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The NHS is SUCH a wonderful organisation. The world is envious of it and remember it is FREE!  So goes the dreary propaganda line day in day out.  However, back in the reality based community…

Family doctors are being told to try to talk women out of having Caesareans and very strong painkillers during birth to save the NHS money. New guidelines drawn up for GPs urge them to encourage women to have natural labours with as little medical help as possible. They also remind doctors to tell women to consider having their babies outside hospital in midwife-run units or in their own homes.

Now then, this is really one for the WOMEN of ATW but how do you feel about being told to forget about Caesareans and pain killers and just pull up a comfy cushion in the Living room and wait for the agonies to pass? I think this demonstrates the hateful mindset of the NHS bureaucracy, that VAST neo-Stalinist monstrosity.

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One thought on “ENVY OF THE WORLD…

  1. Changing times merit changing solutions.
    At one point, mums to be were being encouraged by the NHS to go for caesarians as the “easy option”.
    But as the cost of transforming Britain into a third world free and prosperous, scientifically and educationally advanced, multicultural society starts to bite; more cultural and historical methods of childbirth are being considered.
    For example, it may not be long before British women are being encouraged to journey deep into the New Forest.
    Find a suitably stout Natal Oak or other native species tree, and grasp a branch in both hands whilst resting her feet on terra firma.
    Richly smeared in woad and er, other natural substances, whilst smoking an acorn and toadstool tobacco pipe, she can begin the birth process.

    To the strains of haunting dirges hummed by the massed voices of a Neo Druid choir, she will give birth to a healthy bouncing hybrid… 🙂

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