Ron Paul and didn’t even declare them from the chair was really dictatorial and probably has never been seen west of the Berlin Wall.

  31. Colm: Ron Paul supporters played by Maine caucus rules – they didn’t hijack anything.

    Phantom thinks the caucus rules are “arcane” etc. but the rules are the rules and the states have the right to make their own rules – the Republican National Committee and the Washington beltway elite hate the fact that they can’t control everything – but that’s their problem.

    In case you never noticed, Phantom has little respect for individual rights and/or decentralized states’ rights and he seems to crave top-down edicts and centralized power – small wonder he rejects Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement.

  32. Colm –

    Maine wasn’t an election, it was a caucus, which is really just a straw poll. Delegates are chosen by other ways and means.

  33. the way the rules in a caucus state work is first there is the vote ie: the caucus then there is a second part where party delegates from the individual counties then vote on who the delegates that go to the convention are.

    Depending on the state the county delegates don’t have to follow the majority of votes for their county they can vote their conscience.

    In maine all those county delegates were held by Paul supporters, they ignored the popular vote and voted their conscience.

    Such is the price of the average citizen who can’t be bothered by knowing the rules of their own state. I also point out that even after Paul pulled this stunt in several states, none of those states changed their laws to prevent it from happening again.

    Yet the National committee said OK your people in your state can now no longer pick your delegates because you didn’t change your laws to match what the party wants.

  34. This is quite funny. A couple of observers from the UK pointed out that the entire primary cycle of the GOP was corrupt and put on link after link to show it – but the US triad (Phantom, Troll, mahons) denied the evidence put before them. Now, it is seen that the overseas observers were and are correct with the result being that Troll objects but can’t believe that ‘they’ would do such a thing, whilst Phantom has no problem with it – the ‘it’ being corrupt demagoguery in the GOP and, by reasonable extension, the Dems. Surely nobody thinks that there’s a difference between the two?

  35. Daphne
    I will never abandon the party I have been a pariah for decades I will continue to be one and fight internally to metaphorically crush the skulls of the Ginsbergs that corrupt and undermine the GOP from with in.

  36. Allan your an idiot.

    I did posts on Pauls manipulation of the state laws and you giggled in delight that he manipulated the system.

    Paul is a KOOK, but he is a kook that followed the rules. I have never had a problem with the fact that he was smart enough to manipulate and use the caucus system exactly how it was designed.

    I do have a problem that kook or not he pulled those delegates fair and square, and they just broke the law to take them away.

    You and your ilk have always wanted to change the rules in your favor. I have always fought for the rules to be set on the state level.

    I don’t care who they favor as long as they are set by the state. and not any national cabal

  37. As much as I admire your spirit Troll, I’m pretty sure you’re on the losing end of this particular bought and paid for elitist stick.

  38. could be, but I’m one of those internal voices that as much as they would like to they can’t shut me up.

    I’ve never held a job that has depended on political favor, yet I have worked inside the party as a committeeman, a poll-watcher, a judge of elections, and a ground organizer since I was 10. I literally know every party insider in my state.

    You think I’m hard here? imagine me face to face on my home ground.

  39. Daphne

    I disowned the Republican Party, publicly, some time ago.

    And Ron Paul like the Tea Party that in his Al Gore moments he thinks he invented, is not the beginning of anything. His strange movement such as it is, is more the end of something – a harkening to a real and imagined distant past.

  40. Phantom you might and I do say might have voted republican once or twice in your life, but you were never a party member.

    Paul has been a lunatic fringe for decades, he ran against reagan for christ sake, he has nothing to do with the tea party.

    His only connection to it is in his and his bots minds. The tea party swept the 2010 elections with the largest turnout ever in an off year election. If the they were behind Paul he would be the unquestioned nominee. He is not. That is your proof.

  41. I was a party member for years. I ” evolved ” from registered Democrat for 4 years, to registered Republican for a lot longer than that, to someone who is beholden to neither.

    I still get the fund raising appeals all the time. They go into the recycling, unopened.

    I expect to never contribute to any candidate again.

