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More shadow boxing...

The DUP has accused Enda Kenny of either committing a gaffe or lacking judgment after the Taoiseach predicted a united Ireland was inevitable. Speaking at a business investment forum in the US city of Cleveland, Mr Kenny said a unification would happen one day — but not in the near future. “The priority is keeping peace in the streets,” he said. East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell accused Mr Kenny of inadvertently feeding the views of republican extremists who believe a united Ireland is a serious prospect.

Firsty, all Enda Kenny was doing was spouting the usual Irish blarney about “Irish re-unification”. He knows his financially bankrupt country has no possibility of gobbling up British Northern Ireland but he was just throwing a little red meat to the Investment animals. As for Campbell, he is also talking nonsense. He is pretending that only “republican extremists” believe a united Ireland is a serious prospect. Has he SPOKEN to his partners in power, Sinn Fein/IRA? Further, if ever there was a way to “feed the views of republican extremists” placing the proxies of the IRA in government seems right up the wish list!

Kenny and Campbell are both clowns – both play acting for the faithful.

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17 thoughts on “IRELAND UNITED?

  1. “A United Ireland by 2016 might just be a bit too ambitious, but 2024?”

    If that happens, What WILL you all find to argue about?

  2. One of SF’s central planks is that post-GFA a united Ireland is inevitable, but when you ask them how specifically it will be brought about they fall quiet. It’s a lie. There’s no prospect of a UI happening any time soon.

  3. “There’s no prospect of a UI happening any time soon.”

    Oh Goody!
    So we can look forward to more interminable dissections on who did what and why, on that “fateful Wednesday afternoon in 1951 after the shops had shut in Lacknacoo….


  4. Agi

    If you don’t care about who did what, which includes inconsequential things like murder and maiming, you don’t have to read them and we can be spared your uninformed commentary.

  5. Why on earth should Gregory care enough about Kenny’s daydreams to comment?

    Insecurity? Over-sensitivity? Traits not unknown to unionist politicians down the years.

  6. Aileen,
    And all this discussion is solving that, or simply reaffirming entrenched positions?
    Whatever, it’s your blog.

  7. I would think Kenny has more pressing things. He is entitled to the aspiration, but at the moment it isn’t really a feasible proposition.

  8. He was in the US at some event and someone asked him the question. He didn’t say it was a ‘feasible proposition’ but that he thinks it’ll happen eventually. I happen to disagree with him but he’s perfectly entitled to express his opinion on the matter. If people want to get their knickers in a knot over it, that’s their prerogative.

  9. If there is a united Ireland it will be because a majority of those eligible to vote in the six counties voted for it. That is the only way it can happen so unless and until there is a referendum all speculation is pointless.

  10. Mr Kenny said a unification would happen one day — but not in the near future.

    Why not? The UK has no God given right to exist in perpetuity and the state of N.I. is only ninety years old. Who can say what will happen in thirty, forty or fifty years time?

    Likely that Kenny & Campbell were ‘play acting for the faithful however, at least they weren’t bare – facedly lying for the faithful.


  11. Aileen

    Some things we discuss
    Some things get clarified,
    But sometimes we are left mystified.
    Heat we generate in abundance, so we are left warm but still blind.

    Every so often we retreat to our “Identity bunkers,”
    sturdily constructed of age old argument and prejudice.
    There we regroup, remind ourselves which side we are on, and why.
    Then confidence and identity restored, we sally forth once more
    to do battle over the ether.
    No longer doubting our cause.

    Occasionally, to gasps of wonder and delight ,
    Enlightenment is achieved, and we Ooh! and we Aaah!
    Pats on the back are offered and imaginary cigarettes are puffed up and down the land, as we relax in the afterglow of our orgasmic union of minds

    But that’s very rare. 😉

  12. Although the hypocrisy of the likes of Campbell is sickening i don’t think there is any doubt that a re-United Ireland will happen. It’s only a question of when?
    The appeasement policy of successive British governments is plain for all to see and has led us to the situation we are in today.
    When it does happen of course the streets will flow with milk and honey. There will be full employment for all and the years of British oppression will be consigned to the history books.
    As a 48 year old bloke my only hope is that it’s not in my lifetime.

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