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It seems Even my fellow Americans don’t understand why I’m willing to work the polls, and do the things one does to help someone get elected.

I do it to support men like this. Men and woman that get it. The following is 18 minutes long, you cheat yourself if you don’t watch it.

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71 thoughts on “Watch, Listen, Learn

  1. I’d rather stare at the wall for 18 minutes.

    Everyone can guess what he said: Cuba, daddy worked hard in a crap job for me, freedom, golly gosh darn America is just the greatest.

    I don’t blame Rubio, or his speechwriter for it. Lies smothered in sentimental cheese never fail. Republicans fall for it time every time, the dumb creatures. They’ve been lied to for decade after decade, and still they come back to clap like demented seals at the same old lies.

    “But they’re going to shrink gummint, lower taxes and slash regulations.”

    No they won’t, it’s a lie.

  2. your a man that lives with his head up his ass, yet you believe that view provides you an honest view of the world.

  3. Yes, I do believe my view is an honest view of the world, otherwise that wouldn’t be my view.

    Why did Señor Rubio deliver some of that speech in Spanish?

  4. He’s a fine guy and a hell of a speaker.

    Like candidate Obama four years back, zero executive exoerience. So dont go crazy.

  5. and he’ll be fine right in the senate where he is.

    Pete two things, If you didn’t watch the clip how do you know if he said anything in Spanish, or you just being racist and assuming he did? Also just because you believe your views to be true that doesn’t make them true.

    and we have read your views, they’re more delusional than true.

  6. Troll –

    I know because of this here interweb thing. Drudge links to this:

    Speaking occasionally in Spanish, Sen. Marco Rubio branded himself as a national Hispanic leader in the Republican Party, played up the best of Romney’s biography and kept the focus on President Barack Obama.

    I thought Republicans preferred immigrants to speak English. I can imagine the brouhaha if a Democrat spoke en Espanol at the Dem convention, or Obama gave a shout out to his homies in Swahili.

    You have a couple of hundred thousand troops all over the world, but immigration has so eroded your base that your tribunes are having to chase votes in foreign tongues. Maybe those troops might better serve the nation, you know, actually defending your borders instead of violating someone else’s. Whoops, I forgot, the candidate who suggested that is a kook.

  7. you really aren’t that bright are you?

    You refer to Drudge, and link to a story from the Miami Herald. If your going to criticize or comment about what the man had to say or how he said it, have the decency to at least listen to him say it.

    You really are someone who thinks he’s read a book by looking at the cover and reading the leaflet, aren’t you?

    do you even have a clue at how much of a fool your coming across as?

  8. now you I believe.

    It was hard watching clint, it’s obvious his time is limited. He had his moments but age has caught up.

    The comments from his community have been mean and merciless

  9. The Republicans must appeal more to those from a Spaanish speaking cultural background. A diverse group that is often ” conservative ” on the various matters, and many of whom have a natural home in the Republican Party.

    Speaking a sentence or two in Spanish, while in state where Spanish speakers are a huge part of the social fabric, won’t kill anyone.

  10. Yesterday morn, I was actually with a group of women, some of them Democrat activists – one lady actually said that “smart people get their news from Jon Stewart.”

    Biased media shills are not partisan enough for Democrat hacks! No wonder we have such bad government.

    Troll: get a clue – Eastwood’s community is not mocking him for mocking Obama – Eastwood’s community – that is, Republicans in Hollywood – are overjoyed that someone finally had the guts to make fun of Our Dear Leader – we are jumping up and down – he was hilarious if you watched him live as I did – I was thinking, “what a difference a professional entertainer makes” – it took the media shills to dub it “sad” – but he didn’t forget his lines – he delivered them with excellent timing..

    and like Palin was dubbed “stupid” and marginalized, Eastwood will be punished and dubbed “too old” so others do not dare mock Obama…

  11. LOL Patty. It was cringe worthy. And that’s from someone who couldn’t give a flying fvck who wins your presidential election.

  12. Rubio’s speech was OK, but we’ve all heard that type of speech a hundred times before. Very standard stuff.

    I want to know where Rubio gets his money from.

  13. Marco Rubio’s top five contributors this past year,including all contributions. Flo Sun is the sugar lobby that owns all the Florida politicians

    Res ipsa loquitor.