  42. the danger and the war that the RNC started today was with what you call imaginary.

    Since Obama’s election a group of dedicated people emerged out of no where. Basically Republican in majority but by far more inclusive than any other party, they are grassroots fiscal conservatives.

    They are very organized, they will either take over the RNC or destroy it.

  43. Phantom, I think you fail to see the reasonable people like me who moved towards Paul in a desperate attempt to swing the GOP back towards some sense of fiscal, social and foreign policy normalcy.

    His movement appealed to a wide variety of younger voters disillusioned with both parties, but he also spoke to movement conservatives, Reagan republicans who’ve become appalled by the party’s hard drift into religious and foreign policy extremism.

    Those like me hoped to turn the sinking ship back toward shores of reasonable sanity, it’s unfortunate that you never understood our intent.

  44. Phantom being a “member” of a party is not just how the cattle is registered to vote.

    It means doing the nuts and bolts, a lot of things can be said about those that followed Ron Paul meerly just voting for him didn’t make you part of his group. He managed what he did in Main because his people got involved.

    That’s what being a member of a party or group means, not just the letter after your name on the voter roles

  45. D

    You are reasonable but Paul is not.

    Paul is a profoundly ignorant man who is the worst possible choice for any reasonable person.

    And Reagan was a huge proponent of military spending and force projection. Any so called Reagan Republican who casts his lot with a neoisolationist who on the floor of the House questioned our defense treaties is beyond clueless on defense and foreign affairs matters.

  46. Troll

    Very few people have the time or the inclination to become active bagmen and political hacks.

    Better to do anything else.

    I wouldn’t be too proud of that actuvity

  47. Ron Paul is an absolute wack job. Off he goes into the dustbin of history where racist lunatics belong. Mitt even agreed to have a tribute film for him (which I would title “Triumph of ILL”) and Paul hasn’t endorsed him. Whatever is wrong with the two main parties, and there is ample wrong, it isn’t cured by voting for a serial fibber like Paul whose policies would bring absolute ruin on the nation and the world.

    He is a fringe candidate not because people didn’t get know what he stands for, but because they did get to hear him out.

  48. Phantom, on August 29th, 2012 at 12:59 am Said: Edit Comment
    Very few people have the time or the inclination to become active bagmen and political hacks.
    Better to do anything else.
    I wouldn’t be too proud of that actuvity

    You’ve got a lot of gall

  49. Troll makes a fair point about Pete here. It’s easy to be an Internet Warrior; pontificating on this and that but never actually doing anything. Troll stomps the pavement and knocks on the doors: the hard graft.

    Despite our massive political differences I respect Troll because he is a doer.

  50. mahons

    Yes. We all know what Allan stands for, and who he supports.

    That too is a strand in Paul’s wretched tapestry.

    There should be a voice for a somewhat smaller govt, and for a smaller military and for a lighter footprint in the world. I could support such a candidate. But I could never support this man, this dog’s dinner of a movement that its own members don’t quite understand. Better a hundred Obamas than him.

  51. Troll serves those who despise him! have contempt for, his neighbors and who oppose his interests.

    Yes he’s a doer. He’s the best.

  52. You miss the point, Phantom.

    You’re entitled to think he’s misguided but at least he gets off his ass and campaigns for what he feels is the best candidate. As an activist myself, I know how much work election and other campains are. I raise my glass to the honest grafters and head for bed.

  53. Reagan was a huge proponent of military spending and force projection.

    He also ran out of Beruit as fast as he could and negotiated with Khomeni to release the hostages – Reagan was a commonsense, pragmatic realist.

    A far cry from the current neocon foreign policy gurus advocating for preemptive war and fantastic nation building as an expensive, trillion dollar solution to third world ills while scooping up scarce resources and billion dollar infrastructure contracts for key political donors like KBR.

  54. No I serve my country in it’s simplest form.

    Of the People, by the people, and for the people. You have no appreciation for the uniqueness of your own national heritage.

    You laugh at me because I participate in the most unique process and system to yet grace the planet. People literally risk their lives to come here. You scoff at my participation in what people actually have died across the world for dreaming about the opportunity to participate in their nations politics.

