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I suppose it is a theme I return to time and time again, but I think we have to duty to flag up these instances where our judiciary fail to provide justice. I refer in this case to the case when Ernest Norton – a pensioner – collapsed with a heart attack after being pelted with sticks, stones and rocks as he played cricket with his son James, 17. His wife was  at the Old Bailey in August when the boys – aged between ten and 13 at the time of the attack – were found guilty and detained for stoning her husband to death. They sobbed as they were convicted of manslaughter and violent disorder. But last month the Court of Appeal quashed the manslaughter convictions. They again appeared before Judge Warwick McKinnon, but this time at Croydon Crown Court where they were given…. mere supervision orders.

So, the message is that in modern Britain you can stone a pensioner to death and so long as you are young enough you can expect to do so with virtual impunity. These feral youths deserved a MUCH harsher sentence, after all they ran away from the scene laughing and crowing "He’s dead, he’s dead".

Poor Mrs Norton and her family – let down by British justice. 

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11 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?

  1. When will our Masters (for that is how they regard themselves) realise that a life is all we have and that when that life is taken away from us we lose everything that we had, have or ever will have. We lose everything. To take a life is a serious, a very serious matter and the Law must recognise this no matter what the age of the perpetrator. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case-why?

  2. I long for the time when an administration will genuinely take on the issue of crime and punishment and deal with it properly. 2 policies in particular I would like to see implemented. Statutory mandatory minimum sentences without any loopholes, and an ened of the right of criminals to appeal against their sentences.

  3. David Vance –

    Here’s the key part of the piece:

    Lawyers said the conviction for manslaughter was not safe, arguing that Mr Norton’s death could not be laid at the boys’ door because the pensioner had a heart condition – he had a triple bypass in 1977. The boys had hurled abuse, pelted the pensioner with sticks, stones and rocks and spat on him after crowding round a leisure centre tennis court on February 26, 2006. Retired engineering draughtsman Mr Norton collapsed when a half-brick fractured his cheekbone and he had a fatal heart attack in front of his horrified son.

    Note, any sanction on these savages appears to depend on whether Mr Norton had a heart condition. Their actual behaviour, a vicious attack on a stranger and triumphant, callous reaction, is entirely irrelevent. So a man died, and their killers walk free (they are his killers, no doubt about it) simply because he had a heart condition. If anyone doubts that they killed Mr Norton, you must believe that his heart attack was a coincidence, that is just happened when he was attacked. Which, of course, is plain nonsense.

    Britain and justice went their seperate ways long ago. We once had laws which would have brought the severest punishment on these killers, but they were deliberately done away with. Those laws and the society they reflected would have once been enough to make any such attack unthinkable, but liberals knew better.

    Time enough for them to apologise.

  4. Their convictions should have stood and they should have served prison time. But where are the conservatives in al this (or whatever the right may want to call themselves these days. You can’t just blame the "liberals").

  5. I expect that they will end up back in jail soon enough, pity the people they will prey on before they are taken off the street.

  6. "But where are the conservatives in al this (or whatever the right may want to call themselves these days. You can’t just blame the "liberals")."

    We’re still here. But its the liberals who are in charge (usually embedded in the bureaucracy where they cant be shifted regardless of government – our judiciary, your own State Department would be good example), so there isnt a damn thing we can do about it unless we elect a government capable of cleaning house.

  7. Mahons,

    British conservatives are now found outside mainstream politics where we are powerless – until the revolution. Then, Traitor Gate will be busy.

  8. Mahons –

    If you mean the Conservative Party, it hasn’t been conservative for two generations. Long ago, in the 1950s and 60s it swallowed wholly the post-war, welfare-state, cultural Marxist settlement.

    It’s the party which smashed our constitution and deposed our Sovereign by taking us into the EU. It believes in the multicultural society, and therefore the end of any meaningful British culture. Conservative governments raise taxes and raise spending. They have closed more grammar schools than Labour governments. It has never made any attempt to dismantle the system of comprehensive schooling which has proven so disastrous. Conservative MPs voicing conservative opinions are likely to be deselected by their party. And successive Conservative Home Secretaries have been completely, utterly useless fighting the anti-judgmental, anti-punishment culture on which our increasingly barbaric society is built.

    Genuine conservatives are still plenty, in fact Britain is still a conservative society outside of the tiny, though culturally dominant, liberal heights. We just prefer to go to work (must keep the scum supplied with dole crack) and raise our families.

  9. The soluion for conservatives when they claim their party isn’t up to snuff doesn’t seem to me to be a pipe dream revolution (how radical) and whining about liberals. It seems that conservatives (the movement not the party) have a lot more responsibility.

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