    Club for Growth $353,891
    Elliott Management $121,476
    Senate Conservatives Fund $108,754 $98,754 $10,000
    Goldman Sachs $85,842
    Flo-Sun Inc $49,200

  14. Tarasov,
    Where’s your response to my “Agit8ed, on August 31st, 2012 at 8:46 am” comment
    re George Galloway?
    Don’t poodle off to issues you like better.
    You are a committed Communist.
    A man of Integrity, vision, courage and penetrating insight and wit!
    Oy Veh!
    My Life Already!

    So bearing in mind the current situation with Tibet, when did Palestine become a country in its own right and cease to be part of the Chinese Ottoman Empire??

  15. Rubio contributions by class

    Now why do you think the investment, real estate and lawsuit industries are throwing so much money at him?

    Retired $2,390,597 $2,390,597
    Republican/Conservative $980,227
    Securities & Investment $916,163
    Real Estate $624,114
    Lawyers/Law Firms $446,679

  16. He is a smart talker, that lad, I must admit.

    Why didnt they pick him instead of Metroman?

  17. Zero executive experience might be part of it.

    And unlike Ryan, he’s not a budget wonk he is.

    But he does talk nice.

  18. what a laugh your concerned over where a politician gets his money. Oh where a republican gets his money.

    Point out any comment on any post where you have questioned a democrats financing.

    The purpose of this post is lost on scum that think civic duty, and caring about who represents them as something to ridicule.

    What to expect though from someone who comes from an area that elect people that send pictures of their peckers to people, or tax evading harlem slum lords, the list of the Exemplary patriotic and pure that we have seen come from the enlightened voters of NY.

    Where do Schumer, Rengal, and Clinton get their money from Phantom?

  19. Troll –

    Come back you girl.

    Tell me when Republicans were cool with immigrants speaking English. Tell me what it means for your “we’re all Americans” mythology that a GOP tribune speekies anudder lingo to the party. Tell me what “Sen. Marco Rubio branded himself as a national Hispanic leader in the Republican Party” means, unless you’re not Americans. Tell me why you have hundreds of thousands of troops around the world when your own borders are so porous that Republicans are now speaking Spanish at the GOP convention.

    Don’t talk about me. Don’t tell me I’m a maroon. Don’t tell me “your stupid”.

    Be a man for once and give some straight answers to straight questions.

  20. The Democrats are a pack of criminals, including all the top leadership.

    We know that. It is a settled matter.

    But you are claiming that Republicans are somehow better. Including this Rubio, shuffling around Florida with his crinkled brown bag of campaign contributions from the sugar industry, the land developers, and from Goldman Sachs.

    He does favors for the moneyed interests and they pay him for it.

    Tell me how he is different from Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Do tell.

  21. “Watch, Listen, Learn”

    I still can’t be bothered with the first two, but I’ve learned that Senor Rubio has his pockets stuffed with cash by Goldman Sachs, Big Sugar and other special interests.

    And – gosh, can you believe it? – Marco Rubio votes to defend sugar subsidies. He thinks that the working American should be taxed so that their income can be redistributed (or is it “redistribuidos”) to people who stuff his mouth with gold.

    Oh yes, liberty, freedom, small gummint, vote Rubio.

  22. But he’s on the stage of the Republican Convention so he must be a great man.

    Plus, did you hear that he’s from Cuba? How swell is that?

  23. Rubio sounds like a crook like the rest of them.

    The funny thing?

    The sugar subsidies are meant to protect an American industry. But how American is it? Americans don’t want to cut sugar cane, so they have guest workers from Jamaica and other places chop the cane instead.

    There is no point to any of this, other than that it enriches certain landowners and mill owners. Those are the ones who cut checks to the likes of Marco Rubio.

    So, Troll, can you tell me again what this guy thinks he believes in? And why you think that he is better in any way than the worst of the Democrats?

  24. He does favors for the moneyed interests and they pay him for it. Tell me how he is different from Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Do tell.

    Well said Phantom.

    In Rubio’s favour, at least he’s not on the payroll of Koch Industries. All of their guys in Wshington (and there are a lot of them) are avid deniers of climate change and totally pro-fossil fuels, surprise surprise.

  25. Peter –

    “In Rubio’s favour, at least he’s not on the payroll of Koch Industries.”

    Data obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics from the Federal Elections Commission shows that Rubio was the largest recipient of Koch Industries campaign money for U.S. Senate races in 2010. He also received more money than anyone running for national office outside of Kansas, where Koch Industries is headquartered.

    The best that can be said for him there is that the Koch Bros have alot of GOP Congresscriminals sewn up.

  26. I dunno if anyone’s been watching and listening, but we’re doing some learning about Marco Rubio, and as Daphne says, we’re learning he’s just another crooked politician.