    I honestly Pity you.
    Your an embarrassment

  55. Ron Paul is not an “absolute whack job” nor is he a member of “the lunatic fringe” etc. He’s actually very intelligent and insightful and his domestic libertarian ideas have a large and growing following.

    I think he is off the rails when it comes to foreign policy but on domestic policy he has helped shape the debate in a very positive way.

  56. His domestic ideas include supporting the racist John Birch Society which had been kicked to the curb by real conservatives like William F. Buckley in the early 1960s.

  57. a toast returned to you Petr.

    No matter what you believe it takes work to achieve or maintain

  58. Reagan also invaded Grenada, funded the Contras, spent the USSR into bankruptcy and gave to the Islamic resistance to the Afghan govt. He was extremely interventionist. He wa a fevent supporter of NATO and of our Asian treaties. He has nearly nothing in common with Paul.

    The Paul movement cannot claim Reagan with a straight face. The thought is ridiculous.

  59. so the Lawyer compares the basics of the American political system to that of a cult religion.

    And you people don’t understand my contempt for NYrs look at what the two just said.

    If you follow the basic traditions that our nation was founded on your a fool, a bagman, or a cultist.

    and you think either of theses two ass clowns has a “read” on the American public…. LOL

  60. I don’t comprehend the curled lip contempt for Ron Paul anymore than I understand the vapid ABO support for Romney.

    There’s something seriously awry in American politics when zero deviation from party orthodoxy is the only acceptable means of political participation.

  61. From me, Paul gets no more contempt than did Palin, Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann. or the rest of the unqualified refugees fom the intellectual and ethical sewers and back alleys of the Republican Party.

    They’ve all been treated roughly. And rightly so.

  62. Daphne – there is no evidence for that.

    Troll – I compare your stupidity to unwelcome door knockers. LOL to your heart’s content, but you’ve demonstrated a failure of common sense, a manifest aversion to the truth and an inability to understand America 101.

    Now Romney’s wife is making me laugh.

  63. In the late 1960s, Buckley disagreed strenuously with segregationist George Wallace, who ran in Democratic primaries (1964 and 1972) and made an independent run for president in 1968. Buckley later said it was a mistake for National Review to have opposed the civil rights legislation of 1964–65. He later grew to admire Martin Luther King, Jr. and supported creation of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day national holiday for him.[56] During the 1950s, Buckley had worked to remove anti-Semitism from the conservative movement and barred holders of those views from working for National Review.[56]

    From wiki

    Next aargument pleez

  64. Christie speaking about how his father went to Rutgers (state university) thanks to the GI Bill (federally financed). Yeah for small government!!!

  65. Apart from the no govt sillies, who would oppose such a benefit to those who saved the country and the world?

    The GI Bill fits into a proper limited govt view

  66. One brick at a time.

    Reagan also invaded Grenada

    Seriously? Routing, at most, a hundred communist insurgents on a tiny island in a matter of days, that’s your equivalent to expensive, pointless neocon debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan?

    funded the Contras

    To his everlasting shame.

    spent the USSR into bankruptcy

    Yes he did, without ever committing this nation’s blood to wars that couldn’t be won.

    and gave to the Islamic resistance to the Afghan govt.

    That makes no sense, he only supported the Mujahideen in their fight against the USSR. He didn’t give a shit after the soviet union was defeated, leaving way for the Pakistani backed Taliban to take control and Al Queda to find refuge.

    He was extremely interventionist.

    No he wasn’t. Reagan parlayed a singular brand of practical policy positions which focused on defeating the USSR. He did not preemptively invade, practice at nation building or play upon the nation’s greatest fears to enrich private interests while bankrupting our coffers.

    He wa a fevent supporter of NATO and of our Asian treaties.

    You’re equating thirty years past with current events?

    He has nearly nothing in common with Paul.

    Ronald Reagan has way more in common with Ron Paul than that elitist, say-anything, corporate douchebag known as Mitt Romney.

