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By Pete Moore On October 31st, 2012

YESTERDAY: “Death knell for wind farms: ‘Enough is Enough’ says minister”

TODAY: “Energy Secretary slaps down minister who called for end to wind farm sprawl”

Because much of what they determine is far too important to hinge on squabbles between tiny cliques of unprincipled thieves and liars.


  1. Minister uses nice cheap non binding words. Fools believe him. Paper prints favourable to Gov news. Day ends.

    New day begins.
    U turns begin. Day ends.

    This is one of the most dysfunctional governments I can recall.

    Liebour will be worse but not by much.

    Well at least I didn’t vote for these clowns. Lib/Lab/Con…all the same.

  2. There was a particularly useful contribution by UKIP which, whilst a party of ferrets in a sack nonetheless forced a Court to come off the fence and rule that promises made in election manifestos by political parties are non-binding i.e. any political party can promise whatever it wants to get elected and then renege.

  3. Much better to rely on gas from Russia. What could go wrong?

  4. We don’t import that much gas from Russia. Maybe we wouldn’t need to import any at all if started on that awesome amount of shale gas under our feet, no?

    It’s better than relying on useless wind farms in any case.

    On which subject .. I found out this morning that wind turbines have diesel engines in them. The weight of the blades means that when they don’t turn the bearings develop flat spots and end up failing, so the engines keep the blades turning.

    You really cannot make it up.

  5. Wind farms are not useless by any means. If they were, no-one would build them on land or at sea. But stay in your Daily Telegraph comfort zone, under no circumstances attempt to establish the facts.

  6. But no-one would build them without us being forced to cough vast subsidies. Then we have to pay through the nose again for a tiny dribble of power they provide. And all the while a tanker is circling the north sea filling up the diesel tanks in every one of them and Cameron’s millionaire father-in-law is trousering a grand a day which we have to pay him if we want to stay out of prison.

    That’s really not the best way to organise energy.

  7. Pete

    I can see you have read nothing (ok maybe Delingpole) on this subject.

    Wind power is being rapidly adopted all round the world. China will soon be getting 15% of its electricity this way. And the USA and Germany and Denmark are all heading the same way. They would not be doing that for “a tiny dribble of power”. And I daresay that coal provided “a tiny dribble” at one time in the past (say 1600) but things change.