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is anybody REALLY surprised to read  that twenty seven MPs are claiming taxpayer-funded expenses to rent homes in London while simultaneously letting property in the capital?

Research by the Telegraph using official parliamentary records shows that the 27 MPs who are renting London homes while claiming rental income for other flats include Liam Fox, the former defence secretary, Chris Bryant, the shadow immigration minister, and former defence ministers Peter Luff and Nick Harvey, as well as David Amess, a Tory MP. While they have done nothing wrong under parliamentary rules, the disclosures will prompt questions about how taxpayers’ money is being used and lead to greater demands for transparency from MPs about their expenses. On Thursday, The Daily Telegraph disclosed that the Speaker of the House of Commons had attempted to prevent the new expenses regulator from disclosing the identities of MPs’ landlords, which would have allowed the public to work out which MPs were renting their homes to each other. John Bercow claimed in a letter to the watchdog that the release of the information would jeopardise security.

Rubbish. These parasites are doing what they always do – looking after themselves first and foremost, care of the taxpayer. These troughers should be ashamed of themselves but they are not. Noses plunged into our largesse. Still, you elected them.

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3 thoughts on “TROUGHERS..

  1. Troughers,
    I like it Ernest!
    Doesn’t it make you so sick though?
    Last night i was watching young amputee soldiers looking for a goal, and how through Help for Heroes they were finding a reason to carry on..
    But WHO is responsible for these young men being denied their chance at able bodied life? The chance to love and marry and be a parent, to kick a football with their kids and dream of a better future for them?

    The Troughers of course..

  2. I couldn’t work out what they had done that was in anyway wrong. The point is in the link. The issue is those who are renting out property paid for with public money and then claiming for extra accommodation. If they have an investment property, they bought with their own money, then they are entitled to rent it out and if their primary home is far enough away from Westminster according to the rules, they are entitled to make claims for renting something in the area.

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