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Has Germany got a recurring problem?

“Jewish tombstones were desecrated with swastikas sprayed with blue paintin a Jewish cemetery in Germany, less than two months after the last anti-Semitic attack in the cemetery.Swastika graffiti was sprayed on an information plate in the Kroepelin Jewish cemetery, the only cemetery in the country that was restored and renovated by the government. German police are investigating the attack.”

Wonder which group MIGHT be behind this?

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16 thoughts on “ACHTUNG BABY

  1. Let’s not reach any conclusions yet.

    Such incidents have a long history in those parts.

    These parts too, and not just recently, either.

  2. A disgusting act perpetrated by a few ignorant bigots, hardly something to tarnish every German.

    If it is then the fact that my great-uncle, who was laid to rest in the British military cemetery Gaza after losing his life in the 2nd battle of Gaza in 1917, and his comrades who have been unable to rest in peace because of the stray missiles indiscriminately sent from Israel to the Gaza strip, are victims of the whole Israeli nation.

    Nonsense isn’t it?

  3. “Wonder which group MIGHT be behind this?”

    David, I know you’re not keen on Bono but it’s a bit unfair to blame U2 for this 😉

  4. I tentatively agree with Phantom; from a UK perspective, it might be a little too easy for us to jump to conclusions about which group is to blame for such acts of desecration.
    You probably need to be German, or at least to be intimately acquainted with modern German life, in order to be able to accurately guess at who is behind this.
    I’ve never traveled to Germany (would like to) but from what I have read that there are some people there who still support the ‘principles’ (if not the past actions) of the National Socialist movement. I think it more likely that such a group would paint swastikas on Jewish graves, than that (say) an Islamist group would do so. Islamists would not paint swastikas; they would simply try to destroy or bulldoze Jewish graves. That’s what I’m thinking, although as I say, not knowing German culture, I could be wrong.

  5. You can’t guess, not at this stage, not in any educated way

    It could be German anti semites

    It could be Turkish origin or other Muslim anti semites

    It could be idiot kids trying to shock( there are occasional such incidents here )

    It is unknowable at this point

  6. //with modern German life, in order to be able to accurately guess at who is behind this.//

    Old fashioned Nazis would paint the Swastika the right way round, facing to the right as it were, the way the Nazis did it. This is the old Indian symbol, and it was painted either by brain-dead German youths or brain-dead Islamists.

  7. Good comment, Noel. It got me thinking “unless, of course, the photo has been reversed”. So I looked at it again, and I noticed that the spray paint has been painted from right to left, which I thought was unusual. Who paints from right to left, in Europe? Maybe the photo actually HAS been reversed in this case?

  8. …Or maybe, if the photo has not been reversed, it is evidence that Islamists have, in fact, painted the swastikas? (As most Arabian languages are written from right to left).

  9. OK, just found this link with more photos, and the culprits are obviously German skinheads.
    Some slogans supporting Hansa Rostock, the local soccer club, are also painted on headstones.

    It should, however, be remembered that this is in the former, and what in many ways is still, East Germany. The change in awareness, the horror at the sins of their fathers that occurred among west German youth in the ’60, and then swept through the entire population, never happened in the East. They were shielded from any conscience by the Communist govt, which adopted the line that it was the other side, the Right, that made the Holocaust, so the GDR, free as it was from former Nazis and the Right, had nothing to repent about.
    Germany is paying the price for this stupidity today, but there is nothing former W.German governments could have done about it.


  10. Quite likely the culprits are far-right German admirers of Breivik, who is also a hero of the BNP and EDL in Britain.

  11. I’d check the timing. Israel is now widely perceived as the regional bully (and nuclear-armed too!) so some sympathy is needed for the eternal victims and what better way to do it?

  12. This doesn’t work as a cracked theory. Its not exactly front page news.

    But yes there has been an interesting history of Jews ( and blacks) creating fake racist incidents and blaming it on the whites. There were a few that come to mind locally, incl one involving a black Psychology professor at Columbia U who placed a noose on her office doorknob for reasons known best by her.

    It does happen.

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