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By David Vance On October 9th, 2012

Just how many skeletons are coming out of the Savile cupboard? 

The former head of the Jersey child abuse investigation has revealed Sir Jimmy Savile was implicated in the Haut de la Garenne children’s home scandal. No-nonsense Ulsterman Lenny Harper said yesterday he now has ‘no reason to doubt’ that Savile indecently assaulted girls at the notorious Jersey children’s home. His comments came on the day that the BBC’s director general, George Entwistle, ordered a belated inquiry into the abuse scandal and offered an apology to Sir Jimmy Savile’s victims.

What evidence is there and why has it only just come to light? Just what has been going on?

24 Responses to “JIM FIXED IT OK”

  1. Does this mean Jimmy Savile abused coconuts?

  2. Massive media distraction this. What are they going to do? Dig him up slap the corpse around a bit? Lock up the coffin?

    No this is classic distraction stuff to cover up something else.

    Remember ‘a good day to bury bad news’?

    So what else is occurring right now? Economy in the crapper…IMF telling it like it is….coallition borrowed more than Greece? All true, all embarrassing and all barely mentioned.

    You really don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to see a pattern emerging here. Mind you it probably helps but now and then we conspiracy nuts are right on the money. I think this may be one of those times.

  3. The abuse and cover-up have been going on for decades – and this is just one guy! There is a network covering the entire country which provides all that Savile’s needs required and at no risk of adverse publicity because the police and judiciary are as involved as Savile. Over the decades of this perverts sexual abuse of minors, just how many people in charities, schools, media, police etc. were aware of Savile’s sordid deeds? The answer is at least hundreds and probably thousands. Now that is a huge conspiracy, is it not?

    When I was at the gym the other night, the attendant (let’s call him Stewart) and I were having a natter and he mentioned that when he was in Fort William about 10 years ago for a half-marathon, JS was there and Stewart got his autograph. He came back to the sports centre and said that he got JS’s autograph to teh disgust of the receptionist who explained that when she was 14 and worked a cafe in Fort William (Savile had a cottage not far away), Savile came to the cafe and she went to serve him. Savile’s hand went straight up her skirt to her profound shock. Worse was when she complained to her manager and he refused to act. That’s how thse scumbags get away with it.

  4. “to her profound shock.”

    Is that a Scottish euphemism?
    There was an article in the Daily Mail (Boo Boo!) that was suggesting many of those early DJs came to the BBC from holiday camps and similar places where the main attraction was… the girls. So according to the article they just carried on doing what they had always been doing.
    I don’t know.
    What is really sickening is that all down the line it is the young, the vulnerable, the impressionable and the defenceless who suffer whilst for whatever reasons the adults close ranks.

  5. One of Savile’s fellow DJs at Radio 1 was Chris Denning:

    Denning was part of a group of child sex offenders based around a disco for young people in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Other well-known participants included Tam Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers, and Jonathan King.

    Sounds like quite the crowd at the BBC.

  6. It’s absolutely incredible. When it first appeared in the news about Jimmy Savile I thought it seemed wrong to bring up accusations after the man is dead, but as time has gone by it is obvious there were quite a few of these people around..
    Here’s the article i read,

  7. So how many people are/were aware of Savile’s assaults on youngsters? This is over decades and all over the country. There is no way that such a cover-up and conspiracy on this scale could not have lasted Savile’s lifetime without the participation of the freemasons police.

  8. Allan,
    Freemasonry is still a potent force in this country. I encountered it frequently as a town councillor, and was invited to join a few times.
    I can tell you that stuff relating to drugs and crime were told me and passed onto the police, and for some reason nothing was ever sorted out.
    In their defence the Police would say that the law makes it much more difficult to act without properly covering all the bases.
    I had quite a few run ins with our locals. There were some good and effective officers, but by and large it seemed that the hoops they had to jump through and the fact they were no longer part of, or living in the community effectively emasculated them.

