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See the Health Nazis are out in force from today in the people’s socialist Republic of Northern Ireland;

A new complaints process to combat excessively cheap drink promotions in pubs and clubs in Northern Ireland comes into force this weekend. The industry code to monitor the responsible sale of alcohol has been drawn up amid growing concern about binge drinking, particularly among young people. One factor consistently linked to the social and health problem is the ready availability of low-cost drinks in licensed premises.

“Combat excessively cheap drinks promotions”?? REALLY.  The war on cheap booze continues as the killjoys out there exercise their bureaucratic muscle care of the Stormont Diktat. Naturally there is a NEW QUANGO, generously recompensed, to police this exercise in small mindedness. If Publicans want to see cheap drink, what is the problem? This is uber-patronising in this small minded country.  It’s enough to make you drink more!

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