  27. Florida is a large, complex state that actually has two time zones

    There is no way that some clean honest young man is gonna be able to buy media time in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and the rest of it.

    You sell your soul to the devil, just a little bit at first. And after some years pass, you’re Charlie Rangel or Harry Reid or Ted Stevens or GW Bush. That’s how it works, and there are no exceptions.

  28. Thanks Pete, I should have checked my facts:

    “Senate candidate Marco Rubio said Friday that he doesn’t accept the scientific evidence for global warming – a stance Rubio has hinted at before, but which the campaign of Gov. Charlie Crist said is a switch for Rubio. Rubio denied it’s a change in his position on the issue.”

    I would love to know if this change coincided with the Koch connection.

  29. If global warming does not pass the rigorous scientific analysis of Marco Rubio, there is clearly nothing to it.

  30. Of course Rubio is a creationist, and he wants creationism taught in science classes in schools, as a valid alternative SCIENTIFIC explanation of life to Darwin. But in this view he is well in the GOP mainstream:

    “Do you know what the worst thing about the recent Gallup poll on evolution is? It isn’t that 46 percent of respondents are creationists (“God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last ten thousand years or so”). Or that 32 percent believe in “theistic evolution” (“Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided this process”). Or that only 15 percent said humans evolved and “God had no part in this process.” It isn’t even that the percentage of Americans with creationist views has barely budged since 1982, when it was 44 percent, with a small rise in the no-God vote (up from 9 percent) coming at the expense of the divine-help position (down from 38 percent). Or that 58 percent of Republicans are creationists, although that does explain a lot.”

  31. On the TV show American President, Rubio looks the part. Not only that, but he can read an autocue almost as well and with as much belief and conviction as Obama – he even mentions “dreams”, but George Carlin had the best word about them.

    Seriously though, this is dire yet this is what the American people are offered and what they deserve.

  32. With the reactionary Supreme Court ruling against any limits to campaign finance, it can only get worse. In theory, it is now possible for Koch Inc to own all the congressmen and senators, in the interests of free speech of course.

  33. I’m sorry, Troll, but you see, we had this “conservative” guy called Cameron, and before he was elected, he spoke all of this great stuff about decreasing government spending, getting the deficit down, repealing all the socialist legislation of Labour, etc etc. And fools like me voted for him, believing that he meant a word of what he said, even though people like Pete M warned me time and time again not to trust Cameron.
    Well now, what has happened since Cameron has been in office? Has he made good on a single treacherous, lying word that he promised? NO. Not a bit of it. Peter was 100% right in his warnings, and I was 100% fooled.
    Not again. No more of this “moderate, mainstream, centre-ground, media-supported” conservatives for me. I want the real deal. America is going to be stuffed and fooled by this Ronmey chap. Take it from me, I’ve learned from my mistake.

  34. Troll has been there before – with GWB. Contrary to what The Who say, we WILL get fooled again – and again, and again.

  35. Unlike the democrats Troll works, If I go quite it’s because I’m at the job, and unlike our lefty leaning friends I don’t blog at work.

    I give ya yer bone,

    Welcome to America, Now Speak English!

    one of my favorite T Shirts. I have no problem with bi-lingual, but the language of the country is American, we ain’t spoke english in centuries.

    and a side note if you can’t tell the difference between a Rubio and a Reid than you ain’t worth talking politics too

  36. “Troll and Patty have gone all quiet.”


    first, I have limited time to spend on commenting.

    second, when discussion devolves into the blanket stupidity of “where is Rubio’s money from” and “all politicians are crooked” bla bla….I lose interest.

  37. I prefer to actually work on electing some conservative Republicans than engage in circular arguement with ATW’s bored and listless.

  38. Patty stands for nearly nothing. In fairness, Troll stands for nothing at all.

    Patty has spoken at length against crony capitalism and the govt picking winners – yet here when her Latin Idol is caught with his hand in the Flo Sun till, while supporting one of the worst examples of crony capitalism anywhere, she gets a case of the vapors and wants to talk about anything else.

    Troll supports all corruption. Patty opposes it when Democrats do it. You guys should so a video. One Israel over all, and palmed envelopes for all.

    And Marco Rubio is a crook.

  39. I hope you’re not serious, Phantom because you sound like you’re coming unglued.

    Honestly, I don’t know what you are talking about: ” Rubio is a crook. I stand for nearly nothing. I support corruption. I have the vapors..”

    this is over-the-top nonsense. get a grip on yourself.

