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Camp Romney

By 33230715130361 On September 18th, 2012

Watching Mitt Romney’s press conference tonight defending his weird remarks regarding about one half of the nation that he is writing off as victimhood types is like watching Peter Brady sing when his voice changed on the Brady Brunch.  Hard to watch.  Hard to listen.  Hard not to laugh.

Obama may be the luckiest Democrat since Bill Clinton when one considers the step-on-your-own-dick ability of his political enemies.

I still think the election will be close, but I no longer think it is possible for Romney to win.  He hasn’t made the case for himself.  And he is running out of time.




34 Responses to “Camp Romney”

  1. If mickey mouse was running he would win.

    Dig Nixon up, he’ll win.

    Even Ron Paul would win…. and you know how big a fan I am of the malignant Dr.

  2. Clearly Obama is and will be a better President than Romney could ever be. It becomes more obvious over time. Selecting Ryan for VP was a desperate signal that not enough people were buying his argument that he would make a better President and an attempt to shield himself from right-wing anger after defeat.

    But it was also disaster for all Republicans running for office because it tied them to the Ryan budget destroying Medicare and eventually turning Social Security over to financial industry backers. It will help cleanse the House of 2010 obstructionists.

    Come November 7th the US government will be in much better shape and all will benefit.

  3. Romney’s remarks seem pretty accurate to me.

    Reminiscent of Nicolas Sarkozy’s comments back in 2007 that he “represents the France that gets up in the morning and works hard”.

    The Democrats core support is from assorted groups who want government largesse.

  4. Ross

    The political problem for Romney is that even people who have worked al, their lives are no longer secure in their employment. So they know they may need government help at any time. Labour market librelisation is destroying the Regan Democrats who were well paid white guys in the private sector in secure employment.

    Obama hasn’t been much of a President but Romney is so obviously of and for the rich that his election is a political impossibility. He’s scary to working people.

  5. Has anyone got a link to R’s speech?

  6. Link…

    I don’t see what the problem is. Whatever he lacks in eloquence, his track record is of a successful businessman, rather than a wealth redistributor like Barack Obama aspires to.
    Now what would you rather:
    a man who believes in hard work and who wants to get America back to work building the economy and providing employment,
    or a guy who (as I see it) preaches the politics of envy and taking from those who have to give to those who want? A guy who seems intent on destroying all that made America great, or a guy who wants to get people working again and tap into the American capacity for resilience and optimism?

    As an outsider, I am totally against obscene wealth, social injustice and vested interests.
    I am against America trying to impose its values on other nations and cultures. I am against the outsourcing of employment so that Americans end up unemployed and without hope.
    I am against the belief that weapons technology can solve all problems.

    But (as an outsider) your current POTUS seems to want to take you all down the socialist road, which means you don’t create wealth, you redistribute what wealth you have and then castigate those who created it in the first place.

    Here in the UK we have a whole government-backed industry which employs all kinds of experts, social workers, counsellors, support workers and advocates for the unemployed, unemployable workshy and benefit junkies.
    And for doing this they are rewarded with taxpayer funded wages, all kinds of perks and benefits. So it is not in their professional interest to see a move away from getting people back to work and earning their own way in life.
    We call these people “champagne socialists.” They champion the needs of the disadvantaged and alienated; whilst quaffing good quality chardonnay and discussing where best to take their next vacation.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. 🙂

  7. The Telegraph has a snippet of the comments, which were made behind doors to donors.

    Among his comments, he said: “There are 47 percent who are with [Mr Obama], who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them ..”

    Yes, but if he was being completely candid he would have told his biggest backers that they are no less dependent on government. They depend on government gaming markets for them, letting them rent-seek and allowing the Fed to transfer trillions by way of inflation.

  8. Pete,
    If you don’t mind me saying so, your dislike of government distorts your sense of perspective and undermines your arguments in other areas. Whilst all of us would probably agree that governments could and should be better, we also accept that we need leaders. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but for a clever chap you say some strange things.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

  9. Agit8ed –

    Do you need leaders? I don’t.

    The philosophical basis for hard-won British liberty is that we don’t need leaders to herd us. In fact it’s a pretty fascistic view, this “we need leaders” stuff, and the 20th-Century demonstrates the catastrophes which arise from it.

    To be clear, my perspective isn’t distorted by my dislike of government, it’s that my dislike of government is a result of my prespective.

