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Romney is quite right in what he says here re Smiling Joe Biden;

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accused Vice-President Joe Biden of making misleading statements on last month’s Libya consulate attack. In Thursday’s TV debate with Romney running mate Paul Ryan, Mr Biden said “we weren’t told” about requests for extra security in the country. Mr Romney said that “directly contradicted the sworn testimony of state department officials”.

So, was Biden lying or were the State Department officials lying? Truth seems to have gone missing in action..

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6 thoughts on “STILL LAUGHING?

  1. nah ya think so?

    The requests were backed up in the hearing with documentation almost a years worth, so yeah what a surprise Biden is full of shit.

    The line they are trying to sell today is that the State Dept. never let the WH know…. so I guess that makes it Hilary’s fault. It’s always someone else’s fault, but they got your vote Mahons

  2. I have to laugh at people who believe that there is a difference between Romney’s administration and Obama’s and that the selection of either of the Establishment’s candidates would make any difference to anything at all.

  3. Hey Alan that’s because this applies to you as well….

    “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

    the parties are what they are, they are also the construct that we are trapped in and have to work through. You can’t see the difference because a) in some ways they are no differences, but b) there are also major differences.

    The Democrat part has become the American communist/fascist party those are it’s underlying threads. The Republican party is also strongly held by the progressives in washington, but not at the roots. It is being reclaimed.

    You really don’t understand our politics, we on both sides are very slow in moving. It took the communists 100 years to reach where they are at with the Democrats, this will not change over night.

    The only way it could is if we pointed our guns at each other, we did that once. More people were killed in our civil war than in both world wars, you think we are viscous how we fight the rest of the world? We would be much worse against ourselves internally.

    We are starting the slow reset in our nation. It will be done piece by piece. The first item on the agenda is energy. Over the next ten years the spigots and shovels will be moving.

    There is so much about our culture that you do not understand and you always fear what you don’t understand.

  4. Troll – a wise man cannot have an argument with a fool because the fool, being a fool, is incapable of grasping the wise man’s argument and that’s why I laugh at you. You simply cannot understand that both Republicans and Democrats are owned by the corporate oligarchy even though conclusive evidence of that ownership has been posted on this site several time,s and not just by me. By contrast, Phantom does understand that both Republicans and Democrats are owned by the corporate oligarchy: it’s just that he is quite happy with it.

  5. But remember they are all owned by us

    (the Templars and the Bilderbergers)…lol

    Remember that mankind should always have the ability to choose, to have the freedom of liberty, even if it means accepting that humanity will always be flawed in it’s ways.

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