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Mitt we hardly knew ye.

I think if Mitt had taken a vow of silence he might be ten points ahead now.  Instead he speaks and he is handing an election to a guy who was on thin ice.

The most recent Mitt Storms include a patently calculated and clearly petty response to the attack on American diplomatic outposts in Egypt and Libya.

Second, the tone-deaf writing off of half the nation (including potential Romney voters) as moochers and non taxpayers.  I mean if you are going to pay peanuts on your taxes (compared to your wealth) and hide both your tax returns and your money in foreign lands then jump on the elderly, vets and the disabled for not paying more taxes strikes me as not too bright a more.

Mitt’s own father, a decent man, was among those who need government assistance during his early life.  I suppose he would not be a Mitt voter.   At this point, not voting for Mitt wouldn’t put him in a minority.

Seven weeks to go.


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5 thoughts on “Slip Slidin’ Away

  1. Mahons,

    You may be right.
    There must be some Republican of integrity and commonsense who can get the “Let’s get America working again and restore some pride to our country” out to the voters?
    I said I didn’t agree with Mormonism…… 🙂

  2. Of course, what he said was both lies and idiocy, but whether it was really politically damaging remains to be seen.

    There is a very large section of the electorate that apparently agrees with that nonsense, although most would probably have voted for R anyway.

    And, on the other hand, it’s doubtful whether the pensionions, military veterans, “homemakers”, college students etc. that are in Romney’s camp have enough sense and honestly to realise they also don’t pay income taxes, so that probably won’t hurt him either.

  3. Noel – To win he needs to appeal to the middle and to Democrats. He’s running like the national election is a Republican primary. He needs to engage not disengage from a vast segment of the voters. It is quite a miscalculation.

  4. The Republican base either despises Romney or actively hates him. If there is even a whiff that Obama is a winner, many of them won’t bother to vote and Obama will win easily.

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