  10. Pete,
    I think you will find that all through recorded history human societies have been led. One of my comic heroes, Tony Hancock in one of his Half Hour programmes, quoted John Donne “No man is an Island”.
    Whatever life experience(s) led you to your somewhat illogical perspective , the fact is we cannot escape our need of others and our need of leadership.
    Now as you will see on other threads re the royals, I have defended them, but many years ago at boarding school I had an experience which caused me to re-evaluate the established order of deference towards the Establishment.
    Our school being a naval boarding school, were marched out into the depths of the Suffolk countryside, ordered into two lines of equal length on either side of a narrowish road and told to cheer whilst the Queen and Prince Philip drove by at about 30mph.
    And that was it. We marched back to school again.
    What WAS the point?
    My contempt for snobbery and cronyism remains unchanged, but what I now accept is the concept of the role our royal family plays in our national life, and that none of them asked to be born into it.

    I hope you find my comment helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

  11. Agit8ed –

    I find your comment baffling, and I’m struggling to see its relevance to the post.

    Of course no man is an island. The great statist fallacy is that we need leaders for us to be social. Would you be married if you were not led? Would you attend church if you were not led? Of course you would. Humans are social animals. In fact it’s the great state behemoth which drives economic and social wedges between people and discourages civil, social contact.

  12. Pete,
    I think I was trying to point out that though sometimes leaders say and demand stupid or unwise things, overall we need leadership and we need rules and we need justice.
    If your beef is with the way governments have become addicted to power and influence beyond what is justifiable democratically and economically, then we agree.
    But we do need a fair and equitable system which as much as fallen human nature can devise best meets our needs.
    I am sorry if I did not make myself clearer earlier, and hope that this comment aids us towards a better understanding of each other’s viewpoint.

  13. Agit8ed –

    Our rules, our justice, the “fair and equitable system” which is one of our great gifts to the world, is the consequence of social custom, not the design of any leader and it developed outside of central political control.

  14. Pete
    one of the big reasons I hold Oliver Cromwell in high esteem has nothing to do with his treatment of the Irish, but his reasoned decision that something had to be done about King Charles the First. This King was abusing the concept of the Divine Right of Kings, and Oliver and friends came to the conclusion that they had to act.
    But Oliver opposed the people’s government. he accused them of being unscrupulous, fat and lazy – or words to that effect. he threw them out and closed parliament.
    Oliver was up against fallen human nature, and he couldn’t win.
    Neither can you. We all have to do our best to make things better and our government more accountable and responsive. But we will never escape from needing leaders.

  15. Good, im glad he was filmed saying that, that boob probably has wrote off one half of the entire planet aswell.

  16. Charles,
    There is nothing to be ashamed of in being down on your luck, unemployed and (perhaps in your case) also covered in malignant, pustulant sores.
    It is in the wallowing in those circumstances and having an outstretched hand not to be rescued, but rather to receive a Big Mac whilst you wallow in “self pity swamp” that the shame lies.
    Governments that encourage people to do that are equally contemptible.
    Tell me Charles, did you find my comment helpful?

  17. Not especially since im gainfully employed with good pay, quite lucky in my personal and financial circumstances and clear skinned. My point was simply Romney has proven his ignorance on the world stage and has all the hallmarks of a slightly less retarded G. Bush Jnr.

  18. Troll – I fell bad breaking this news to you but Mickey Mouse isn’t actually real.

    Ross – There are certainly groups in the Obama camp who advocate continued largesse (as there are in Romney’s). But his comments were poor analysis and poor politics. When you allow yourself to publically write off a vast segment of the voters it tends to be a bad thing.

  19. Charles,
    So glad that my bad skin reference was in fact wrong.
    I hold no brief for Mormonism, but I believe in working for a living to the best of one’s ability, and that governments should do their best to encourage wealth creation and job opportunities at reasonable wages and conditions. I also believe that wealth creators should be rewarded for their entrepereneurial skills, but not obscenely so.
    Governments that provide all kinds of benefits for the out of work so that it is actually BETTER to stay out of work, are mot being humanistic or noble, they are cynically building a powerbase for their own benefit, not the benefit of the unemployed.
    Tell me Charles,
    Did you find my comment easy to understand?

  20. Mahons,
    When you allow yourself to publically write off a vast segment of the voters it tends to be a bad thing.”

    Far better to say a ‘bad’ thing that is true, than an untrue thing for purely personal gain,
    Sir Winston Churchill knew that, and he turned out to be one of our greatest Prime Ministers. Despite having some American blood running through his veins.
    I trust you did not find my comment abusive or offensive in any way?

  21. Agit8ed – except it isn’t true. Half of the nation doesn’t see itself as victims. Half the nation doesn’t need a lesson from Mitt Romney on personal responsibility.

  22. Mahons,
    You know these people personally?
    You mean the people who express social injustice by breaking into stores and stealing goods were simply misguided? You mean those who sell drugs,sex, porno, traffic people and anything else are as much entrepreneurs providing work and services for their fellow Americans and are as patriotic as any other American??
    Did you read my comment on British champagne socialists?