  67. The JBS ought to be proud to have had William Buckley as an opponent:

    He admits that his opposition to Statism, eloquently expressed at the beginning, is merely romantic academicism. For Buckley favors: “the extensive and productive tax laws that are needed to support a vigorous anti-Communist foreign policy,” and by implication supports ECA aid and 50-billion dollar “defense” budgets. He declares that the “thus far invincible aggressiveness of the Soviet Union imminently threatens U.S. security,” and that therefore “we have got to accept Big Government for the duration–for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged…except through the instrumentality of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores.” Therefore, he concludes, we must all support “large armies and air forces, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards and the attendant centralization of power in Washington–even with Truman at the reins of it all.”


    He was always a totalitarian socialist at heart.

  68. Troll –

    “I will never abandon the party”

    The collective can be proud of this stakhanovite. With loyal followers like Troll, victory is assured for das partei.

    Forward as one Comrades!

  69. Petr Tarasov –

    “Troll makes a fair point about Pete here.”

    No he doesn’t. Troll is a socialist and collectivist. He is for die partei. He cannot possibly imagine how someone like me views the world.

    Even now, as he sees how unrelentingly corrupt the GOP stacks the pack, Troll thinks his efforts and votes count. I think that democracy is a false god and that electoral politics is injurious to civil society and liberty.

    Why would I work within a system I despise? Why would I adopt methods wholly controlled by the enemies of peace, free markets and society?

    The Trolls remind me of the mother in the film “Good Bye, Lenin”, who was such a believer that her children went to elaborate lengths to shield her from the news that the Berlin Wall had fallen GDR was no more. He’ll wake up one day and see that he was duped, that party politics is all about power and wealth for the Ruling Elite and that they despised him all along.

  70. The use of the terms socialist and collectivist here are without meaning.

    Troll believes in a level of taxation that supports the level of social safety nets that he thinks is appropriate. A position that is shared by maybe 99,9% of all people in all lands. Even Daphne and David here would comfortqbly fit into that category. We disagree as to the lecel of tax and The form of the nets, not whether they should exist. They will always exist, and they should always exist.

    Militant opponents of all tax and all govt service are the fringe element of a small minority. Meaningless.

    Where Troll loses the plot utterly is with the anger and paanoia and support of military solutions to all foreign policy issues

  71. Daphne

    Grenada didn’t give a base to those who staged deadly terrorist attacks on this country. If 9/11 had happened on Reagan’s watch you would have seen a very muscular response. It is impossible to state its exact form, but I am sure that there would have been a strong military component.

    Paul hated Reagan. He said that Reagan’s policies were ” disastrous “. Claiming that he is in any way following in Reagan’s footsteps is pure spin. Reagan largely saw the America and the world as it was. Paul lacks this gift.

  72. what an interesting display.

    Civic participation in getting out the vote is civics 101,

    Mahons if this wasn’t the internet and you were a person of any real character I would go after your license for liable, you continually accuse me of lying and you know that to be a false charge. Your like the small boy who can’t find the argument to support his argument so you break into cliche. “and so’s your dad”

    So not giving up ones beliefs and willing to work from inside the party I grew up in and whose core values I support makes me a nazi or some crazed commie for believing in military spending. Oh well your views does more to explain why your system is screwed up than mine.

    The two NYrs demonstrate why they could never be representative of average Americans. I freely admit that I am not average, I am an activist for my causes, but outside of NY, LA, and the wacko failed Democrat controlled sectors you’ll find that people believe quite differently then these two.

    The convention is under way and unlike the lockstep brain dead Democrats it was demonstrated the first day that the Republican party is filled with a variety of principled people. The followers of Ron Paul were abused by the process the response on principle has sparked outrage by the majority. It will be put aside until after the election.

    It will not distract from the removal of the infestation that now infect the halls of power.

    It will be a battle that will cost the RNC dearly after the election, it is a small thing called State Rights.

    The disdain shown for the american system by the two gentleman from NY is disgraceful and not representative of the majority of Americans. I would ask were either of you two ever boy scouts?

    Those outside the nation I don’t expect you to understand.

