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According to Rochdale social workers that was your “informed choice”.

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  1. If that is true and it just seems so nuts that I don’t want it to be true.

    Struggling to think what might have given rise to such a comment and all I can come up with us that “lifestyle choices” related to some choices they make way back in the chain of events that led to them being in vulnerable situations.

    As a country we seem to be rubbish at protecting our vulnerable children/minors. Actually I think as a world we fal at it too.

    As I am tying this there are children who are being abused and their safety net has a ruddy great hole in it!

  2. Back in the ’80s I worked in a local authority children’s home in the Midlands. I wasn’t there long before I found out that some of the older girls were “disappearing’ for days or even a few weeks . They were being enticed out by local men (I never did find out who they actually were). They would return fractious, defiant, and tired.
    It’s not a new problem. So let’s ask ourselves some questions.
    What were their backgrounds, and why were they in care?
    a) Many came from broken or dysfunctional families, mother left to cope on her own, serial relationships in which (usually) men were able and more than willing to father children; but not willing to parent them. Or else , a child born of an accident or an incident or a weekend booze up.

    b) In care because parent unable to cope, the child is unwanted, child used as pawn in relationship power struggle.
    Or even a child is born into or for, abusive/incestuous/paedophilic purposes; and placed into State (taxpayer funded) care until old enough to enjoy/exploit.
    It happens!

    The official/humanistic/liberal reasoning behind all of this heartache, tragedy and generationally repetitive abuse is,

    a) People have a right to express themselves in whatever lifestyle format they wish.
    b) They have a right to have children.
    c) They have a right to have as many children, with as many men/women as they choose.
    d) We must not be judgemental/we have not the RIGHT to pontificate about other peoples’ lifestyle choices; even if we are collectively subsidising it and paying for the consequences of that (subsidised) failure.

    The fact that there are men out there able and willing to exploit these vulnerable kids is one thing. The fact that people demand the right to make as many children as they want and abrogate their responsibilities as parents whilst assuming that “the State” will pick up the cost for their expressions of free will and human rights, makes them almost as culpable as the men who abuse those children.

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