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cameronST070606_228x429.jpgThe ideological void that Conservative Leader David Cameron represents is manifest in his latest off-the-wall suggestion that society needs to learn to "love louts" a bit more.

Cameron insisted Labour’s get-tough policies and Asbos had failed to tackle the teen thug crimewave.

And he urged people instead to focus on the root causes of crime and “show a lot more love”. The plea — which follows his “hug a hoodie” gaffe last summer — came as it was revealed that our teens top the league for casual sex, drinking, drug-taking and petty crime.

Mr Cameron said in a speech in Wales: “To those who simply say, ‘Crime is the fault of the criminal and that’s all there is to it’, I say: Tell it to a young offender."


Cameron is so soaking wet that he is virtually without substance – and yet the poor desperate for power Tories have installed this clown as their Leader. He seems to delight in making  statements aimed at playing to the uberliberals in the MSM who themselves are much more concerned about the criminals than the victims  of crime. It is NOT up to us to "love a lout" – it is up to Government to rigourously enforce the law, to punish those young thugs that break it, and to ensure that the law-abiding can go about their daily business without fear of robbery or violence. But that would reek of traditonal Conservative values…. and so must be jettisoned as thoroughly modern Dave seeks his claim as the leftful successor to Blair as a new phony PM.

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7 thoughts on “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE….

  1. Would you agree with "Dave" if love was defined along the lines of rebuilding society, family structures and discipline in a loving environment rather than courts?

    Surely this is what he means but dare not say.

  2. MC,

    Totally agree that the breakdown of the family unit, the decline of marriage and the abandonment of religion are major factors. The Bible does make it clear how important it is that we do love our neighbour. However applying the law is also a form of loving our neighbour and I feel that were Cameron to tackle the issue in this context, he would be saying something sensible. As it is, and as you imply, he lacks the courage to tell it like it is.

  3. This is all PR bollocks to attract liberalish-minded floating voters. Cameron no more believes in ‘tough love’ than he believes in the great god Pan.

  4. Hugh,

    As a PR man, it’s what one expects from Dave. But you are quite right that this is all aimed at floating liberal voters – though maybe he DOES believe in Pan?

  5. I think Dave is saying in liberal code what DV would like to hear, or at least someting moving in the right direction. Maybe you should….support him!? (steps back)
    David Cameron should not be praised for this spinning nonsense, though we are not surprised to hear this sort of fluff from a modern polician. Sad but the days when politicans said something in black and white and called for people who felt the same to vote for them are over.
    Now the game seems to be say something, anything, and allow everyone to make up their own version of what it means thereby trawling deeper for support.
    Just have an election quiz show where random words are offered by the host and the politician shouts GOOD or BAD. It would make more sense, be cheaper and far far quicker. Its not like they actually debate on the politics shows.

  6. MC,

    I don’t think Dave is saying anything, just platitudes, which (like the "hug a hoodie" speech) if you read them closely can be seen by Conservatives to be broadly acceptable, but will be spun as daringly Liberal in the MSM.

    The most effective thing the Government could do is uphold the rule of Law. Instead of dealing with the concrete issues, he’d rather talk about vague generalities e.g. "the ASBO society".

    A central tenet of conservative thinking is that government should be limited. No chance of that with Dave’s CON Party, who want to chase shadows trying to solve "the causes of crime", whilst convicted criminals – the real causes of crime – walk free.

  7. "Love your neighbour as yourself." Jesus Christ.

    Maybe Mr Cameron wasn’t so far wide of the mark. What Jesus proposed was equally radical.

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