  73. Troll,
    you ain’t seen my latest “three months per life posting.
    Please check and comment.

  74. He’ll wake up one day and see that he was duped, that party politics is all about power and wealth for the Ruling Elite and that they despised him all along.

    Pete – I disagree. Troll won’t waken up. He won’t even notice that Benjamin Ginsberg, a fully-fledged zionist like Troll himself, dominates the Trolls of this world.

  75. “..you continually accuse me of lying and you know that to be a false charge.”

    Yes, he does know that he’s making it up out of thin air but name calling is really all he’s got, Troll. Feel sorry for him.

    He thinks if he throws the mud hard enough some will stick.

  76. Meanwhile on MSNBC, the campaign coverage cut away whenever there was a Republican minority speaking – Mia Love, Cruz, Artur Davis etc.

    MSNBC wants the “racist” mud to stick on the Republicans so they had to cut away at anything that didn’t fit their narrative.


  77. MSNBC is even worse than Fox in its relentless spin on behalf of the party it is attached to.

    Of course they do this.

  78. even worse than Fox?? hahaha!

    good try at making some equivalence between MSNBC – the White House propaganda arm – and Fox.

    there is no comparison in quality, judgement and of course, ratings.

    You can trash talk Fox but Fox is still a news station.

  79. There is no correlation between ratings and quality.

    McDonalds sells more meals than does Jean Georges. This does not make it a better restaurant.

  80. Phantom – Troll disagrees with Ron Paul and his supporters. Nonetheless, Troll believes that Ron Paul and his supporters who play by the rules have a right to be seen and heard at the GOP’s convention: you disagree with that.

  81. The Ron Paul operatives are the moral equivalent of the Goldman Sachs thugs.

    They both game the system for their own gain.

    The RNC did the right thing. Sorry you got your hands caught in the cookie jar.

  82. Well who would have thought an arcane rule change concerning the technical counting of party delegates from a nondescript little US state would spark such a heated and involved debate on a (nominally) British Blog.

    Ernest was right – You Americans really are OVERPAID, OVERSEXED, and certainly ALL OVER HERE 🙂

    But I like that !

  83. Fox is a propaganda station for the RNC. The Pravda to the old USSR.

    I can give many examples when say the NY Times published original reporting that exposed Democrat wrongdoing, or which embarassed them. I can not think of one case where Fox did any original reporting that made Republicans uncomfortable in any way.

    Their core audience is not exactly the best and brightest. They appeal to the pom pom boys in the base.

    Honest Republicans freely admit this.

  84. How can Fox still be a news station if they never were a news station?

    Even outside of the prime Hannitized hours, they still do nearly no original foreign reporting and precious little domestic reporting.

    Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are entirely in alliance with the RNC. They agree on all fundamental issues and coordinate their activities accordingly.

  85. The Fox news website isn’t too bad, by the station is just a headache of noise and garish loud colours and shouting. It’s like a child with an e numbers overdose and a box of crayons 😉

  86. Bill O’Reilly is probably the most ‘fair and balanced’ of them all, which is a frightening thought!

  87. The cut and paste needs to start working right or I need to edit better

    What I meant to link to was that O’Reilly supported a national health plan, with a public option.

    That was a very un-Fox like thing to say, and its only because he has huge ratings that he could get away with it there.

  88. Faux news can’t come to Canada…..we ahve rules against lying in news broadcasts

  89. EP

    But do you have rules against all the Boring stuff that probably dominates sleepy Canadian news channels 😉

  90. They’re in Canada now, EP. Freedom of speech and all that.

    Fox News Channel is currently offered by Access Communications, Bell TV, Cogeco, Eastlink, Manitoba Telecom Services, Rogers, SaskTel, Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct and Telus TV. A notable exception is Vidéotron, Canada’s third largest cable company, which has not added Fox News Channel to its lineup.

    ( from the great wiki )

  91. Colm

    Do you mean like economic responsability and good governance?!?


    Nope I am prairie man. Where the ground is flat and the women aint is where I am at

  92. EP

    All the Canadian women I have heard of have been flat chested, Alanis, Celine, Shania.. all flat chested (although I think Margaret Trudeau had a bit of a bust)

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