  40. He’s a crook

    He is on Flo Suns payroll

    He is a good boy who does what he is told

    Flo Sun pats him on the head

  41. Rubio is also on the Koch payroll, as Pete Moore posted last night.

    But it seems beside the point to criticise the politicians. The Supreme Court has given the billionaires carte blanche with their contributions. So they are totally free to buy, and the politicians are totally free to sell. In the land of the free.

  42. Not everything that is legal is right

    Legality is a very low bar for qualifying for high office

  43. Both Rubio and Palin are fine Tea Party candidates who stand on principle and offer inspiration and solid direction towards limited government – one which remains within the confines of the US Constitution.

    So, Phantom, I don’t really give a hoot what you want to hear, or not hear from me about Rubio, “crony capitalism” or anything else for that matter. To tell you the truth, I don’t accept your premise and I don’t care enough to ask for clarity.

    All I know is that you seem to be spitting mad at the possibility of a statist defeat come November – and I take this to mean that the wind must be blowing in my limited government direction. Yea!

  44. I don’t care enough to ask for clarity.


    But if you ever do you will see that Rubio supports market intervention for those who give him money

    You are deeply uninformed

  45. If I go quite it’s because I’m at the job, and unlike our lefty leaning friends I don’t blog at work.


    You don’t have to answer this –

    But you have decided to share with us

    That you work, and that you apparently also sell guns on the side

    That you have health insurance

    But that you also have financial problems

    I hate that you have had medical problems and money problems and wish you much better fortune in the near future

    But if you care to say, why the money problem? Is it due to uninsured health care bills? High deductibles?

  46. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/big-sugar-wins-in-the-senate/

    After Rubio voted this past June against repeal of protectionist subsidies

    Of note, Marco Rubio (R-FL), a tea party favorite and potential running mate for Mitt Romney, was one of the 16 [ Republicans who oppose ending the subsidy ]. An obvious sop to the powerful Florida sugar lobby, Rubio’s vote in favor of maintaining the federal government’s Soviet-style sugar racket is an all-too-common example of a politician choosing parochialism over principle.

    From the free market, conservative Cato Institute


  47. I thought so. It shows….you’re probably not as terrified as you are of Palin but scared nonetheless.

  48. The ( politcally ) late Sarah Palin that is

    The one who I said years ago would never again hold any public office again.

  49. Tell that to Ted Cruz and the many other candidates across the land that she is helping to put in office….

  50. The Tea Party is bought and paid for by Koch Inc and other corporates, as are its candidates like Rubio and Ryan. Small government is a great idea, but not at the expense of a Congress on the Koch payroll.

  51. And as demonstated, and not challenged, their idols like graft and cronyism as much as a hundred Pelosis or Harry Reids.

    Patty’s got nothing.

  52. News Flash!! Politics are political!

    this continual bitching and moaning on ATW about the corruptive influence of money in politics is not worthwhile. it goes nowhere.

    you can lead, follow or get out of the way. Most of you bitch and moan a great deal but you show little inclination at leading or following.

    I suggest, therefore, that you get out of the way.

  53. You support crooks and crony capitalists. The things you say you oppose.

    What the hell do you think you support, anyway?

  54. I don’t expect angelic behavior from politicians and I don’t expect utopia from government bureaucrats – this is why I support limited government and the US Constitution.

    However, men are not angels and therefore, we need to be governed. Government is necessary; as is law and order. but those doing the governing are only men and they need limitations – the Founding Fathers were very wise in this regard and gave us a Constitution that limited the reach and scope of government while ensuring the protection of our individual God-given rights.

    But, I don’t expect Rubio to exempt himself from playing the political game as it is played today – complete with PACs etc. I don’t hear you ever railing on about Obama and his PACs etc. Why do you hold the Republicans to different standards than the Dems?

    You’re a purist with political opponents – like Ron Paul and his Convention delegates, for example – and yet you are silent when it comes to your political allies, the statists.

    Im not buying your schtick, Phantom. Others here do. Fine. But not me.

  55. I don’t expect angelic behavior, but would settle for q bit of leadership.

    The bill to end the sugar subsidy was aponsored by Republicans. It was defeated 50 -46, which meqns that there are 46 senators with a better record than Rubio on an important issue,

    The subsidies cost US consumers $2 billion a year, amd have been instrumental in the loss of food industry jobs to Mexico and Canada ( which you would know if you’d read the linked articles )

    Rubio is a kept man who is very much a part of all our problems. He stands for little. You stand for nothing.

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