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The ‘omitted’ Question!

By Mike Cunningham On September 20th, 2012

On the BBC Today Programme this morning, David Laws, Minister for Schools, was defending the Government’s policy on the ‘Pupil Premium’, which is itself a bit of a misnomer, as it really is a bribe, but that is perhaps another story. He was also asked about the strange ‘apology’ from the fatally-wounded Nick Clegg, LIb-Dem Party leader, and if he associated himself with either the policy, or the apology.

However, the question which was not asked, but perhaps should have been, is as follows:-

As you are both a confirmed thief, having stolen some £40,000; as well as a liar, having disguised this theft to cover up a sexual relationship with another man, do you think yourself morally justified in continuing to keep the role of an M.P., as well as now a Junior Minister of the Coalition Government?

6 Responses to “The ‘omitted’ Question!”

  1. As with Clegg, it seems that resignation is no longer the price paid for broken promises, incompetence or any of the multiple versions of skulduggery practised by politicians and those in what might be called ‘the Shadow public service’.

    That Clegg offered that tired old, and frequently used, lame excuse, – ‘lessons were learned’ seems like an admission that he was incompetent and inexperienced right from the start of his political career.

  2. Laws is not the only State thief to get away with robbing the public purse.

    Margaret Moran expenses trial: Ex-MP will not face jury
    Margaret Moran is accused of dishonestly making expenses claims totalling about £80,000 Former Luton South MP Margaret Moran, who is accused of fiddling her parliamentary expenses, will not face a jury, a judge has decided.


    One law for them and another for the plebs.

  3. If a welfare claimant had deceptively obtained £40K or £80K, he’d go down, no doubt about it. Quite clearly it is one law or them and one for the peasants.

  4. A former MP that I met recently told me that the Expenses gravy train started with the 1997 election of the ‘working-class’ Labour Party. This was in response to my taunt that he had a gold-plated pension for life and had enjoyed big expenses etc.

    Of course, when we see the way Blair has performed since leaving office, it echoes what was once said of Arthur Scargill, ‘…he came to power owning a small house and left office owning a large one’ or in Blair’s case, a number of Houses and a recent purchase of a country pile with castle like building on it !!

  5. This is the BBC response to their disgraceful ‘Price Taggers’ Panorama Programme:

    Many thanks for taking the time to email. We do welcome audience responses to our programmes – even when critical. I can assure you that the team involved in “Price Tag Wars” put a great deal of care and thought into the programme. I disagree with your opinion that the programme showed bias towards the Palestinians. Far from making “just a little reference to the murderous Arabs attacking Israel”, there were several references to attacks by Palestinians on Israelis.

    The young “Price Taggers” filmed in East Jerusalem at the beginning of the film gave the reason for their reprisal attack as Palestinians having burned an Israeli house with a dog inside the previous night. One of the Price Taggers filmed painting out offensive graffiti at Jewish graves in a Palestinian village was interviewed and described how on a previous occasion, one of their number had been shot dead by a Palestinian policeman.

    The programme also made clear that “there have been many acts of violence and terror in the West Bank from the Palestinian side as well.” We mentioned the murder by two Palestinian youths of an Israeli family of five, including a baby. We also interviewed the young Israeli boy Toviah Statman, who was repeatedly stabbed at his home in Yizhar by an intruder at – a Palestian youth from the neighbouring Arab village of Assira al Qabilya. Toviah described the attack in detail and his father showed us the scars on his son’s back from his several stab wounds on camera.

    In relation to the settlements of Tapuach and Migron, where Price Taggers Moriah Goldberg and Alex Ostrovsky are from, we clearly stated in both instances that there’s a long history of violence between the two communities in those areas – with people killed on both sides. We also gave the overall figures for deaths on the West Bank for the past two years (38) – with 14 Israelis and 24 Palestinians having been killed.

    Furthermore, Itai Harel – founder of Migron – refused to allow us to see or film documents relating to land purchases telling us he couldn’t because Palestinans known to have sold their land to Jews would be at risk of being murdered by other Palestinians. His reasoning was plainly stated in the commentary.

    While it’s clear, you disagreed with much of the programme, I hope we can agree that the “Price Tag” phenomenon – where young Israeli nationalists believe any action by the Israeli government to clear settlements/outposts or give land to Palestinians merits reprisals and who are willing to target not just Palestinians but also the Israeli state itself including the army – is an issue worthy of Panorama.

    Certainly, Price Tag attacks are being taken seriously by the Israeli government as Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev made plain in the programme: “The Prime Minister, the President, the Speaker of our Parliament have spoken out very, very forcibly against when there is vigilante violence and the orders have gone out to the police and security services to have no tolerance for this phenomenon whatsoever”. A new security force team has been set up to tackle Price Tagging incidents.

    I’m afraid I can’t comment on your complaint regarding the BBC’s Olympic coverage of the Israeli team as my remit is limited to Panorama. Should you wish to pursue it, that complaint would need to be addressed to BBC Sport.


    Ingrid Kelly,

    Deputy Editor, BBC Panorama

  6. Question to David Cameron: are you content that your party treasurer is “non resident” in the UK for tax purposes, and that he may have avoided hundreds of millions in UK taxes by operating from a Carribean tax haven and using many of his millions to support your party and help it win elections?