  9. Agit – freemasons take an oath to protect each other, and that means over and above the law of the land except for murder and treason – and even then only under their own judgment:


    As for the numbers involved in the cover-up for Savile alone, if I said hundreds would you disagree?

  10. Allan,
    If you’re an innocent idealist like me, you find it hard to believe that could be true.
    But the fact is that people will close ranks because their own interests are threatened, their career prospects are threatened, or you might be ostracised, or even threatened.
    That those things happen I do know. So much as I don’t want to agree with you McTatters, I think you are probably right. But there will be a CORE of people who control things and the rest will fall into line as necessary.

  11. Agit – you are way too old to be an innocent idealist: you should have passed through that phase years ago, for goodness sake!

    Here we have before our eyes a conspiracy lasting decades which involved at least hundreds of people in the media, police, schools, charities etc. to cover up the sordid activities of ONE media personality. It is beyond doubt that there is more than Jimmy Savile involved in these goings-on as we know from Kincora NI, Haut de la Garenne Jersey, Queen Victoria School Dunblane, and the on-going but unreported (by corporate media) cover-up of a paedophile ring in Scotland where the judiciary has some involvement – and freemasonry is the thread which runs through it like lettering in candy rock:


    – Former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini employed Cayman Islands hopping lawyers from Glasgow. Reporting on the background of the case, Robert Green was arrested by Police on 12th February 2010 in relation to a breach of the peace alleged to have been committed in Aberdeen when Mr Green attempted to hand out leaflets regarding the anti-abuse campaign. It was also revealed the then Lord Advocate, now Dame Elish Angiolini had employed private law firm Levy McRae to serve interdicts on Mr Green in connection with his campaign to ‘out’ alleged abusers of downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig. Glasgow law firm Levy McRae who later represented shamed former Glasgow City Council Boss & Cocaine addict Steven Purcell, proceeded to threaten several media outlets & journalists over their reporting of the case, covered by Scottish Law Reporter HERE & HERE. The Purcell scandal caused some newspapers to ‘evaluate’ their relationship with Levy McRae, details of which were featured in a report here : HERE –

  12. Allan,
    I actually believe you!
    When my wife and I unfairly lost our business and savings, I soon found out how the justice system works.
    But I choose not to dwell on the bad stuff. I try to speak out against the worst excesses of society and to stand for truth and justice according to my Christian faith.

    It is what I have said before Allan, you can unearth all kinds of stuff, but whilst we can and should seek to make things better in our generation, evil will continue until the Boss calls “Time!.”

  13. This is very dark stuff. And shows we are still in the dark ages when it comes t our attitudes to abuse of children, especially children in care.

    As more and more comes out about Saville a picture of a very dangerous threatening thug comes accross. One key indicator of our society’s level of sickness is the number of people who seem incredulous because this is only coming out after his death. Some of the victims tried to speak out before and were punished. People were clearly scared of him and not just because of the impact he could have on their careers but because he was a dangerous thug. Louis Thereau was taken aback to discover that Saville had his phone no when was filming his “when Louis met ….”. Saville touched his nose and let it be known that he could find most things out. This was not just a message for him. This was a message to all his victims!

    I hope the victims get some sort of peace and empowerment from what is happening.

  14. There seemed to be a concerted campaign to blacken Harper’s name re Jersey. I hope that backfires. I think more will come from that.

    There will unfortunately be a bit of a witch hunt. It will unearth some witches but some innocent people may also find themselves in the frame.

  15. She’s Dame Elish Angiolini now, is she? She’s done very well for herself lately. I wonder what she knows.

  16. There seems to be a lot of skipping around teh central point which I’m attempting to have confirmed by the disbelieving, and it is this:

    There is a network covering the entire country which provided all that Savile’s needs required and at no risk of adverse publicity because the police and judiciary were as involved as Savile. Over the decades of this perverts sexual abuse of minors, just how many people in charities, schools, media, police etc. were aware of Savile’s sordid deeds? The answer is at least hundreds and probably thousands. Now that is a huge conspiracy, is it not?

    Does anybody dispute the above?

