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It’s not just prisons where you find criminals, it is also Parliament!

Former Labour minister Denis MacShane is facing a fresh police investigation after he resigned as an MP yesterday for fiddling his expenses. Scotland Yard last night vowed to examine a report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards which found Mr MacShane guilty of submitting 19 false claims ‘plainly intended to deceive’ Parliament’s expenses authority. But he could still dodge criminal charges because evidence submitted to Parliament is inadmissible in court.

MacShane was Labour’s pro EU Minister. Given how corrupt THAT institution is, I suppose the fact that MacShane was fiddling his expenses is no big surprise.

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10 thoughts on “NO SHAME MACSHANE

  1. Nick a bottle of water – six months in prison.

    Wear an offensive t-shirt, or be rude online about a footballer or Olympic diver – go to prison.

    Commit theft and fraud in Parliament to trouser thousands of pounds …

    It has now emerged that a prosecution could not rely on Mr MacShane’s letters to Mr Lyon, in which he reportedly admitted the deception.

    Clerk of the Journals, Liam Laurence Smyth, who is responsible for parliamentary privilege issues, said the correspondence was protected by parliamentary privilege which, he said, was essential for parliament to function effectively.

    … see how it works, peasants? It’s good to write the rules, eh?

  2. He was also probably the most pro Israeli MP in Parliament.

    Looks like he had a foot in both camps!

  3. He was also probably the most pro Israeli MP in Parliament.

    MacShane’s real name is not MacShane – that’s why.

  4. Oh yes, I see he was born Denis Matyjaszek. I did wonder about the odd first name.

    I presume “Matyjaszek” is Polish for “dirty, thieving, crooked, traitorous scum”.

  5. Denis Macshane has always been a horrible man.

    He was fired by the BBC in the 1970s for pretending to be a caller, so he could slander a Tory MP.

    He regularly accused moderate Eurosceptics of being xenophobes, racists and even Nazis. Even accusing the Conservative Party of supporting the massacres of Jews in the WW2 Poland.

    He made bogus allegations of expense fiddling against Eurosceptics.

    He used bogus figures on people trafficking to launch a campaign then slandered anyone who pointed out that they were bullshit.

    He bullied parliamentary staff.

    He wrote an article about what “moderate Muslims must do”- then put it out in the name of another MP, Khalid Mahmoud.

  6. Oh and Denis Macshane isn’t Jewish- but it does show how feeble the supposed Zionist conspiracy of Allan’s imagination is if their supposed most loyal MP has to engage in such brazen fraud for a few thousand quid.

    I thought they are supposed to be “well funded”.

    Also despite the apparent vast influence of Zionists, there was still no hesitation in Parliament kicking him out for a year.

  7. you know I look at politics like most men look at football, it’s my sport

    but there are times when you just want to turn the game off

    evidence submitted to Parliament is inadmissible in court.

    and rules like that on both sides of the pond are the reason why

  8. Parliamentary privilege is a key element that allows Parliamentarians to do their job. While yes it does occasionally lead to situations like this removing it would significantly weaken Parliament as an institution and prevent individual MPs from doing their job.

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