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By Pete Moore On October 1st, 2012

The first presidential debate is on Wednesday.

9 Responses to “CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE”

  1. Pete – which issues of real importance do you think will be raised and how will the candidates stance differ on each issue?

  2. Will you be watching it Pete?
    As in WATCHING it at home, in front of your TELEVISION? 😉

  3. Allan@Aberdeen –

    Erm … Genuinely: erm …

    Agit8ed –

    Watching these “debates” is one of the more pointless things that anyone can do with his time.

  4. Damn, I washing my hair on Wednesday so can’t watch it.

  5. I’ll watch just for the snickers.

  6. I’ll watch but the nothing of consequence will come out of this style of debate, unless one of the candidates sticks his head up his ass.

  7. Troll

    They will be talking out of their asses so it makes sense to stick their heads up there first 😉

  8. So how many Americans will be watching Strictly Presidential? Figures to the nearest million and then compare with other TV shows, please.

  9. sad but true Colm