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Read Mitt Romney’s speech at GOP Florida convention and thought it was really good!

“Mr Romney vowed to create 12 million American jobs over the next four years and turn around an economy saddled with an 8.3% unemployment rate. He also pledged to make the US energy independent by 2020, cut the national deficit and negotiate new trade agreements. “I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began his presidency with an apology tour,” he said. He accused the president of having “thrown allies like Israel under the bus”, while being too lenient with Iran. “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty and Mr Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone,” Mr Romney said.

Excellent stuff.  Americans do have a choice. They can choose four more years of decline and debt and humiliation (as the media hopes for) OR they can try some real hope and change. Naturally this is all about rhetoric, and life is very different but to be fair to Romney he does seem to “get” the right sort of priorities and with Dirty Harry backing him, isn’t it to time to “make my day” and kick Obama OUT of power?


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19 thoughts on “ROMNEY SPEAKS WELL!

  1. If Romney wins, by 2016 government spending, the deficit and the debt will all be higher than now.

    I still offer a $50* wager to any Republican who disagrees.

    *Granted, given Romney’s backing of the Federal Reserve, 50 bucks won’t buy as much then as now.

  2. //OR they can try some real hope and change//

    R just promised, and didnt say how he’s going to accomplish any of it because he doesn’t know how.

  3. The difference between being an American and anything else is reflected by the two comments above.

    Nay say all you want, but you watch us run!

  4. I run from nothing.

    But I don’t suffer fools either. Tell me Pete was there a surplus when Clinton left office?

    The answer of course is NO, yet that is the rhetoric. How does one measure the health of a nations economy?

    I’ll bet you that unemployment, real unemployment the U6 number will be at 5%, I’ll bet the debt ratio to GDP will be back under 20%, and I’ll bet you that our oil production will be the highest in the world.

  5. Troll –

    What’s Clinton got to do with anything? Oh, you think that because I criticise the GOP I must support the Democrats? If so, you’re nuttier than nuts.

    Stop running, drop your skirts and tell me why you won’t accept my wager.

  6. Romney is not a natural, but he did speak well.

    He didnt run from his Bain history, which I think is smart. He may neutralize this Dem talking point

  7. Why do people make such a deal about electoral speeches. They are (almost)all meaningless fluff . Romney has promised to create jobs, increase prosperity, advance freedoms and deliver greater efficiencies. What a surprise. Question, can anyone name any presidential candidate from either party at any time who has not pledged to do those things ?

  8. They do mean something. A governmental or other leader must be able to persuade, and if you can’t speak well, you are unlikely to be able to persuade. But yeah, most of it is pablum.

  9. Israel may hold off attacking Iran until Romney is in the White House. But if the polls show Obama ahead in a month’s time I think they’ll go for it then.

  10. ‘Hope & Change’ may not be a good President, but Romney would be even worse. He just doesn’t look the part.
    He won’t make it to the White House. Obama will just scrape back in.

  11. Bernard

    You’re nuts. He TOTALLY looks the part. He’s from Central Casting.

    Whether he’s the right guy is another matter.

  12. Obama looks the part, Romney looks the part, Santorum looked the part, Perry looked the part – ALL of the Establishment’s candidates look the part because it’s a TV show called American President. I must admit that Ron Paul didn’t look the part. He looked like he had a job in real life.

  13. Well said Allan.

    They are all Goldmans candidates anyway. But Romney is more of a neo-con warrier, especially with John Bolton in his team. War with Iran is certain if he wins, and the GOP base will love it.

  14. Peter –

    Remember the name Sheldon Adelson. He’s a billionaire who makes Netanyahu look like a peacenik when it comes to Iran. Remember when Newt Gingrich started dumping on Palestinians during the campaign? Adelson had just written Gingrich a cheque for a couple of million dollars. Starting on Palestinians was payback by Gingrich.

    Adelson is now Romney’s biggest single donor

  15. TAMPA, FL—According to numerous sociologists and political experts, things that should never under any circumstance be spoken aloud in modern society will be said no fewer than 1,400 times this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

    Throughout the three-day event, as the GOP unveils its 2012 platform and formally nominates its presidential ticket, experts predict words and phrases pertaining to science, health, and justice that are entirely unbefitting 21st-century human civilization will, on average, be voiced every 40 seconds from the podium at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

    According to alarming projections, the number of jarringly anachronistic remarks about gender alone will easily number in the hundreds.
    “If this gathering were held in the 1700s or 1800s, a certain fraction of the comments they will make on issues like religion and commerce might be considered somewhat appropriate by people of the time,” anthropologist Gregory Switzer said. “But much of what is said at the RNC about fairness and the treatment of fellow human beings in need, for example, is far more consistent with the very beginnings of rudimentary social empathy in our species dating back to the earliest emergence of human civilization some 10,000 years ago, when our barely developed ancient ancestors would literally smash each other’s skulls in with large rocks without a care or second thought.”


  16. I think Romney looks like someone carved his face out of a log and added a hinged jaw and glass eyes.

    Adelson expects complete deferment to Netanyahu and war with Iran.

    Romney’s foreign policy talking points could have been cribbed from Dick Cheney’s black book. I find it very disconcerting that certain factions of the GOP seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the past ten years.

  17. Frank

    The linked story doesn’t convinvce. Better to concentrate on the blatantly creationist, anti-abortion, anti-science, jim-crow, neo-con aspects. Because they are there for all to see. The liberal element of the GOP has been overwhelmed by the god-bothering nutters.

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