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Herbert Lom died at the ripe old age of 95, a veteran of the silver screen.  He was best known for playing the ever more enraged Inspector Dreyfus opposite the bumbling Inspector Clouseau played by Peter Sellers.  The two men provided the world with some of the most hysterical scenes ever brought to film comedy in the Pink Panther movies.

Lom was also memorable in the dark comedy The Ladykillers, and in scores of other roles over the decades.  He belonged to that rare group of actors who always brought energy to every scene.  I salute you Inspector Dreyfus.

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2 thoughts on “Let Us Now Praise Herbert Lom

  1. Now that’s a great shame, although 95 is a decent innings.

    Appearing in The Ladykillers, El Cid, Spartacus and brilliantly playing Dreyfus, that’s real public service.

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