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Sinn Fein/IRA? Guilty of discrimination? NO WAY…

A report has found that Education Minister John O’Dowd breached the code for ministerial appointments. It relates to appointments to the board of the General Teaching Council. The commissioner for public appointments, who examined the process, said the code was not complied with “to a substantial degree.” He found a total of seven breaches. These included no record of the reasons for Mr O’Dowd’s selection of three applicants from a shortlist of five.

One can but wonder what the three selected applicants had in common?

Of course the DUP are just as wretched in how they operate. Let’s face it – peace processors – you institutionalised sectarianiasm and now you just get more of it.  So, anyone SURPRISED????

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7 thoughts on “PIGS GRUNT….

  1. Taking all the factors together I think the SF minister for education will come out of this intact. His explanations are very credible and reasonable.

  2. I am impressed to learn how inclusive and fair prior governments had been in NI. I am also looking to buy a bridge in Brooklyn.

  3. Whats the big deal? The modern art masterpiece that is O’Dowd is simply doing what the UU party did for decades. The irony is delicious.

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