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I get a lot of abuse when I am on the MSM and suggest that our Welfare system contains habitual abusers. I mean, it’s an OUTRAGE, right?

Neighbours reacted with outrage last night after an immigrant mother of ten who receives £34,000 a year in benefits demanded that the council (Boston) gives her a larger home. 

Latvian Linda Kozlovska, 31, arrived in Britain with three of her children in 2008 and moved into a council-maintained three-bedroom house. Four years later, however, the single mother says she is unhappy living there – because she has had three more children and four others have moved over from Latvia.

‘I have ten children living here with me,’ she said. ‘I’m the only adult. I am on the council waiting list, but we’re still here. ‘They don’t have a big enough house.  I want a bigger house. I don’t like it here. When we moved in it had bed bugs.’

Latvian. Ten Children. Single Mother. £34,000 from Welfare and now wanting a larger house from the Council. THAT is the problem we have and it also might help some people understand WHY the UK population is growing. The influx of these welfare parasites is ruining our economy yet to even MENTION the problem is to incur the wrath of the liberal elite who preside over our national ruin whilst simultaneously denying there is even a problem.  What EXACTLY does Ms Kozlovska bring to Britain? What EXACTLY does she add to our National riches?


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12 thoughts on “BOSTON GLEE PARTY…

  1. Don’t like your lot? You found your way in, find your way back out.

    Foxtrot Oscar back to where you came from then.

  2. Just seen the photo. She has that gyppo hue about her. I reckon some of those ten children are on loan from other gyppo women.

  3. The Lady and her brood in question are ‘Roma’ .. they are a nightmare here too, and across the whole of Eastern Europe, they appear to have an uncanny knack of turning perfectly good, clean living accomodation into uninhabitable slums in a very short space of time.

    As sure as eggs are eggs, this one family is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

  4. Oh, at least some good comes out of the unstoppable influx of the ‘Roma’ from Eastern Europe to the promised land of free milk and honey and a whole host of other benefits and free stuff courtesy of the British tax payer, we are glad to see the back of them 😉

  5. More tip of the iceberg stuff..

    Slovakian family imported dozens of ‘mothers’ to Britain so they could falsely claim £1.2m in benefits

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2058522/Benefit-fraud-Slovakian-family-imported-dozens-mothers-Britain-claim-1-2m.html#ixzz275t4Zd2j
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    UK Police Send 700 Confiscated Passports of Slovak Fraudsters

    Read more: UK Police Send 700 Confiscated Passports of Slovak Fraudsters | The Daily Slovakia http://www.thedaily.sk/uk-police-send-700-confiscated-passports-of-slovak-fraudsters/#ixzz275tO8KE5

  6. The heart of the matter is this:
    “What real benefits has being part of the European Union bestowed upon the British people?”

    A reinforcing of our sovereignty and cultural values?
    An increase in wealth and industry/employment?
    A sense of involvement, brotherhood and commitment to a common objective as Europeans?
    A greater influence on world events and international cooperation?
    A sense of controlling our own affairs and integration of immigrants into native British cultures?

    For me none of those things have happened.
    My country has become a dumping ground, a place of work and residence rather than an independent nation with self determination, and my country is disappearing under the weight of laws and cultures being forced upon us by overpaid corrupt politicians and bureaucrats living well off the backs of decent ordinary European and British workers.

  7. Agit.

    Eastern european Roma have absolutely zero interest of integrating here in Eastern Europe, so their is even less chance of them doing so in Great Britain.

    They ill simply bleed the system dry untill it eventualy crumbles into dust.

  8. Do any politicians try to do anything about this?

    Do Non tabloid papers , the so called quality papers, address this prominently?

    You can change this .

  9. Harri,
    I know that. I’ve seen them in Europe many years ago. Romania was only too pleased to see them “find employment” in the UK. Gave them a break.

  10. Agit.

    This is a subject close to my heart, they (The Roma) are truely horrible horrible people.

    Here if it is not nailed or welded down, then kiss it goodbye, one of my neighbours has just had his smallholding completely trashed and all his beloved animals killed and gutted by the Roma, all because he told them to feck off and stop stealing his fence .. how do I know it was Roma, they did it in front of him and his grandchildren.

    By the way, although I do believe I have mentioned this before, a few yaers back we had a nieve self-righteous gullible young French girl, who came to Bratislava foolishly thinking that she could earn herself some righteous brownie points by entering the local Roma slums and ‘educating’ them … she was raped constantly and beaten for 5 days by up to 20 Men and boys from the same ‘family’.

  11. Roma is one of the great world cities.

    Gypsies are gypsies.

    These stories go back centuries, only now the depraved try to pretend it’s not so.

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