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On Sunday last weekend, BBC2 aired “Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell”. It’s a must-see in my book, one of those rare presentations which make TV worthwhile.

BBC2’s blurb states: “This film reveals the exquisite machinery of the human cell system from within the inner world of the cell itself – from the frenetic membrane surface that acts as a security system for everything passing in and out of the cell, the dynamic highways that transport cargo across the cell and the remarkable turbines that power the whole cellular world to the amazing nucleus housing DNA and the construction of thousands of different proteins all with unique tasks. The virus intends to commandeer this system to one selfish end: to make more viruses.”

This is a sneak peek –

It’s all a bit sci-fi, and I don’t know how close to reality the CGI is, but it does a very good job of explaining principles and actions and what happens in one single cell as it’s attacked by a virus: think The War of the Worlds. The whole thing, which is one hour, will probably end up on youtube, but today is the last opportunity to see it on the BBC iPlayer here.


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10 thoughts on “DO WATCH THIS TODAY

  1. Thanks for the reminder Pete. I am downloading it from I player as we speak.

    Of course as a great believer in the supremacy of free trade and commerce, you will no doubt be sending a payment to the BBC to cover the value you recieved from this excellent programme 😉

  2. Ps – Tip to those who want to see it but haven’t got time to do so today. If you download it from the I player rather than watch the streamed video you can keep it until 26th Nonember.

  3. Pete,
    Will I be able to access it later through IPlayer, or is that it? Surely it will be archived somewhere..
    I’d come round your house to watch it ‘cept that well, you know.. Sitting with the curtains closed on a sunny day is a bit of a give away. 😉

  4. Colm – Yeah, I’ll erm, pop a cheque in the post.

    Agit8ed – According to this page there’s one day left on the iPlayer. Clicking on the “Watch now” link thingy takes you to the iPlayer page I link to in the post. As Colm says, there are a couple of download options there if you don’t want to watch it immediately.

  5. This looks like a good watch.

    Colm, you can access iPlayer from anywhere really, through a proxy server.

  6. What a cheek. A self-outed licence fee dodger hyping a programme paid for by the licence fee.

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