    Sorry if this comment offends you. I only wanted to respond to your comment. I apologise for any literary/grammatical miscommunication and errors I may be responsible for.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.
    Please, have a good day!

  23. somebody please please tell me what planet you people are on, because it sure isn’t the third rock from the sun.

    Even if you don’t blame Obama for creating the current economic problems which he didn’t you have to be honest and Sober.

    We have had 45 months of Unemployment over 8% the only reason it is not 3 years above 10% is because once your unemployment checks run out they stop counting you as “unemployed” the U6 number is the real number and it’s 18%

    Despite the imaginary world that Phantom who only drives on weekends lives in the price of fuel has doubled.

    The Average American family has gone from 55,000 a year to 50,000 a year.

    The last 3 years Foreclosures on homes has surpassed the number of people that lost their homes in the great depression.

    The Auto industry has been destroyed, one 3rd of GMs production is now done in China, and the company still owes the taxpayer 35 Billion Dollars. Chrysler is owned by Fiat. They keep saying GM is number 1, it was number 1 for 3 months. The 3 months that Toyota Production was shut down because of a tidal wave and a nuclear disaster. As soon as it started back up it went right back to number 1 look at the numbers.

    Obamas domestic policies have not corrected one issue. He promised he would. His first two years as President he controlled both the House and the Senate and the only thing they got through was health care and they had to do it on Christmas Eve by backroom deals.

    His economy has continued to loose jobs, each moth more jobs are lost at a rate of 3-1. Reagan who inherited a worse economy than Obama did, by this time in his presidency had a positive job growth of 6-1, and he never had a period where he controlled both houses of Congress.

    The press can spin all they want, spinning does not change the facts. You can’t make people who are out of work, lost their home, and are paying twice the amount for gas and food think they are doing great.

    His foreign policy has been as big of a disaster as his domestic. His administration has pushed away every ally and embraced the enemy. His administration has leaked sensitive data that has gotten people killed.

    The current mess in the middle east has nothing to do with a 15 minute film seen by 12 people.

    A dead person could be on the ticket and still beat him.

  24. Agit8ed – your comment doesn’t offend me, although it does offend the facts.

    Troll – I am on planet Earth, and if you would like to visit you are welcome.

  25. Troll,
    I LIKED “Third Rock from the Sun”. I think John Lithgow at his best was a very fine comedic talent.
    May I make a suggestion Troll?
    I hope you will accept what I say in the benevolent spirit I intend it to be taken.
    Perhaps try to shorten your sentences. Try using the word “and” to link different thoughts in your sentences, and throw in a few capital letters and either commas or full stops.
    I only say this because where our views concur, I would like to support you more fully. Your pov is a valisd one, but you make it too easy for your critics to pick holes in your writing, rather than your reasoning.
    Of course you are free to carry on as you have so far, but I want to support you where I can, so a little cooperative help from your side would be appreciated.
    BTW did you ever receive my emails?

  26. shoot no I’ll get in touch with david and figure out a better way or I’ll get him to put your e-mail in a note from me. I tend to just blanket delete my e-mails. I’m on more lists than hell and if I didn’t recognize the name I might have deleted it.

    Good luck wit me grammer and spelling never did well in that arena and never will. We all have our wee problems…

    Loved that series

  27. Troll,
    I mean it.It’s a poor soldier who doesn’t (eventually) take on board constructive criticism.

    I now think perhaps you did delete my emails which were sent in all good faith; and being the touchy, quick tempered Englishman that I am, I took offence without thinking through the possible explanations. In which case I have to apologise to David Vance more than to you…

  28. yes please do I just sent him a note to send me your e-mail. They weren’t deleted on purpose. I only check my e-mail once a week and tend to delete whole pages. When he responds I’ll recognize his e-mail. It should have your address in it.

    If you try again today when I get home from work tonight I’ll go through the stuff timestamped today and find you. Please try.

    I don’t really mind criticism, when it is meant to improve not to attack.

    so shoot me one off I’ll look for it tonight, and respond.

  29. Pete Moore posted:

    Yes, but if he was being completely candid he would have told his biggest backers that they are no less dependent on government. They depend on government gaming markets for them, letting them rent-seek and allowing the Fed to transfer trillions by way of inflation.

    Absolutely right, but you left out a constant supply of wars to feed the military-industrial complex. And virtually every aspect of the Fed-Wall Street relationship is totally corrupt.

  30. Good oh Troll,
    David knows who I am. He will help get you my details again.
    Genuinely sorry for subsequent comments!

  31. A8 check your e-mail

    off to work, see you all tonight.

  32. Romney just lost this election for the GOP.

  33. Romney just lost this election for the GOP.

    On the bright side he won’t have to dodge any shoes chucked at him.

  34. Obama, by a landslide.