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By Pete Moore On September 18th, 2012

Two Ryanair cabin crew have had their careers destroyed for smuggling thousands of cigarettes into the country from the Canary Islands. Note the reporting: these “bad” people have been “unmasked” for their “crime” which “cost” the Treasury £3500.

The reality: these heroic underground entrepreneurs, for daring to give people want they want at reduced price, for by-passing the State mafia and cutting it from the deal, have been persecuted for a non-crime.


  1. No doubt they nobly refuse to pay their tv licences as well? I have a niece who did something similar during the days of cheap fags across the water.
    She thought me a moralistic old fuddy duddy too.
    I hope that rather judgemental comment didn’t offend you Pete?

  2. I don’t think you moralistic for telling others to pay taxes, Agit8ed. I think you foolishly pass under the yoke.

  3. I think you foolishly pass under the yolk.”
    Eggsactly Pete!

    Oh um, did you mean to say yoke?
    I hope I am not being offensive by drawing attention to a possible spelling error on your part.
    Naughty naughty Agit8ed!

  4. Not at all. In fact I was correcting as you were kindly pointing it out.

  5. Well thank you Pete.
    I am so glad we cleared up that little misunderstanding.

  6. It’s alright. I didn’t mention any political celebrities, so no-one’s reading anyway.

  7. I think these criminals got what they deserved.

  8. “I didn’t mention any political celebrities, so no-one’s reading anyway.”

    You might be very surprised by which agencies read our ATW posts Pete…

  9. Am I on the right site , this is ATW is it not ; everybody is being so polite and nice . Is this not better than being rude to one another ; answers on a postcard please .

  10. Corrections, “the doctor.”

    The one true Englishman on this site
    (which would be mois!)
    accepts that his rude, confrontational irritable (I had seven colonoscopies in one ever so terrifying session!) cantankerous, quick off the mark, bash you with my sledgehammer attitude has not set a very good example to others (of inferior races ) of Christian and English gentlemanly behaviour .
    I am trying to readdress the balance.
    I just hope others will get fed up with my efforts before I do. 😉

  11. Colonoscopy? I’m not having that…they can stick that right up their a**e!

  12. Dogis,
    They did. Mine that is.
    Actually it wasn’t the physical discomfort as much as the mental pictures of this camera on a sort of dyno rod worming it’s way through my digestive tract which I found more distressing. I wasn’t aware that they’d had to go in 7 times.
    I don’t know what Colm would make of that.

    Was that helpful Dogis? Not too much detail I hope?
    I wouldn’t want to distress a fellow commentator. 🙂

  13. I see Agi is still contnuing his shite about Colm not beng an Englishman!

  14. Pete

    These people are true philanthropists. LOL

  15. The one true Englishman on this site

    I’m sure that there’s a few contributors who would disagree with that.

    The only thing that Ryanair staff should be convicted of is their customer attitude. I personally alwas pay the ten Euro extra not to be head butted squarley on the face by the cabin crew when embarking the aircraft.

    Speaking of Ryanair:

    Micheal O’Leary from Ryanair walks into a pub in Dublin “What would you like sir?” asks the helpful barman.
    “A pint of Guinness please” replies O’Leary, “Certainly sir, that’ll be one Euro” says the barman.
    “One Euro!!!” exclaims O’Leary. “That’s extremely competetive in today’s market” before giving the barman a one Euro coin.
    The barman moves along to the Guiness pump before coming back to O´Leary
    “Would you like a glass with that sir?”, “That’ll be an extra twenty Euros please”

  16. Aileen,
    I must have missed that.
    Or was it a joke that I failed to understand?
    Colm and I are both English, but I am an Englishman of many, many generations.
    I like Colm.
    I always have since I started posting here, and I would never deliberately insult him or hurt his feelings.

  17. Agi

    “I am an Englishman of many generation”

    So? That doesn’t make you any more “true” an Englishman.

  18. Aileen,
    If you say so.
    So do I take it that you are against the modern American practice of defining their Americaness by adding prefixes such as Afro- Irish- Chinese- Japanese-Latin- Iraqi- Asian- Italian- Black: rather than simply “American.”
    Or in the UK, Afro-Caribbean, British Muslim, British Asian, Polish, Latvian, Scottish?
    I ain’t going to argue about it any more. If Colm sees himself as English, fine. It’s not worth falling out over.
    I still don’t believe that being born in a country of necessity makes you a true citizen of that country.