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There is ONLY one way to resolve this;

A NEW wave of Eastern European immigration will put tens of thousands of British workers’ jobs at risk, claim experts. Twenty-nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to live and work here under European “freedom of movement” rules coming into force at the end of next year. That will pave the way for a new flood of migrants heading across the Continent to escape grinding poverty in their own countries and snatch jobs away from UK workers already suffering because of the global economic crisis.

Oh yes, Bulgaria and Romania, so rich in multiculturalism that they need to export it to the UK. I am sure we will hear plenty of platitudes from Government about how they will stop this but I do not take them seriously. The ONLY way to prevent endless waves of Eastern European immigration is to LEAVE the EU. It’s as simple and stark as that. If we don’t, and I believe no major political party has the guts to say that we will, then brace yourself for sustained demographic death.

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  1. There are 40,000 demonstrating on the streets of Madrid but the media are keeping it secret. Madrid, now: Over 40,000 protestors surround Spain’s seat of government demanding resignation. Livestream from Madrid:


    I’m sure that they appreciate the EU just as much as we do.

  2. I believe no major political party has the guts to say that we wil

    Or maybe they disagree with you and don’t think immigration is a bad thing. Possible!

  3. A NEW wave of Eastern European immigration will put tens of thousands of British workers’ jobs at risk, claim experts

    What jobs will be put at risk?

  4. Paul McMahon –

    I can’t imagine that jobs will be “put at risk”, in that they’ll still exist. However the impact is felt mostly by those doing jobs which immigrants can also do, either because immigrants will fill them or incomes will decrease. When you increase the supply of something, in this case labour, you push down its price.

  5. Isn’t that the free market way Pete?

    The ‘jobs at risk’ will be the McDonalds, Subway and Burger King service sector, i.e. the jobs that quite a lot of Brits find beneath them.

    Whenever I hear of ‘experts’ the Mark Twain quote immediately springs to mind “An expert is just some guy from outta town”

  6. Well since the state has no right to tell anyone else what to do about nuttin, neither you nor any ” jackboot thugs ” from the UK Border Agency have the right to deny employers of cheap labor.They should be free to import 50 million if they like.

    Every one from every continent should be free to pursue their UK dreams

    Its ” no one else’s business “

  7. Paul McMahon –

    States have arranged it so that Britons have no more right to live in Britain than 400 million aliens.

    I’ve always suspected that McJobs will be taken up by Britons if a) welfare didn’t incentivise them to stay in bed, and b) those jobs weren’t taxed.

    Certainly, other jobs will be filled also. As we saw with Poles, plenty of Eastern Europeans can drive trucks and fix taps.

  8. Phantom –

    You forget my advice to you: don;t misrepresent me.

    For the umpteenth time, national defence, which includes immigration, is a legitimate function of the state.

  9. You’re in no position to give orders to anyone at any time.

    There are plenty of Lunatic Libertarians who think that liberty means free roaming across borders and no controls of ant kind. And those people are no crazier than you are.

    They are actually saner, since you at the same time want an air tight border control but would deny the state any tax revenue to finance that huge job at all the UK air and sea ports etc. Remember, ” all tax -all-Is theft ” and is only collected ” at the threat of violence ”

    So your contradictory stances would mean looser borders than you have now, since a UK without taxing authority will not control any borders.

  10. I see no one has yet addressed the huge cost of the UK’s social welfare state, it needs more working, taxable bodies to sustain the current system. Importing industrious Poles make good sense if you’re looking for more income tax revenue and at least they’re white Christian Europeans, right?

  11. It’s only non skilled low paid jobs that will be put at risk.

    I echo Phantom’s comments on Poles. In my experience Poles are among the most honest, hard working, industrious people that I have had the good fortune to meet.

    Are you arguing for job protectionism Pete? Surely that’s not the free market way?

  12. Daphne –

    Yes, at least Poles are white and Christian, so it could be worse, but what happens when they grow old and expect a pension payout? Welfare is the ultimate ponzi scheme, created and sustained by a ruling class which will be wealthy and long gone when when the scheme collapses. In any case you can’t choose from a menu of immigration policies with the EU. Everyone is allowed to move everywhere.

    Phantom –

    Yes, some libertarians advocate the free movement of everyone everywhere. Some libertarians, however (like me), think that culture matters and that our liberties will be destroyed by it.

    For evidence I present the great body of restrictive laws which have been instituted in Britain in the last few decades, in the cause of aiding “race relations”, which have destroyed some of our ancient and basic liberties.

  13. Paul McMahon –

    I don’t argue for job protection. I argue that unless Britain can hang on to the last vestiges of a once united and cohesive society, we’re all stuffed and destined for a nasty future.

    Now let’s get off Poles, that’s a distraction and they’re not the biggest problem by a long way.

  14. In truth, it is not so much your jobs that will be at risk from 1 January 2014 but your taxes, as from that date Romanians and Bulgarians eligible to become employed here – you can be self-employed already – will also be eligible for unemployed/non-employed social security benefits.

    Housing benefit has become increasingly available to them already since a court judgment that a self-employed Romanian who had been selling the Big Issue and wasn’t working at it any more was eligible for unemployment benefit.

  15. Pete

    I agree that immigration must be controlled. So does anyone with a brain.

    But noone is controlling anything without a substantial force to do it, and a substantial budget funded by taxes to pay all those people.

    There is no getting around it. And the hyper militant anti tax position cannot be reconciled with effective border enforcement. You can have no taxes or you can have a contolled border but you absolutely can never have both.

