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Auntie’s knickers are showing!

By Mike Cunningham On October 10th, 2012

I wonder just how far the mould, rot and decay has actually been in place, before the truth finally emerged, blinking and flinching from the unaccustomed light; now that ‘Sir’ Jimmy Saville’s reputation has been exposed for what it was?

A lecherous, depraved monster was given prime billing on both TV and Radio for over thirty years; and none said differently, until five brave women said, bluntly; He Raped us”!

13 Responses to “Auntie’s knickers are showing!”

  1. very sad, very disgusting…. you know just like Sanduski at penn state every body had to know and just kept quit

  2. Troll – wouldn’t you say that it shows just how easily a despicable crime can be kept under wraps even when ‘everybody’ knows about it?

    In the case of Sir(?) Jimmy Savile, there are thousands who must have known, yet not a peep in the ‘mainstream’ media, the police are not minded to investigate, and the chartites are happy to provide the necessary cover for his activities.

    Sir(?) Edward Heath visited Jersey frequently and also visited other hot spots for child abuse – yet no inquiry by the police. In fact, up here in Scotland, the police actively subdue any people who would attempt to investigate sexual abuse against children. As Savile himself said, if they made any move against him, he would bring half of the police with him.

  3. Mike,
    this is human nature.
    I think Colm described it best here..

    “Colm, on October 9th, 2012 at 11:08 pm Said:
    It’s not necessarily a conspiracy Allan – it’s an organic climate of fear and unwillingness to rock the boat, not a deliberate organised cover up. A bit like the emperors new clothes where it takes the brave individual to challenge everyone’s denial and speak the obvious.”

    IMO He’s quite right.
    I first noticed this human behaviour at boarding school with bullying. I have said before that we humans are tribal. There is a pecking order that mirrors those in nature. It is only through religion and culture that we have made some advances, but underneath it all we are no different, unless we hold onto something that is stronger than us.

    Richard Attenborough demonstrated the problem pretty well..

    This poor (Jewish) doctor for advocating handwashing in hospitals before examining the next patient..

    There is a real price to pay for uncovering evil practices Mike.

  4. Because of some o your past threads, I had to read this a few times to be sure that you weren’t mocking the victims as a few people commenting in different places on the net, but if you are, it is going well over my head.

    It’s even worse than victims are speaking now, in that some of the victims said something at the time and were punished for it.

    One of the stories I can’t get out of my head today is about a journalist who interviewed him in his dressing room and an underrated cancer sufferer who was bald from chemo, lying on the bed. He warned he journalist not to mention her. As unlikely as it is I just want it to be true that he didn’t molest her and that she recovered and is happy somewhere.

  5. “Because of some o your past threads, I had to read this a few times to be sure that you weren’t mocking the victims as a few people commenting in different places on

    Because of WHO’s past threads?

  6. Agitated

    Come on, who do you think?

  7. Auntie Aileen,
    It’s ALLAN isn’t it?!
    The Troll?
    (Everybody’s having a go at HIM at the moment)
    Can’t be Goody Two Shoes Colm, surely???
    I give up.
    I don’t know, I’m sure.

    PS why are you the only lady who regularly mixes it with the rest of us on ATW?

  8. Agi

    Why would it be Troll? Why would I address Troll on Mike’s thread about his past threads without naming him?

    How could it be Ernest, Allan or Colm, when they don’t have threads?

  9. Yes they do.
    Don’t keep me on tenterhooks..
    Who IS the wicked man you are referring to?

  10. They don’t have threads.

    It’s Mike of course!

  11. We now know that Saville was a filthy pervert. I always thought there was something odd about him, but I never guessed the truth.

    Of course he raised millions for charities, but it makes you wonder about his motives. His status as a charity giant helped to quell the whispers and in some cases gave him opportunities.

    But of course it’s open season on the BBC from the usual suspects in Rightworld. An opportunity beyond their wildest wet dreams. I just wonder how the oh so moral Daily Mail never heard any of the rumours in the 1980s and 1990s? Was it asleep, or too cowed to print?

  12. Let’s look at the Savile case:


    – Jimmy Savile was implicated in the Haut de la Garenne children’s home scandal, according to the former head of the Jersey child abuse investigation. Lenny Harper said he now has ‘no reason to doubt’ that Savile indecently assaulted girls at the Jersey children’s home which came under intense scrutiny in 2008. –

    So there one reads that the police were investigating a ‘scandal’ (bit mild for a child murder network??) and happened upon somebody who had been abusing children “for four decades”. Then the investigation stops because there is apparently “not enough evidence”. THAT IS A LIE born of the necessity for the police to cover up their own misdeeds and crimes. Exactly who decided that the investigation should stop? We do know that freemasons swear an oath to protect each other over and above the requirments of the law of the land, so a concoction of lies similar to what went on over the Dunblane massacre is simply to be expected.

  13. yes Alan I agree with your, October 10th, 2012 at 2:06 pm