  17. Pete – the records and findings of the inquiry into the Dunblane massacre are locked away for 100 years. Think about what that means and why these documents are not to be seen by anybody alive today. Who would be so imperilled by the contents of these documents being revealed to the wider public and who would be powerful enough to ensure that they are locked away for 100 years?

  18. It’s not necessarily a conspiracy Allan – it’s an organic climate of fear and unwillingness to rock the boat, not a deliberate organised cover up. A bit like the emperors new clothes where it takes the brave individual to chalenge everyone’s denial and speak the obvious.

  19. Colm – nobody knew everything except the perpetrator. But everybody knew the same thing and any victim who attempted to alert the public through the media got nowhere because the media refused to publish, just as the police refused to investigate. Now, all of a sudden, they have 120 leads. Why did the police not get after Savile while he was alive? I’ll answer that: it’s because dead men tell no tales. Think of how many policemen would be involved in either covering Savile’s tracks or being active participants in Savile’s parties:


    – Police investigating the alleged sexual abuse of girls by the late Sir Jimmy Savile are pursuing 120 separate lines of inquiry, Scotland Yard has said. –

    – During a press briefing at the Metropolitan Police headquarters in London, police said the alleged victims were mainly girls who were aged between 13 and 16 at the time, and the allegations spanned four decades. –


    – Commander Peter Spindler: ”Savile had a sexual preference for teenage girls”
    Asked if allegations related to any institutions other than those mentioned in previous claims – the BBC, Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne, or Duncroft Approved School in Staines, Surrey – he said he had contacted Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Leeds Royal Infirmary. –

    Now Colm, how do these perverts get away with it? Would they get away if I had any power? The answer is ‘no’ because I would view them as lying bastards as soon as enough independent but corroborating evidence came together to make a case. You, on the other hand, with your childlike naivety would simply view any complainants as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

  20. Allan@Aberdeen –

    I’m pretty sure that not all of the Dunblane Inquiry papers are locked down for 100 years, but those relating to politicians and coppers are.

    An hour ago BBC 5 Live interviewed the senior copper in the Haute de la Garenne investigation. He was unequivocal: Jimmy Savile traveled to Jersey to abuse children at Haute de la Garenne and other institutions there. If half of the supposed facts about that place are true then it wasn’t a rogue institution but a significant node in a wider network of abuse.

  21. Exactly Pete – and a conspiracy to keep it hushed-up which must necessarily have involved police and media.

  22. Allan

    I am not talking about adults in authority, who undoubtedly were involved in conspiracy, I am talking about victims and other lower ranked colleagues who knew what went on, did not like it but did not feel confident enough to challenge the climate of silence.

  23. WIth respect to the police’s inaction while he was alive, Jimmy Saville helpfully explained that in his 1974 autobiography, in which he boasted about sexually abusing young girls:

    [Savile] writes of an incident at the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds, where he worked as a DJ during the 1950s, when a female police officer came in with a photograph of “an attractive girl who had run away from a remand home”.

    Savile writes: “‘Ah,’ says I all serious, ‘if she comes in I’ll bring her back tomorrow but I’ll keep her all night first as my reward’.” He then writes that the girl did go into the club and “agreed that I hand her over if she could stay at the dance, [and] come home with me”. He wrote that he did then hand her over to the “lady of the law…[who] was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me”.

  24. Colm – that’s more or less what I’m saying. But think of the scale of the conspiracy. In my sector, I am in regular communication with counterparts in Trondheim, Stavanger, Hamburg, The Hague, Paris and London – and that’s just me. Is it so unbelievable that the police of Jersey and authorities who ran Haut de la Garenne were not be in contact with their counterparts in Kincora or other localities and institutions which would provide Savile and Heath (both knighted) with their prey? Now that Savile is dead, the police will concoct any story they like to protect the freemasons in their ranks, their highest ranks that is. Haut de la Garenne is almost certainly, as Pete wrote, a node in a system, and the system covers the entire country and an entire Establishment. It’s exactly the same in Scotland and the evidence is there if you want to read it.