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…….. are the Council Social Workers, Police & CPS bureaucrats.

The report published today by the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board (RBSCB) uses lots of ‘buzz’ words and terms in an effort to explain a catalogue of deliberate actions, and mostly in-actions, regarding the tragic case of the young girls, mainly from the Rochdale area, who were raped, sexually-abused and treated like walking garbage by a bunch of Muslim men.

If you read the report thoroughly, as I have done, you may begin to identify the problems behind many of the much-publicised other failings of children, many of which have actually led to the death of the child in question. Time after time, when one young woman complained or reported the continual abuse she was forced to undergo, the only reaction was to determine whether her unborn child was itself ‘at risk’, and nothing about the threats of violence made against both the young woman and her family.

I have previously posted on the actions and attitudes of a very senior C.P.S. named Nazir Afzal, and I would repeat these statements within this post, because nowhere in this flawed ‘report’ does the name of Mr. Afzal either figure or be mentioned, yet it is widely believed that it was only after he took over was any genuine movement detected to apprehend the ‘Asian’ men who were the procurers of this vile trade.

The Report has been published, and there will no doubt be many more ‘internal reviews’ and inquiries, and shocked people who just could not believe that such ‘pillars of the community’ could act in such a vile and disgraceful way. But there won’t be many people sacked who deserve it, not many people will be demoted, and apart from the Muslim paeadophiles now in prison, there won’t be many joining them!

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5 thoughts on “The only winners…..

  1. Someone from Rochdale Social Services (I think, didn’t quite catch her exact title) was on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour this morning, being interviewed by Jenny Murray about this disgraceful episode.

    Jenny Murray was very careful to tiptoe around the area of ‘race issues’. The piece was started off with the very disingenuous introduction of “men grooming girls”, not even the BBC favourite “Asian” this time. About half way through the interview Jenny very tentatively asked the question of whether it was a ‘race’ involvement at all.

    The interviewee said the social workers had thought very carefully about this and had decided that there was no general race issue.

    Of course, in a way she was right, it is not so much a matter of race as a matter of religion. The word “Muslim” did not feature once in the interview; surprise, surprise.

  2. Can there have been a single social worker or policeman left in this country who did not know that underage white girls were being sexually abused by Muslim men, The surprise evinced by the BBC, social workers, and police is utterly preposterous.
    If everyone, instead of sneering at the BNP and the British Defence League, had listened to them they would have had hard evidence years ago, years ago,
    Case after case has been reported in the press over years, in Wales, Blackpool, Manchester,Rotherham, Bradford.Huddersfield, and every major city, even though like the BBC the MSM has done everything to avoid publicizing the facts.
    Time for a national public inquiry and for police chiefs, MPs, and heads of social services to be put on trial for refusing in the face of clear evidence, to do their duty.

  3. It’s not only the police and council officials.

    Why are more and more of our towns overrun by these unwelcome, islamic aliens anyway? Who made the case for this catastrophic immigration and who asked our opinion?

    It happened under successive Tory and Labour governments. Anyone who voted for either of these traitorous factions in the last few decades is also to blame. You voted for them, you sanctioned them, you gave them the green light, you did nothing to stop or dissuade them from implementing policies which have been a total catastrophe for the British people.

  4. Never mind.. are you not listening?

    ‘Lessons have been learnt’

    Jeez, you have not been taking any attention .. have you, ‘Common purpose’ now over-rules’ any form of common sense.

  5. This issue has been on the BNP’s website FOR YEARS, and with evidence supporting the allegations. Had there been no evidence, the BNP could have been sued by those accused, but there was never a case against the BNP because the accusations were true. Even worse is the cover-up. How can any decent person participate in a cover-up of a campaign of mass rape of young girls – nad let’s face it, the victims are white.

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