  16. So you’ve no problems with the free movement of labour Pete?

    Is that correct Framer? I have a friend from Belfast who lived in Germany for seven years. He went back to live in Belfast around three years ago and was told when he registered with the DHSS that as he hadn’t lived there for more than a year he wouldbe treated as a non – national and would have to wait for twelve months before he was eligible for any benefits.

  17. Phantom –

    Other countries might need a substantial force, we don’t. Actually we can easily disincentive much immigration by (sensibly) announcing that all foreigners are not eligible for any welfare.

    Paul McMahon –

    I’m all in favour of of the free movement of British labour in Britain. Other countries can make their own arrangements.

  18. Pete

    That would be an enormous, and highly sensible first step

    But you still would be a huge immigration magnet

    The poorest person in the UK lives like a king as compared with most of the worlds population

    Without resources who keeps anyone out?

    What will be the process to decide who can legally immigrate?

  19. Nope.

    Actually it’s not the most sensible thing economically, because nation states rarely make optimal economic areas, but as I said above, culture matters.

    My time preference is long, and I don’t want to make a quid now if my liberties are more likely to be curtailed down the road or my taxes raised to pay the increased welfare bill of increased immigration.

  20. My “nope” was in response to Paul McMahon.

    Phantom –

    We’re virtually an island. We don’t need to (say) defend a mega-land border against wetbacks going one way and White House gun runners going the other. The resources we need to deploy are, pro-rata, modest.

    “What will be the process to decide who can legally immigrate?”

    I’d prefer that we manage to screw it down to virtually nothing first and then start thinking about how extremely high we set the bar. Needless to say, only white, wealthy, English-speaking Christians should be allowed.

  21. Lets say you only need a ludicrously small number of 100 border agents? Who pays. For them?

    You have a huge sea border by the way. One that can be accessed by sea I believe

  22. Nope

    Seems like it to me.

    Regarding increased taxes for increased immigration welfare the experience of my friend from Belfast above would tend to contradict that premise.

  23. Paul McMahon –

    Well, there you go, I’ve said my piece on that.

    Phantom –

    ” .. 100 border agents? Who pays. For them?”

    A hundred? Stone the crows, that’s an easy deal.

    Allow immigrants of good stock and levy a “border control charge” on them in return for negligible/no taxes. They won’t be able to write a cheque fast enough. Incentives dear boy, incentives.

  24. Paul McMahon –

    What am I supposed to explain? I’ve given my opinion.

    That’s a pretty blatant piece of state propaganda there. A shame the state mouthpiece wasn’t so keen to trumpet a more typical face of immigration.

  25. Pete,

    “For the umpteenth time, national defence, which includes immigration, is a legitimate function of the state.”

    Haha. Your neighbor gets a pole in to fix the plumbing and that’s a matter of national security. But when it comes to health and education (defending the nation against disease and ignorance) well that’s somehow different.

    What a load of cock. You are making it up as you go along.

    Anyway, you can shove it can’t you? Because you certainly have no right to demand a say in your neighbor’s private contracts with visitors other countries, all engaged in legal and harmless activities, just because you don’t like them and would rather force him to deal with someone else you’d prefer.

    No, because no principled man of liberty would put up have a part in any such bullshit.

  26. If the Polish plumber will be claiming his pension from me, and if his presence gives the state an excuse to tax me for translators and Polish community centres, and if the state tells me I must be polite and welcoming to the Pole or it might prosecute me, then yeah, I have every damned right to oppose his presence.

    You want to see a load of cock? Walk into any classroom for that old son, and I don;t just mean the lessons in oral sex that young children are getting. Maybe we should try meaningful education one day, because we haven’t had it in decades outside of private and grammar schools.

    And what’s this, being told to shove it by an immigrant in my own country? Piss off.

  27. Of course you can shove it. Most of your own countrymen tell you to do so.

    You make up excuses to interfere in other people’s peaceful arrangements, but it’s not taxation to help Poles you don’t like, because you oppose taxation to help anyone. You’ve already admitted it’s to protect your fragile ‘culture’. However if your culture was any good people would voluntarily espouse it without the violence of state you pretend to despise except when it suits you.

    But your culture isn’t any good, is it? Your culture of racism and sexism is so vile that people have literally revolted against it and some have even laid down their lives to be free of it.

    Women and men all over the world have fled from your culture as fast as they can and as soon as they could. Good for them.

  28. Millions of people have revolted because their governments weren’t turning their homelands into Karachi and Kampala? That’s a scientific discovery, is it? Did a Petri dish tell you that, Frank?

  29. Pete,
    We should leave the EU.
    Designed by politicians FOR politicians..
    They say,
    “It has stopped war in Europe since 1945.”
    I say,
    “I have yet to meet a European who WANTS war.”
    The fact is that it is only ever politicians who want to fight wars, yet they are the first to find reasons why THEIR kids don’t have to.
    So as I have said before, if we actually lived in a democracy, we would insist that a law was passed so that in the event that our government wanted us to go to war, THEIR kids would be the first to sign up to a six months tour of service.
    Whaddya think would happen then?

  30. I’d suggest, Agit8ed, that wars would end pronto. Don’t you know you’re racist for wanting to leave the EU?

    Be careful about criticising the EU. That’s illegal behaviour, and likely to cause millions to revolt.

  31. Pete,
    Re leaving the EU who’s saying I am racist?
    The EU is the worst thing that the United Kingdom ever got involved in.

  32. Pete,

    “Millions of people have revolted because their governments weren’t turning their homelands into Karachi and Kampala?”

    Jeepers you’d think someone professing to be the defender of the culture would have a better grasp of english reading comprehension?

    But you’re certainly onto something when you see border controls as essential to the preservation of your culture.

    After all, if you got your way you’d need to impose martial law to stop people leaving.

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