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I am not that interested in the Paralympic Games but I wanted to share a little story. In recent time, I am of swimming first thing EVERY morning. Yes, there is a new more healthy DV about! When I go into the pool, I notice a man in the small children’s pool area. Nothing odd about that, you think. The thing is – he has no legs.  Well, to be precise he just has two stumps.  Yet he does swim around a bit, gets himself unaided into and out of the pool and into his wheel chair, and  I find that inspirational.  It’s the fact that he is not letting the loss of his legs stop him doing something he wants. Maybe he has been told to go swimming as it may be good for him but either way I salute him, think it shows the human spirit at is best, and he sets a great example to other people with missing limbs.

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2 thoughts on “SUPERHUMANS

  1. Fair comment. I admire an equally determined blind lad who goes to my local pool. Little fuss from him. He takes the bare minimum of assistance to get his bearings then just gets on with it.

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