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I will be on the BBC tomorrow morning commenting on tonight’s Presidential debate in Denver. I’m the allegedly pro Romney guy – a rare breed here in the UK the BBC assure me. I won’t sit on and watch it but will see highlights 1st thing tomorrow. If any US writers want to post their opinions, I will read before going on-air in the morning!

Talking point – will Romney remind Obama that he said he would be a one term President?

Shortly after the President took office, he said, “If I don’t have this done in three years, there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Well, it’s now been nearly four years and what does President Obama have to show for it? He brought us a stimulus that didn’t stimulate anything, a $16 trillion deficit and climbing, an unemployment rate above 8% and economic growth rate of 1.3%.

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9 thoughts on “SECONDS OUT, ROUND ONE!

  1. Would McCain have bailed out GM? That’s why Ohio will vote for Obama. And Romney’s record as an outsourcer of jobs to China is not playing well in the blue collar states.

    Then there’s those pesky tax returns – surely as one of the 53% Romney has nothing to hide?

  2. David

    Why has Romney not released earlier tax returns? Surely he has never belonged to the despised 47% who pay no taxes? After all, he has earned millions every year since, like forever, due to being a very successful entrepreneur and all that. So he must have paid lots and lots of tax, unless (perish the thought) he took advantage of “tax havens” to “shelter” some of the loot he earned by outsourcing US jobs to China? Surely not?

  3. Peter –

    “Would McCain have bailed out GM? That’s why Ohio will vote for Obama.”

    Neither Bush, nor McCain nor Obama could possibly have “bailed out” GM. The mafia state they serve robbed everyone else, sucked capital from the economy and condemned thousands of other Americans to unemployment and poverty to favour GM.

    “So he must have paid lots and lots of tax ..”

    I sincerely hope not. Why should he be made to forfeit his own property simply because other people want it?!

    Romney paid a relatively low – though lawful (which is what you insist for everyone) – rate of tax because the puppet masters in control both of these parties have tax exemptions written into law to advantage the mega-wealthy.

    Clinton did not do away with them, Obama has not done away with them, because the mega-wealthy control both of these vastly corrupt factions.

  4. Pete

    Bullshit, all points except your last sentence.

    But especially on the scumbag tax-dodging billionaire Romney. When will Rightworld geddit? This guy has aided and abetted the destruction of thousands of US jobs and dodged tax on his profits. And he presents as a fit candidate for POTUS? Yeah, sure.

  5. Peter –

    From what I know (which I admit isn’t that much) I suspect Romney has helped tens of thousands of Americans keep their jobs, via good management and capital formation, which would have been otherwise destroyed.

    Question: where were you people when Timothy Geithner admitted, upon becoming Treasury Secretary, that he had committed evasion? I don’t recall such outrage.

  6. Isn’t it amazing that some Yanks worry about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Were I American and having a vote in November, I’d be more worried of how badly Obama has spent my money, rather than how Mitt Romney spent his!!

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