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I could never be an Undertaker. It’s a dead end job! But some do it and provide a valuable service to people who are by definition in a state of grief. So what do you make of this then?

A Cambridge undertaker who stole a purse from an elderly woman as he collected her body was jailed yesterday after a judge criticised the sickening ‘breach of trust’. Grahame Lawler, 37, was called to Muriel Swift’s home minutes after it was discovered the 78-year-old disabled spinster had died. He pounced after asking a police officer to hand some paperwork to a colleague outside the room, taking the purse which contained £10 in cash.

He was sentenced to four months in prison. Is that adequate? Is a custodial prison sentence appropriate? Has he been struck off EVER being allowed to Undertake again? The breach of trust here is horrendous and it makes me despair that we have such moral degeneracy in our society. To STEAL the purse of this deceased lady is beyond words. Where is his SHAME and REMORSE?

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7 thoughts on “DEAD END MORALITY

  1. I understand the outrage, but isn’t stealing from the living a bit worse? People seem to do that a lot more often, with lighter repercussions than the 4 months for 10 quid here.

  2. Four months is more than adequate.

    If you had eqivalent punishment for all property crime, you’d be in good shape.

  3. Four months will cost the taxpayer far more than 10 Quid. I would have revoked his undertaker’s license instead so the financial burden would be on him.

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