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Guilty or not, they’re idiots. In addition to the five, four others have been released pending further enquiries.

The servicemen are understood to have been arrested after a video was discovered on a laptop belonging to a Royal Marine.

The clip appears to show members of a Royal Marine patrol standing around a Taliban fighter as he lay injured on the ground in a compound.

They were apparently discussing what to do with him and whether to administer first aid but the film is said to cut out before anything happens.

The Royal Military Police have confirmed the man died, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

The footage was discovered after one of the members of the patrol was arrested by civilian police in the UK over an unrelated matter, it is understood.

Some might say the mistake was filming whatever went on. Don’t youngsters these days know that what goes on tour stays on tour? What I’ve seen on rugby tours and stag weekends would spark a dozen divorces if it ever got back, but now everyone has a mania for recording absolutely everything. It’s like the US Marines watersports video a few months ago. Stone the crows, if you’re going to get up to something at least make sure no-one’s got his phone out to capture it, either for posterity or the rozzers when someone blabs or their computer is searched on unrelated business.

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  1. Yep, when agents of the state are committing crimes, turn off the cameras, eh, Pete?

  2. //Yes Noel, from their point of view.//

    Of course from their point of view everyone should look away.

    The cops would also prefer that when they’re bashing someone in Britain.

  3. That’s precisely the point being made here Noel.

    Some might say the mistake was filming whatever went on

    Whereas others would argue that the mistake was them being there in the first place.

  4. Noel Cunningham –

    I’m not offering advice to state agents on how to bash people and get away with it.

    I do wonder why everything has to be recorded now, even to the point of preserving evidence against yourself, particularly when MOD lawyers are itching to do you. I also wonder why that most useful and discrete rule (what happens on tour/in Vegas/up the Khyber Pass) seems to be sorely lacking. Not everything needs to end up on youtube.

  5. -MOD Lawyers arei itching to d you–

    Yes. Here too. Biden’s son, the lawyer son of a lawyer, was in a unit that prosecuted US soldiers. Its a good career path for these sons of bitches.

    in the age of youtube, it should be a court martial offense to bring any video equipment to a war zone.

  6. We haven’t seen a mutiny in the British Army for quite some years (Etaples, France 1917). However the British Government is doing a good job in providing sufficient incentives for the next one.
    Not the Marines involved shouldn’t be punished if guilty, but it should be done within the Army, not by civilians back in Britain.
    If we lived in a real democracy I doubt very much that the government would have received majority backing for the Afghanistan Failure/Folly.
    No matter how proud the parents, to see your child come home in a body bag, or minus a limb(s) or suffering from trauma is a terrible thing.
    To see it happen in the cause of a POINTLESS and UNWINNABLE conflict makes it almost an act of sadism by our government. Our people have no business being out there. They are achieving NOTHING, and this will surely be seen in the future as being a slo mo version of the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War. A glorious and bloody failure. I
    f I had a son or daughter serving out there, it would give me no comfort to know that his or her name will be read our at PMQ, and then the MOD will haggle over how much treatment or ongoing support they warrant. As a parent I would rather spit in their faces and kick ’em in the goolies first.
    And I tell you what, if every member of every government had to accept that any child of theirs of military service age had to do a six month tour of duty in any conflict called by that government, I guarantee the number of conflicts and interventions would plummet.

  7. Sorry Agit8ed,
    I can’t agree with you. When you sign up for the military, you have to accept that you give up all rights to self determination, and if the government of the day needs something to divert attention away from the state of the economy, then you may very well find yourself being sent overseas to take part in some pointless war. This then gives politicians to look suitably sombre and kinda sad, as they read your name out as having fallen in battle somewhere or other.
    It also provides them with a bit more time to try and find a solution to inflation or whatever, and if your death or disablement enable that to happen, you have served your country well..

  8. Pete,

    ‘time to try and find a solution to inflation”

    Surely inflation is their solution, and probably, to them, the only acceptable one, to enable payment of, or reducing our enormous debt burden.

    Thats a great link to that space jump!! – thank you for posting it…

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